T-Mobile UK’s HTC Wildfire Recalled Due to Intermittent Crashing Bug


A source of EuroDroid‘s confirmed the reason why T-Mobile UK’s HTC Wildfire has been “out of stock” for a few days and won’t be returning any time soon: they’ve apparently issued a recall due to constant customer complaints about the device crashing intermittently. It’s likely this is a software problem and specific to T-Mobile UK as we have yet to hear anything of the sort from other HTC Wildfire owners throughout the world (and Vodafone’s version seems to be doing just fine, to be specific).


The device probably won’t return to T-Mobile’s store shelves (digital or physical) until they’ve worked with HTC to fix the problem and assure it won’t be an issue the second time around. Unfortunately there’s no timeframe to be had on when you can expect to see it back in stock, so sit tight if this is a device you’ve really been wanting to get your hands on.

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  1. Surprise surprise, T-Mobile broke another good Android with their crappy firmware. They absolutely ruined the Hero (G2 Touch).

  2. Could it be the same bug that is plaguing the Evos? I am waiting on my replacement now for consistent rebooting.

  3. yes, but you’ve gotta say they’ve acknowledged the problem and are working on it.

  4. only just read about this. weird i’ve had mine for one month now and have not seen any problems. also not had any notice from T-Mobile over a recall. hmm.

  5. Since when did a carrier start making phones? It’s HTC, not magenta’s mistake.

  6. Why is this only happening on T-Mobile? I’ve been searching to see if anyone has experienced this problem on other network with no luck…

  7. Had a T-Mobile Wildfire for a month now… not had any crashes with it so far…
    But it would be nice if they would let their users put the ‘standard’ HTC firmware on the device. Maybe then I would be able to download copy protected apps/games from the marketplace.

  8. From one of the comments on Eurodroid.. is August 15th the date T-Mobile are planning on releasing their version of the 2.2 update for wildfire? it would make sense for them not to fix 2.1 if 2.2 is already on the way.

  9. I emailed HTC about the recall, they no nothing of the sort!

  10. sorry, that should be ‘know nothing of the sort’! I blame the early morning…

  11. I bought a wildfire from Amazon about a week ago and use it on Voda. It’s been crashing more and more frequently over the last few days…

  12. I just purchase my Wildfire phone direct from tmobile, I experiencing NO problems as all.

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