Jul 27th, 2010

Even if the Dell Streak ships with Android 1.6 you can swallow some of your fears of them not supporting the device (software wise) after it’s in the hands of thousands. Dell’s committed to providing their users with Android 2.2 sometime in the future stating it shold be here later this year. That’s awesome. What’s even more awesome is that Dell’s outed a video of the device running Android 2.1:

They definitely aren’t sleeping at the wheel. Unfortunately, T-Mobile customers won’t be able to enjoy this phone/MID hybrid unless they don’t care about 3G speeds. That could change in the future, but it’s not likely that it would be any time soon (if at all). If I were an AT&T fan I’d definitely be looking at picking one of these up if the Samsung Captivate wasn’t the superphone you were looking for. After being rooted and there being proof that a 2.1 version is out and about, you should have no reason to not pull the trigger if you were on the fence already. Dell might not be launching Eclair (they’ll pour their resources into FroYo instead) so sit tight while the magic gets cooked up.

[via Dell]

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