HTC HD2 Gets Near-Stable FroYo, O2’s Milestone Getting it This September; FroYo-Based Droid Can’t Do Hotspot or Tethering?


After many of you left our story a week and some change back feeling jaded by Motorola and their supposed miscare for European Motorola Milestone users, we have some bit of confirmation that FroYo could be headed your way after all. O2 Germany posted on their Twitter account that the Milestone would be getting the upgrade to Android 2.2 this September.

I know: that seems like a very long time. Hopefully, those with an unlocked Milestone and those on other carriers won’t have to wait as long, but it’s a possibility (and it’s still an unfortunate possibility that we won’t see it come to light for everyone across the sea). It should at least serve as a beacon of hope for anyone that thought Motorola would completely abandon the device.


For those of you in the states on Verizon? Your FroYo isn’t coming with the WiFi hotspot and USB tethering options that are now standard for FroYo. We imagined this would happen seeing as Verizon’s looking to capitalize on their crowd that needs to be connected wherever they go. The reason? The Droid doesn’t have a Wi-Fi transmitter. Not an excuse for the lack of USB tethering? Well they say there’s “no connection on the PC side.”

Funny, that. Considering that the development community has been enjoying WiFi and USB tethering through a large range of avenues for quite some time, I can’t say we’ll take Verizon’s word without a grain of salt. We know it’s possible. We suspect they’ve done this to promote “newer” features on their Droid 2 which will act as the official replacement (and not a bad one, I must say). Smart move to entice original Droid owners to upgrade once the time comes.

Finally, the HTC HD2 has received its own (near-functional) port of FroYo. We knew the community made some great ground on the undertaking before, but Android’s almost ready for everyday, problem-free consumption on HTC’s 4.3-inch Snapdragon-enabled Windows Mobile handset. HDBlog.it gives us the pleasure of watching the ROM in action on video.

[Phonescoop, EuroDroid, HDBlog.it]

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  1. I’m loving CM6 and other Froyo builds on my HD2. The only issue I’m having is battery drain. Its about 12% an hour on standby. But I’ve seen some solutions that I haven’t been able to try. I’ll do so tonight.
    Froyo builds on HD2 are fast. I am loving the ability to dual boot (windows or android). I was really happy with my HD2 with windows on it. Now with Android, I’m loving it. The only think missing on the hardware when compared to the Evo and the X is the FFC.

  2. I have been using wireless tethering on my droid since last December.

  3. Wireless Tether for Root Users.. <3

    Verizon is full of shit, Tether works just fine, USB and wireless

  4. Also, I’m on the Motorola Droid here. clarification.

  5. Slow down, rewind. The HTC HD2 is a great phone, good hardware….but it sure as hell is NO Evo.

  6. That is pretty sweet. I was considering getting an HD2 if Android would have been stable on it at the time.

  7. Thanks a lot verizon…. oh well, time to root!!
    (Moto Droid)

  8. Sorry to break it to you there Bob but HD2 with Android does not make it an EVO but whatever you got to tell yourself.

  9. Verizon is full of shit, to even do wifi as a client is has to be able to transmit. Wifi tether for root works fine on droid, they did this to push new phones. Mind you that is fine, just don’t Lie about it.

  10. Yep I was rooted once before android 2.1 update came out then I unrooted to get the update. I’m now rooted again and I’m staying that way!


  11. The droid doesn’t do Froyo AP mode for wifi. This is TI’s fault as they haven’t released a firmware for the WL1271 chipset for AP mode in the Droid 1. You can use wifi tether which only does ad-hoc.

  12. @Bryan which is a problem how?
    Oh noes ad-hoc only vs nothing.

  13. You all are right. It don’t make it an Evo. Everybody that owns an Evo don’t live in an area with 4g. So that point is moot. Most people who using the Evo are taking pics and uploading to Facebook or wherever. So even if they are using it at 8mp it’s being re sized once uploaded. Other than the camera having higher mp and a FFC, what’s the difference? Even bloggers say the Evo is nothing but a variation of the HD2. We have Google phones here so searching for Evo 4g vs HD2 shouldn’t be hard.

  14. So my PDA Net won’t work once Froyo comes to town on my Droid 1?

  15. @Steve That’s how the Nexus One was setup and how Froyo does Wifi Tethering. Plus it’s more secure as it suupport WPA2 encryption. Ad-hoc only does WEP. (Technically it’s possible to do WPA but it won’t work for Windows XP.)

    They would have to make a separate program to do this…and no company would want to support adhoc.

    We really should blame TI.

  16. @Everyone saying EVO HD2.
    I agree. I said so myself. HD2 doesn’t have the FFC and the HDMI out. But how many times is the HDMI out actually used? If I’m at home, I’d rather use my media pc.
    Anyway, I was just trying to say that with Android on my HD2, its become a lot better phone.

  17. …there’s a lot more info on the Euro Milestone than on the Milestone from the Great White North. Anyone have an idea about the Telus Milestone, eh?

  18. I call BS on Verizon’s story. I’ve been tethering since I got my Droid last November.

  19. why does that droid have moto blur on it?

  20. The call quality is an issue for me. I either hear echos or a complete robot voice. Anyone experiencing this? Any solutions out there?

  21. I went back up and looked,jamal has a very good point,why DOES that milestone have blur on it?

  22. For those stating the HD2 is no EVO I have to agree.

    The HD2 can play almost any video type, EVO cannot.
    The HD2 runs BING Nav and Google Nav, the EVO does not.
    The HD2 runs on the fastest U.S. network, EVO does not.
    The HD2 can run Winmo and Android apps and OS, the EVO cannot.
    HD2 can tether for free, EVO cost $29.99.
    The HD2 can download entire AVI and Blu-Ray movies from the internet, the EVO cannot since it does not support the video types.

    So yeah the HD is not the EVO, it’s the original and a much more flexible phone.

  23. For those stating the HD2 is no EVO I have to agree.
    The HD2 can play almost any video type, EVO cannot. — Download another app to do so. And no it cannot play many video type, I have a HD2, and going from HD2 to Samsung Vibrant, which is a huge improvement, it still is far from “almost any video type”.
    The HD2 runs BING Nav and Google Nav, the EVO does not. Are we really going to argue which app who don’t have? You really want to compare a dying platform to one which is still alive and going strong? Isn’t it funny how HD2 is trying to go toward Android through xda. You won’t see Evo trying to go WinMobile.
    The HD2 runs on the fastest U.S. network, EVO does not. No. 4g is faster, but not available everyone, just like HSPA+.
    The HD2 can run Winmo and Android apps and OS, the EVO cannot. No one cares for a dying platform. Running Windows 7 is another matter of concern.
    HD2 can tether for free, EVO cost $29.99. Pretty sure there are ways around this.
    The HD2 can download entire AVI and Blu-Ray movies from the internet, the EVO cannot since it does not support the video types. What does downloading a file have to do with ability to stream it? I’ve downloaded many video types my browser isn’t able to play with the native browser built-in video player. Trick is to save it and download a video player from Marketplace that allows you to play it.
    So yeah the HD is not the EVO, it’s the original and a much more flexible phone.

    I’ve also tried the Android builds on my brother (who still have a HD2). It still have so many issues I don’t have any regret going from HD2 to the Samsung Vibrant.

  24. Oh right, one more thing: is the ability ‘download’ files because you’re using Skyfire? If you are you probably can because it streams videos to your Skyfire browser…but so can Android. Your version is 1.5.

    Android has an updated version of Skyfire in the Marketplace.

  25. DZ4505 HSPA+ is faster then evo 4g look it up

  26. Wow…So many Evo lovers. My Hd2 is no evo…your right. But please do your homework. The hd2 sports the same arm7 snap. Hd2 576mb ram vs evo 512. Im running the latest froyostone v2.1 build from a class 6 card. We have rooted and we’re trying to get my buddies evo to run and bench as fast of my hd2(1747 quadrant)awsome. Evo is great phone but not the end all of phones. If one if you evo lovrs would like to put your evo to the test against my Hd2 in all out processing power, bring it..ill even exchange info/results with you. As for the vibrant…lol, nice phone…but even with that hummingbird proc, do your homework and real life test. Evos 8mp camera…nice job if u need it…hdmi waste+the reason for evos sad framerate cap(unless hacked of course). All in all evos a great device but ill take my dual boot
    and Ps1 emux running 60fps/full sound in “crappy winmo” vs Ps1 emux(20-26fps and choppy sound) on android anyday. And i love both but isnt the point of powerful procs with gpus….to play intense 3d games.

  27. I bought the htc hd2 a few days and upgraded the phone to Android on the same day. It works perfect. I can say 99% of the phone works with only one small problem.
    The battery does not charge to 100% in Android. It reaches 97% no matter how long I have it plugged in.
    I have been using it for more than a week now, it is very stable, never crashed.
    I love my htc hd2 :-)

  28. I’ve got Android installed and very stable. Here’s a tutorial to help others shortcut the learning curve: http://goo.gl/BnWs

  29. I’ve tried several versions of android on my HTC HD2. I love it, but I still can’t get the phone to work correctly. When I make a call, the other person can hear me fine, but I hear their voice as garbled and high pitch. Any suggestions?

  30. I have got the froyo on my handset and I see the same issues as someone else in forum that is, my battery does not charge to 100% with Android (It does with windows). It charges only up to 91% even I leave it over night..

    Anyone found any solution ? Everything else looks GREAT !!

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