Samsung Still Loves Developers – Releases Captivate’s Source Code


Samsung’s Open Source website has just officially distributed the source code for the Samsung Captivate to anyone willing (and understandably wanting) to download it. The 161MB source package will help developers in creating ROMs for the device for users in the root community to enjoy. This is nothing new for Samsung: the Samsung Vibrant’s (SGH-T959) source has also been available for some time, as well as the source for the international version of the phone. It won’t surprise us when the source for their other Galaxy S phones (the Samsung Fascinate and the Samsung Epic 4G) are released (after the phones themselves are released, of course).


Head over to Samsung’s Open Source site to download now (click the Mobile tab in the top bar and look for SGH-i897 to get started).

[via BriefMobile]

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  1. Quite contrasting to Moto who lock theirs down, and then don’t make any announcements about 2.2 for Milestone so you’re literally stuck with their last release!

  2. yeah, nice! that was one of the reasons i bought my galaxy s! never had any regrest, very nice peace of hardware!

  3. The Vibrant’s source hasn’t been available, only the international i9000. This is new for both the Captivate and the Vibrant. Still, good job Samsung. Downloading Vibrant source now, although sammys website is super slow.

  4. Samsung still showin love to developers – FTFY

  5. Please Samsung, bring the Galaxy S Pro to the UK and I will drop my Milestone like a hot potato!

  6. Guys does this mean that Cyanogen can start working on a custom ROM (if he wants to that is)
    if cyanogenmods will be supported, i’m gonna buy this phone tomorrow :D

    it’s a shame it doesn’t have a physical keyboard! we don’t have 4G in australia, and i travel to 2G countries often, so i have to have a 3G/2G phone. and i believe galaxy S is the best.

  7. CM6 devs were already assigned to the Captivate (Koush) and Vibrant (WesGarner) before the source code was released. I’m sure that they will begin working on porting cyanogenmod over asap.

  8. So does this mean Sansung is endorsing custom ROMS and that they won’t, therefore, void your warranty

  9. No, it just means that they are complying with the GPL and releasing the source code so they don’t get sued.

  10. @Simon Cyanogen has stated that he won’t have a direct hand on any Samsung Galaxy S ports. Its depends on a few of the developers on his team that own the devices, and they’ve yet to bring out a release.

  11. which one do i download?

  12. I’m still not getting the Captivate.

  13. They are actually working on a ROM for the Galaxy S series of phones.


  14. Meh. Samsung lost me with that horrible Samsung Moment phone. I applaud their release of the source code, though.

  15. stylish samsung to indeed so charming is very good I’m loves to samsung mobile

  16. @sugarsmacks : AOSP isn’t under GPL, it’s under Apache license, which has no clause that you open-source your code if you use their code.

    Apache is a weak license, good or bad. Who knows, maybe in the future when Android is in an extremely strong position it can switch to GPL. But that might cause a fork in Android…

  17. Nothing special. Motorola released droid x source as well (https://opensource.motorola.com/sf/projects/droidx). Locked bootloader, however, is another story

  18. What exactly is the point of releasing the Droid X source code if the bootloader is locked? LOL How f*cked is that!?

  19. @Tom Robson, to comply fully with all the licenses. Sure AOSP is apache and kernel is the only thing GPLed, but it is just easier to release it all and not worry about it. If you cared you would just not buy an X or any other locked bootloader phone. It is starting to look like my next phone won’t be a moto. Would be the first time in a decade, but I vote with my dollars.

  20. @Steve, I’m glad they have complied with all their licenses, and managed to stiff their customers at the same time. I do care, and my next phone won’t be a Motorola. “Goodbye Moto”

  21. The same, I would not have bought a Motorola phone if I knew its bootloader was locked. Every hardware manufacturer offers some time limit in the support and updates of its phones, but there is no one like Motorola, who decided to both lock down their flagship GSM product and not support it AT ALL after its initial release.

    Don’t buy Motorola. My next phone will definitely be a Samsung!

  22. Yeah. The European Motorola Milestone customers are waiting for the 2.2 update, and the company don’t want to release it and they don’t want to say any new information!
    The closed ROM is the second big question at all…
    How can they do this with their customers…?!
    They advertised this mobile as a “Flash-ready” thing, but they made a big scam on the people…
    Good job Samsung! Anything I want now is a Galaxy S!

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