Official Upgrade to Android 2.2 Rolling Out Early for the HTC EVO 4G, According to You All


Well call my inbox stuffed and ready to vomit all of these reports. It seems that – after a quick scare by ill-informed Sprint customer service reps – the upgrade to Android 2.2 for the HTC EVO 4G hasn’t been delayed due to issues. In fact, it’s being pushed out to several excited EVO 4G users right now – just a day ahead of its official rollout date (you guys in the forums make my day!) The firmware version for the OTA is 3.26.651.6 and clocks in at 84.34MB (be sure to turn on WiFi before downloading if you can).


Well, what the heck are you still here for? Go and try that nice big “HTC Update” button to see if your EVO is just about ready to scarf down some good ol’ FroYo. For those that can’t wait? Try your luck with the official image coming in from HTC themselves, courtesy of XDA.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  1. Ive been checking like every hour and no sign of it yet

  2. well froyo has been here for a while for us rooted guys, but now its OFFICIAL!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Froyo all your EVOers!!! GO SPRINT/HTC!!!!!!

  3. This is the real TCBY.

  4. I just checked updates, it is downloading as we speak. I live in Sacramento, CA.

  5. I checked all day and nothing, so I stopped.
    Then I read Twitter and BAM its there! Awesome!!

  6. Updating now!

  7. im jealous oh so jealous

  8. Update Complete on the Evo I 2 have been checking hourly and I guess that I just got lucky going to go enjoy some FroYo now later and good luck Evo owners!

  9. I just tried downloading and installing the 2.2 OTA update. My EVO keeps getting stuck at a screen with an exclamation mark in a triangle, and a little droid beside it. Taking the battery out and restarting gets the phone working again. Anyone else running into this? I tried re-downloading the update a couple times.

  10. So is this the same as the one recently leaked as a zip file (update.zip) ??

  11. just finished evo update awsome

  12. quick restart and i am now downloading FROYO

  13. The Evo seems much faster now this is SICK!

  14. I have 3.26.561.3 – the pre-release version… I wonder if that will effect me getting this one… hrm…

  15. Froyo! Now let’s see how many ppl cry for gingerbread..

  16. Going to be fun when all these handsets get Froyo and everyone starts screaming cause audio quality has gone to crap.
    http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=9308 Pandora,Slacker, etc.. all effected.

  17. I was hitting update and it wasn’t finding anything. As soon as I turned the wifi on and hit check it downloaded it.

  18. this is cool

  19. no love for incredible, verizon so slow :(

  20. AAHH! I’m installing it as I type! I’m so excited lol ..gonna make some popcorn! :D

  21. does anybody knows if wireless tether is available in froyo, not willing to give that up yet.

  22. Downloading it now!! From Providence, RI.

  23. and downloading ….

  24. Any chance the roll out availability varying by sub-market? I’m in South Jersey and not showing an update available.

  25. Still nothing for me been checking actively and nothing, i live in los angeles. I would think it would have came here already since this is a pretty dam big city…

  26. I love my EVO and Android truly rules …. propriatary hardware and OS’s will die a painful death. Nobody has a right to tell me what I can do … or not do …. with my hardware or what software is “appropriate” for me! S JOBS … I sold my icrap and now ride the Android wave …. watch out …. it will soon drown you! EVO and the unlimited Sprint data plan rocks!

  27. i downloaded it an hour ago, seems alot smoother and some new apps!! seems to free up alot more mem aswell : )

  28. Im downloading it now and am SOOOOO PUMPED!!!

  29. Nevermind, just read that you have to use the updater for HTC Software and like magic…Froyo is installing.

  30. In Orlando downloading as I type. =oB >

  31. Updating now via WiFi here in Iowa :) :)

  32. @bmwguy .. the update.zip from friday was build numbr 3.26.651.3 the new Software is 3.26.651.6, I’m not sure what the different is. and update isn’t giving me and OTA alterntive.. I can say that Tethering with USB works on 651.3 (via the app pda net)

  33. Downloading as we speak

  34. I have same Steve’s problem :(
    any idea what is going on !!!!!!

  35. Downloaded and installed Via WiFi in roughly 30 minutes. Have not gotten too deep into it but I do like the changes to texting and the use of the flash on the camcorder.

  36. Got mine here in Florida

  37. the leaked version ended in .3 and this official OTA update ends in .06

  38. oh sorry…just .6

  39. I downloaded fray and it’s awesome although I still can not view a flash site…anyone know how to fix?

  40. Sorry meant froyo….

  41. Anyone know of when the HTC Droid Incredible will be getting some “Froyo update love” ?

  42. For anyone experiencing Steve’s problem ….. when you get to that screen, hold the up arrow and power button and it will proceed to the next screen.

  43. getting froyo as i type!!!! wooo hooo!!
    i just hope i dont regret downloading it!

  44. They made “enhancments” to the video recording but the audio is still 13kbps, which is CRAP this needs to be brought up much much higher.

  45. Got it love it cant get enough of it. wooohooo

  46. ChriZ…

    Nothing happened when I tried your way :(

  47. Just updated to 2.2 in San Diego just kept checking update like 10 times then finally it came up.

  48. Updated with no problems :-D

  49. Oh Momma, watching it install right now.

  50. Just got mine in az, can anyone help me with why hulu isn’t working though? I thought froyo would allow flash? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  51. Woohoo! Just finished installing and everything runs so much faster now! The EVO just got a lot more awesome!

    One word of caution during the install process, there are a couple of points during the install where the screen looks like it’s frozen or nothing is happening for a while but this is normal so be patient and let it complete without disrupting the install!

  52. camera and camcorder doesnt work

  53. I’m getting mine! Hooray! Sunnyvale, CA

  54. now they do… took about 10 tries then came on

  55. hulu still doesnt work… darn

  56. I just wish I could get an EVO, they are no longer available online and no Sprint/Radio Shack/Best Buy store in Southern California has any in inventory. Anyone know where to get one?

  57. read this article and was exciting. hoping i was one of the lucky ones to get the update early but when i checked i had no luck. i tried 2 times in less then 30 min then i tried it again and its downloading right now! 3rd time is really the charm

  58. @Jose it does not have free wifi tether but I believe there is a rooted version on the forum you might want to check out

  59. To MVtom: I think you just have to keep going in to the Sprint store, and checking everyday. I got lucky with mine, that happened to have one in, but I think they get a new stock every couple days. I don’t think calling gets you the correct answer. They seem to like to have them for people who are actually at the store.

    If you don’t already have Sprint, try Walmart online.

  60. MVTOM get on several waiting lists RADIO SHACK AND BB’s in your area …Thats what my sister did, 1 week later she had an evo

    Love my update!!!!FROYO

  61. Installing in now! Houston,Tx.

  62. After the update 4g mysteriously works in Orlando even though it hasn’t officially been made announced as available. Signal is weak though, I think 3g might actually be faster right now, but i’m at home. We’ll see tomorrow around town.

  63. Updated, saw a 3x boost in network speed for my home wifi network. I’m so freakin shocked right now. Flash works like a dream, full screen full audio the works. Now if I can only figure out how to move my apps to my SD…

  64. Updated manually this morning to the 651.1 version. Will I be able to update to 651.6? If I wil be able to they don’t have it in saint louis yet.

  65. I just finished getting mine. I’m with everyone else, everything faster, brighter and the apps to SD is amazing. Typing this comment on my EVO as we speak. Ahh…taste so good. :-)

  66. Ahh, this froyo is sooo delicious! Absolutely LOVING the speed and flash support for REAL web browsing, brilliant! Did I mention the speed? :)

  67. Manually updated to 651.1 this morning… Nothing on sprints servers in saint louis (651.6update.

  68. Total weak sauce..

    My roommate isn’t the most technologically inclined, so I just updated his EVO to 2.2..

    Whereas I’m sitting here with my Incredible going “WTF@!?!#@”..

    Gonna go cry myself to sleep in the green envelope of jealousy that surrounds me..

  69. I got my update earlier today, surprisingly enough, a full day ahead of schedule. HTC/Sprint? Is it really you? Lmao! But to my dismay, I honestly do not see a big difference. I’m in Bronx, NY btw. I also have an excellent 4G signal and have had it since i got my evo on the 8th of JUNE. Is it true 4G because NY isn’t on the list of of cities that “officially” have it.??? Hmmm… But again. Blah. No real difference. Flash 10.1 is cool but I rocc skyfire which plays most vids anyway. Yaaaaaaaaawn… Oh and wifi tethering is no longer possible unless you use the $30 sprint hotspot. Can no longer root ur evo. GAG! Enjoy. Til GingerBread comes out on the Evo 2 5G, I’m yawnin.

  70. got the 2.2 update on my Evo 4g!! you have to uncheck the “scheduled check” box then check now.Didnt work when the box was checked green @1:47 am Aug 3rd

  71. just updated to Froyo. install successful

  72. i did my update about 2 hours ago and it installed just fine…no issues what so ever…i love that it did not hard reset my device everything was just the way i had it before the 2.2 update…moved only 4 apps to sd card…not to sure why the other apps are not saving on to it…but everything else works fine…no issues so far…im curious about the flash 10.1 i dont know what sites to go to!! any suggestions let me know

  73. Loving the froyo release. a few things I’ve noticed after having it overnight: the new sms features, extended battery life, SPEED, new market feature for auto updates, share app tool, apps to sd support is minimal at this point, having flash rocks, and ADW will default as my launcher now without having to default it a million times a day. I’ll give froyo sense a runover later today. I crave Gingerbread now!

  74. FYI…………4G speeds are almost twice as fast. FROYO FTW!!!!!!!!!!

  75. @swaze Yes they are good sir! I couldn’t even get a signal at my office before. Now! Au contraire mon frere!

  76. Awesome, developers will have to take note and start to program for apps on the sd card now that the top phones are running it or going to be extremely soon.

  77. I also just got a froyo update…..for my G1 from Cyanogen! lol

  78. For those having audio wuality issues when streaming through Pandora etc..Try this fix for now.


  79. Got my update. The audio quality issue (Pandora) are true. Playing MP3s seems fine. Also, swype doesn’t work correctly. Otherwise, so far so good.

  80. My Evo is dining on Froyo now! no issues or errors. loaded in a couple of minutes and back in business faster and better than ever.


  82. add an s to that last statement. I cant spell…i apologize. :)

  83. just did it and it is awesome, but one error with it. btunes doesnt load music on my phone.

    in order to fix, uncheck specific folder for music and it seems to work fine then. not sure why it doesn’t work when synched to a specific folder as that folder does have all my music in it. any thoughts?

  84. I want my desserts! I have attempted many times and now a wondering if I have to be in a 4G area to get TCBY. I’ll just keep trying. Enjoy it if you were lucky enough to get it!

  85. Still no updates in Saint Louis :,(

  86. One thing that I have noticed with my friends EVO, is that you can no longer disable SenseUI and switch to the vanilla Android UI.

  87. I already have Froyo on my Evo. I installed the leaked copy a couple of days ago… and I’m lovin’ it! True to their word, it’s so much faster now. Of course, that speed is limited only by the quality of applications that are out there. Anyway, FROYO rocks!

  88. Unchecking the box for scheduled updates worked for me. Downloading as we speak

  89. @Matt (#78) – you have to have root access for that workaround.

  90. @HamilSt That was disabled after the first OTA for the EVO. I wished they would have put the option back :(

  91. Haven’t gotten froyo update notice on my EVO yet as of 5 p.m. 8/3.

    Maybe they are doing it by purchase date — I bought my EVO about a week after the phone hit the market.

    I live in a 4G covered area (home computer connection is Clear wireless). Finding speeds and connection quality at 4G not significantly better than 3G.

  92. Ok, there are some issues. Evo with 2.2 update direct from sprint OTA.

    Today I was listening to the FM radio, it seems like the same FM radio. I went to the subway and when I was about 50 feet underground on my way to 100 feet underground (where the goblins live in the nooks and crannys) I started the music player, which usually stops the radio. This time it didnt.


    I pulled the earplug out since by removing it the radio always stops, it uses it as antenna and shuts it off if no jack is present. It did not work.

    I had to hard reset with a battery pull.

    Second incident:
    I was seeing an old friend at a nice sushi place. She has a 3GS and is proudly waiting for the iPhone 4 to get its act together before upgrading. So I show her tv.com, explain the 4g’s and a couple other neat things. When I get to the mobile hotspot there’s a problem. It shows a alittle (((3G))) on the top left corner of the screen, this is supposedly indicating its broadcasting hotspot while using 3G (no 4g in NY yet) but in the HotSpot widget and in the control panel, it wont let me check the box for hotspot, it holds teh green check box for a split second then clears. I dont know if there was wifi but there was something wrong with it for sure. It didnt indicated that it was active in the widget although the “systray” indicated it was on. My friend didnt check to see. (This isnt the easiest way to boast of the Evo’s powers, but some of the apple fanbois studiously watch the demonstration. Fangirls are different)

    So, I dont know whats up. This update gave me the flashlight and some extra apps/widgets. The speed was awesome but it didnt last for too long. I dont have tons of things installed but it seems like im getting far too many freezes now.

  93. my handcent has been a lil slow since the upgrade but thats it

  94. My phone now crashes between handcent and the homescreen, and also when I make called and go back to the homescreen, it reloads all my settings… hum.

  95. I checked the software update and installed it then it asked me to install it again but I didn’t for fear of bricking my phone like I did before with the previous update last month, what do I do ?

  96. Trying to install the update (2.2) the EVo keep getting stock with a white screen saying ” HTC EVO 4G ”
    It sits there for ever with no signs of any improvement.
    until I get tired of it and pull the battery out.
    Any idea please
    Thank you.

  97. I also have handcent. I dont know whats causing it, but my feeling is that this release was put together on a clean device with clean install in mind, regardless that its upgrading with apps in place (i wouldve prefered a wipe and install from sprint). I know its a heck of a lot easier to fresh install Vista or Win7 than expect xp or something to survive an upgrade. I might try a “fresh install”, I dont know how, so I guess if I do the system defaults and reinstall 2.2 or something? I bet I dont have the problems with FM freeze or hotspot freeze. Even so, I can then install my handful of free apps 1 by one and test them for compatibility, which is a possible source of these problems. Really, how many of these apps are tested on 2.2? Probably not many. Ill get to it by the weekend I guess, im curious how many other people are experiencing issues.

  98. @AnzioCat:
    Thats what I ended up doing, but in the process I lost shapewriter for good. Damn.

  99. Playing Pandora with a “High Quality” stream seems to give me good results, though the stream seems to stop before the end of the song when on 3G only. With 4G enabled, it works well.

    With Pandora, and a few other apps, landscape mode works in both orientations, which is pretty cool. However, at least one app doesn’t rotate at all now (the built-in music player).

  100. My Evo is rocking 2.2. It prompted me to do the OTA update on Monday night, so I did. I have not had any problems with it, except for that emails are no longer properly syncing into the phone- I have to go into Gmail and manually refresh the inbox, in order to get the most recent emails.

    Other than that, Its great- especially the fact that you can now lock your phone with an actually password, not a silly shape that has to be drawn in each time you need to access the phone.

  101. I manually updated to froyo. now i want the final update from sprint. Ive checked for updates on my phone just now and it says theres no updates. the version im on is 651.3, the final version is 651.6 Could anyone help me either manually update to the final version or help me get it from sprint. any help would be great!

  102. I know the people that downloaded the .3 version are paying for their impatience now. But could anyone post any info regarding what WE can do to update to .6, or are we just screwed?

  103. I would like some info on how to do a “fresh install”. Where did all the smart people go :)

    I got hotspot working, had to clear the old settings.

    FM radio has definite issues. I can unplug the antenna and it stays on, I can actually listen to NPR live with Daft Punk at the same time, but cannot turn off the radio with the power button, by starting music or pulling the antenna out. It finally shut off after a while today while the earbuds were out.

  104. Thank you for 2.2. Can’t seem to find Flash 10 that will download yet. My apps were not working for awhile, but now some of them are after the update. What should I do if I keep having whacked apps on my phone.. wait for app makers to update? @kurtwvs

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