Some Droid Users to Receive Froyo Update as Early as Tonight?



Those that signed up to follow the thread regarding the now-announced Android 2.2 update for the Motorola Droid at the Motorola Support forums have received an update stating that the OTA should begin rolling out the week of August 2nd. That is only a few days away, but some lucky test user might be receiving the update as soon as tonight. We’d highly recommend that if any of our loyal readers receive this update that they kindly hold off on updating long enough to save a copy of the update.zip file to share with the rest of the Droid community. You will be a god among men if you do so.

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. Hmmmm…I wonder if I should revert to stock Android 2.1? Flash was laggy in Ultimate Droid and Bugless Beast versions. Will it be any better on the legit Froyo 2.2?

  2. I applied for that thankfully. I will try to get the update file up if I find out how to.

  3. seems like carriers are competing to be the first with a 2.2 device… good for consumers as long as quality is good

  4. @Covert
    Who wins when Sprint and Verizon compete to get Android updates out to customers first?


  5. Hope some one puts the update out tonight. I don’t wanna wait lol

  6. Woo Hoo!! Come quickly FroYo!!!

  7. Would love to help everyone out if I get an update, but how do you save the file?

  8. A friend of mine just started to download his, like 10 minutes ago. Of coarse it was rooted, but he couldn’t wait.

  9. Here’s hoping a manual install pops up soon

  10. WOO HOO! Just in time for my 21st bday. Awesome present from motor and vzw! Party time!

  11. The ota officially Drops August 3rd.


  12. This is so cool and such a difference from the last update in that there seems to be competition among the manufacturers to have the latest and greatest asap. I guess they’re finally realizing that it’s an advantage not only to users but to themselves and their partner telcos.

  13. Yeah, how would you save the update.zip from the phone? I have a Mytouch Slide and I know a lot of my co-workers would love it if they could get the update all at the same time. (Of course, I also haven’t heard any announcements about any T-Mo phones upgrading to 2.2…)

  14. mann i cant wait for the update but i especially cant wait for the droid2!!
    if i have droid1 and aint do for update for D2 but i have insurence for D1 cant i get the D2

  15. Yeah-hopfully this means 3.0-or whatever is next wont take along time to come out after this update.

  16. I have bb.4 so i’m really waitin for bb.5 … or any updates from pete

  17. @Mensah Watts

    Yeah…except that supposedly 3.0 will only work on phones with a 1 GB processor.

    …whether that will work on a rooted/over-clocked original DROID is anyone’s guess.

  18. I thought that sprint was going to be the first to receive if this is true than bring on my update today…. Evo

  19. From what i’ ve heard, whetn you get the OTA, hit “install later”. Then go to your computer, dock and the update.zip should be on the root of your sd card. Then you upload to media file or similar and post the link.

  20. @christian no they’ll probably send you an ally or a devour ha! just kidding, asurion is supposedly replacing droids with Droid X

  21. i just want my motorola cliq up with 2.2 or 2.1 or whatever the hell is gonna be better.i am just sick and tired of hurry up and wait . and no one at t-mobile or motorola or anyone else for that matter knows a damn thing.come on you lazy ass american and overseas indian phone workers get off your asses and learn your damn jobs a bit better other than reading out of a bullshit troubleshooting manual learn how to give real service instead of thanking me every 5 seconds for being patient. DAMN IT.

  22. @iamsteventucker are you sure? I thought that everyone was mad because they WEREN’T replacing with dinc or dx?

    Motorola Droid

  23. Hey I got the update this morning guys so far everything is good and the phone is running faster oh yeah 5 home screens no more need to be cautious with my widgets

  24. @jimmyk: So you are not going to share it with the rest of us?

  25. im still waiting on mine, anyway i can check on the update, maybe it could speed up the process? how does the process work? is there a list of who gets it first?

  26. I am waiting. Wish I knew the rhyme and reason on how the update is being pushed.

  27. I have just gotten my update to 2.2 on Evo by selecting the HTC update function good luck to all I can not wait for this to finish updating!

  28. Can’t wait.

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