Sky+ Remote Control App Comes to Android


All of our UK readers can start their afternoons with a delightful treat today: Sky has brought their Sky+ app to Android. The app serves as a remote control at the forefront but has the ability to deliver so much more. After logging in with your Sky account, you can browse the entire list of programming and set it to record for you while you’re on the go. Searching features and genre categorization are also welcome additions to make navigating the list of content easier.

sky remote app

The app’s free, but you’ll need a Sky subscription (naturally) if you want to use it. You can create a account for your subscription which you can then link you app to after you’ve downloaded it. Get going! (QR code available soon.)

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. Waiting patiently for the QR code – can’t find the app on the market.

  2. Shame it doesn’t support series link as reported eslewhere. Also, it’s kind of funny how this ‘free’ app conincided with the email I got from sky today letting me know that they’re upping the subscription by £3 a month…

  3. tip – search for sky+ on the market, it won’t show up if you just search for sky…

  4. If they would give us a bloody tooth whitener application i would give it 5 stars

  5. Considering the lack of comments I assume no one in their right mind lives in the UK anymore.

  6. Oh Jo, how juvenile you are.

    This app doesn’t work as a remote control but acts as both a tv guide and a way of recording programmes remotely. It works perfectly well and has a more attractive GUI than the paid, third-party “Record It” app.

  7. @jo

    re: right mind ? The place is OK now that the loonies have been ejected from the asylum.

    Sky Remote Control is welcome – but where is my linux and android based Sky Player ? Come on Sky – sort it out !

  8. guys.. i was just teasing about living in the UK. I was trying to see if I could rile up folks on the other side of the atlantic.

  9. It’s up on the market. You need to search for Sky+ – don’t leave a gap between sky and +.

  10. I can’t find it in the android market at the moment even doing all of the above

  11. Found it now finally game up in the search

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