McAfee Acquires tenCube – Makers of WaveSecure


Popular anti-virus and internet security vendor McAfee Inc. has acquired tenCube, the guys behind then little downloadable peace-of-mind we all know and love as WaveSecure. Today’s acquisition has direct implications for McAfee’s desire to enter the Android market (and other mobile spaces) to take on one of their biggest competitors – Symantec and their Norton suite of tools.


WaveSecure is a fantastic piece of software allowing you to take action on your device remotely should it ever find itself lost or stolen. The ability to triangulate a GPS fix on the device, lock it, encrypt the data, wipe it, back data up, and more all come with the WaveSecure package and McAfee now has full access to this wonderful technology.

McAfee hopes to use WaveSecure’s technology for leverage in providing the all-important data security that most enterprise mobile users demand out of their products. WaveSecure is still available as of the time of this posting in the Android market.

[via Androinica]

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  1. Disaster.

  2. Oh well, say goodbye to one of the best Android apps… They’re just going to ruin it :-(

  3. Agreed, it might not be that bad as long as the keep it as it is and don’t bloat it up like they do with all their other products. I love wavesecure (I got it during the beta so its free!) and dont want to see it turn into crapware.

  4. Track and Protect is soo much better then WS.

  5. agree, bad news, unless they keep hands off
    had a nice firewall from sygate for yrs then norton bought ’em and buried it

  6. Absolutely not. Eff McAfee. Their desktop products are crap, and according to people I know that work for them, so is the company.

  7. agree, bad news, unless they keep hands off
    had a nice firewall from sygate for yrs then norton bought ’em and buried it.
    the big companies buy and bury way too much, I have comcast they provide free mcafee, how nice, toolbar , bloatware all of it

  8. McAfee and Norton are probably the only two viruses people willingly pay for…

  9. Time to uninstall WaveSecure…


  11. :(

    I bet they’ll void my free lifetime service too.

    Can’t wait until the software takes up 40% of my battery.

  12. DO NOT WANT!!!!! @Toni Macaroni Maybe I’ll try Track and Protect.

  13. This sucks,
    The app will probably be free again, but they are going to start charging annual Maintenance fees like they do for EVERYTHING else.

  14. McAfee sucks. This program will probably become blaoted with McAfee’s worthless junk. It was nice while it lasted. Hopefully mobile defense can keep their stronghold.

  15. Time to find a new security software solution now. And I have a free device lifetime subscription with Wave Secure. McAfee creates bloated crap.

  16. Wavesecure sucks. I got charged a bunch for international SMS when I tried to use the track my phone feature – and it didn’t even work. It also slowed my phone down. This does seem like the perfect acquisition for McAfee! haha, I am surprised Norton didn’t get into a bidding war with them.

  17. Honestly, McAfee is sitting here saying that they’re going to improve the software.

    If they are successfull at making the software better, then I’ll continue to use it. Otherwise, it might as well be void.

    The facts are, that Mobile Security, another security app that I used before WaveSecure is now free, but does not include the service to remotely wipe the phone.

    I too have a lifetime subscription. If McAfee voids it, they’ll lose another customer.

    By the way, I’ll be backing up the APKs for anyone if they want them.

    I have no idea how I’ll distribute them, but feel free to check forums for them.

  18. Yep, McAfee will ruin it! Then probably charge something outrageous for it.

    For all those looking for a replacement, I’ve never used WaveSecure but I have been a long time user of Mobile Defense.

  19. How can I back up the apk of the current version of wave secure?

  20. Wow really? Why would anyone sell to them? And I had it free for life…guess I’ll wait til the name changes or it stops working before fully deleting

  21. WaveSecure has a major security leak. The PIN is unsecure and provides access to the raw PIN for experienced hackers. This means you can be tracked by GPS, your data can be read, someone can wipe your phone or lock it without your authorization. You should read this blog it provides details:

  22. bad news. time to uninstall.

  23. McAfee Intention is very clear that is to gain influence in the mobile security industry. Now with the acquisition of McAfee itself by Intel will give the company all the cash need to improve itself and re-establish its reputation among the best anti virus software

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