HTC HD2 Gets More in Touch with its Android side, Gets Choice of Froyo or Sense


It wasn’t too long ago that we saw the HTC HD2 get a fully functional, touchscreen-capable port of Android bringing it’s impressive specs back into the realm of relevancy. That really lit a fire under the development community surrounding the HD2 and the result is not one but two new takes on Android for the HTC handset. If you want a more “HTC” feeling version of Android running on your HD2 you can go ahead and load up an Android 2.1 with Sense ROM ported over from the HTC Desire. If you’d rather jump ahead a bit and get the latest version of Android running you’re covered, too — a stock Froyo ROM is also available. Check out both in action in the videos below.

[via Engadget]

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  1. This is awesome for you HD2 people. Almost want to go and get myself a HD2 now. :)

  2. so can you tell us if it ALL the features work or if it is one of those half working unusable os?… p.s. it might answer this in the video but i am unable to watch it at work…

  3. Where do we get them??

  4. This is great. Almost wish I had kept my HD2, but no, the Vibrant’s screen will be ridiculous!

  5. Please update the post. A lot of features do not work
    Calls work but there is no audio (its in testing right now). What good is a phone if I cannot make calls.
    I have an HD2 and both ROMs are far far away from being stable for everyday use. But I do have to admit that the devs are updating this very quickly. In the last 2 or 3 weeks, after the touch screen started working, we’ve got:
    Phone (without audio), Bluetooth, Data (3g but not fully), Wifi, Memory (SD Card), Audio out (media only), Camera (no video), Accelerometer and compass. This is major achievement.

  6. Thats pretty cool….

  7. I wasn’t able to view the videos on this website from work. so I viewed them on my Nexus One android phone ;-)

  8. Why is the notification bar Sense? That’s not on Stock Froyo.

  9. i have both and their great.
    hopefully we can get a rom in the near
    future that works(everything)

  10. nice work. keep up the great work.Android nation UNITE!!

  11. hdBLOG.it is the best site as far actually showing what other sites talk about.

  12. LMAO and people keep saying it doesn’t matter that the Droid X has a locked bootloader, it has been pwned by the HD2. HD2 owners welcome to the Darkside ;)

  13. where can i get th programs to run andriod on my htc hd2 i been trying everything an lookin around for a hole ford with all the files to run andriod on the hd2..

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