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After many of you left our story a week and some change back feeling jaded by Motorola and their supposed miscare for European Motorola Milestone users, we have some bit of confirmation that FroYo could be headed your way after all. O2 Germany posted on their Twitter account that the Milestone would be getting the upgrade to Android 2.2 this September.

I know: that seems like a very long time. Hopefully, those with an unlocked Milestone and those on other carriers won’t have to wait as long, but it’s a possibility (and it’s still an unfortunate possibility that we won’t see it come to light for everyone across the sea). It should at least serve as a beacon of hope for anyone that thought Motorola would completely abandon the device.


For those of you in the states on Verizon? Your FroYo isn’t coming with the WiFi hotspot and USB tethering options that are now standard for FroYo. We imagined this would happen seeing as Verizon’s looking to capitalize on their crowd that needs to be connected wherever they go. The reason? The Droid doesn’t have a Wi-Fi transmitter. Not an excuse for the lack of USB tethering? Well they say there’s “no connection on the PC side.”

Funny, that. Considering that the development community has been enjoying WiFi and USB tethering through a large range of avenues for quite some time, I can’t say we’ll take Verizon’s word without a grain of salt. We know it’s possible. We suspect they’ve done this to promote “newer” features on their Droid 2 which will act as the official replacement (and not a bad one, I must say). Smart move to entice original Droid owners to upgrade once the time comes.

Finally, the HTC HD2 has received its own (near-functional) port of FroYo. We knew the community made some great ground on the undertaking before, but Android’s almost ready for everyday, problem-free consumption on HTC’s 4.3-inch Snapdragon-enabled Windows Mobile handset. gives us the pleasure of watching the ROM in action on video.

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