Jul 27th, 2010

Google announced its App Inventor a few weeks ago with the promise to usher in a new era of Android software creation through their simplified, visual programming interface. At the time of announcement those interested in testing their hand at Android app development were only able to sign up for the opportunity to receive an invite to the service, and it now seems those invites are beginning to roll out. A quick scan of Twitter shows that quite a few would-be Android programmers are reporting that they can now download and begin toying around with the full App Inventor software.

One of our readers was kind enough to send in the full text of the invitation e-mail going out:

Welcome to App Inventor for Android!

The Google account that you are receiving this email on has been given access to App Inventor.

We recommend you start your app building adventures by working through the Getting Started material. You might also want to read more about App Inventor and take a look at some sample apps. Finally, you can ask questions and get help by signing up for the App Inventor Google Group.

Google’s App Inventor Team

Any other Phandroid faithful receiving good tidings from Google today? For those unfamiliar with the App Inventor check out Google’s demo video below and prepare for an onslaught of “Hello World” and “Pet My Kitty” apps.

[thanks to Bas for tipping us off to this!]