Asurion Set to Offer the Droid X and Droid Incredible as Future Replacement Options for Original Droid


Asurion’s taken a huge step in the right direction after all of the heat they’ve gotten when it was revealed you could  no longer receive an original Motorola Droid should you ever need to file a claim. According to a representative for Asurion, they will soon be gearing up to offer a device worthy of replacing the Droid that you no longer have the pleasure of being able to use.


Options will be between an HTC Droid Incredible and the newly released Motorola Droid X. Some users won’t appreciate not being able to get a device with vanilla Android (with the ability to install custom ROMs and do all sorts of neat things to it), but at least you won’t be stuck with an end-of-life device. If it means anything to you, then you might want to hold off on pulling that Asurion trigger until we can confirm that they’ve started offering the devices for replacement.

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  1. How many people do you think will accidentally lose/break/vaporize their Motorola Droid, so that they can pay the deductible to obtain one of these beautiful phones?

    The other downside however, would be the fact it is touchscreen only. I know many people prefer (myself included) a real keyboard.

    If true, then good job Asurion…but what about the people who had to settle for lower tier phone replacements (Droid Eris) prior to this?

  2. So the DX is a better phone than the incredible. How does Asurian decide which to replace with?

  3. If someone could confirm this happening my Droid will defiantly break in the coming days…

  4. fyi….you can install custom ROMS on the Incredible. I hear Droids being smashed as I type this message. Better replacement would be the mythical Droid 2.

  5. This will just lead to more fraud. Which is what makes these insurance plans too expensive for the level of coverage for someone like me who would like to have one if they were reasonable.

  6. I like the idea of getting one of these phones if my current droid has a bad day but also I would much rather get my original droid as a replacement.

    As for the people purposely breaking/losing their droids to get an upgrade I don’t like that but you can’t say they will drive the cost up considering that they are probably hard-core android followers and from all the discussion when the X came out with the encrypted boot loader on how many people actually root and flash custom roms they are in the minority.

  7. This past weekend my droid wnet swimming, and I found out that it could be replaced with the Motoblur or LG Envy. Why did I get insurance if I would be stuck with an inferior phone? To Steve above, I say my insurance rate should be cheaper if I am not getting an equivelent phone to the droid.

  8. i filed a claim 2 weeks ago and they are supposed to send me an incredible. I’m on a waiting list.

  9. not yet…called today and was told i would be sent an incredible only to have the person helping me check with their inventory team and i am eligable for a blackberry bold?


  10. @Mike I agree, in fact I think you should get 100% of your premiums back if they cannot provide a “like” device.

  11. Careful on the oops’s b/c my D1 really got stolen and I’ve been on Perma backorder for the incredable

  12. WOW!! If this is true my droid will “slip” out of my hand and into the toilet without question!

  13. Yeah scammers fuck your phone up on purpose then get stuck on a waiting list for a dinc… real smart lol!

  14. You fuck your Droid up AFTER the replacement arrives and it works properly. My question IS How about my spare battery and charger??? Will they replace my car and desktop docks too?? This is bullshit. Droid2 is only fair… Fuck VZW and Asurion!!

  15. They give u droid incredible an extra charger and a free leather case

  16. Asurion currently has the Incredible on backorder. My sis accidentally washed her droid last week, and mistakingly accepted the Devour as a replacement. When it came in she hated it and had me call asurion and complain that they are not comparable devices. After a bit of hold time (total call time was about 40 minutes) she is now placed on a waiting list for the incredible.

    For those in need of a replacement, this is being handled at no charge and the devour will receive a return shipping label. So you may wish to accept an inferior phone for the time being and call it in once you receive it. Apparently you have 7 days from receiving the phone to complain about it and get on the waiting list.

  17. I am post #7 above, and I was able to get a Moto Droid (equivalent) replacement. Guess Assurion did make good.

  18. Not sure if I’m a fan of this. My wife has the dinc and I have the moto droid. I just can’t see myself without the physicall keypad. Now if they can do the replacement with a droid 2, now that would be a better deal.

  19. Wonder what a broken ally will get you? Probally another crappy ally since they probally have a mountian of them :(

  20. I made a claim on my Droid and I got a brand new droid as they say they have no more refurbs. Maybe I was the exception to the rule?

  21. The original Droid is practically new!

  22. Now if Hero owners could get an EVO, that would be GREAT news!

  23. Too late, I canceled my Asurion service yesterday. And considering everything, I’m not sure I would want a Droid X (because of the eFuse thing) or an HTC phone. Don’t really have much choice here.

  24. Dropped my Droid on the 18th, opened a claim on the 19th, was only offered the eris on the website, so i called. they told me i could have the blur or eris, not cool. I got a supervisor and got them to put me on the list for an dinc. Called today to check the status (it’s taking forever) and now the original Droid is available. Sorry, but for the same deductible I’ll wait a week for a dinc. Asurion is certainly screwing with people right now.

  25. I would be ok with a Droid X if my Droid died. I wonder when this will actually start though

  26. I lost my droid three days ago and started a claim then realized i was given the option of a Devour or Ally and was pissed, those were downgrades! i’m not paying insurance on a droid to be given downgrades in return. I wasn’t pleased obviously so i called and im on a waiting list for the incredible still wasn’t happy that they didn’t have the Original Droid available but I only have a year left on my contract anyway. Reading all these is making me go crazy, ive only been without my phone for three days and already going insane and some of you have been waiting for weeks! ugh this is ridiculous.

  27. In the beginning of July, I had a problem with my Moto Droid “replacement”, Asurion was trying to send me, yet another Moto Droid “replacement” (garbage). I finally explained to a supervisor that I paid full price my Droid the first time and why should I have to suffer with replacements from here on in. With much prodding he understood and located a brand new Motorola Droid, another memory card, original usb charger, AND a car charger!!! I am more than please with Asurion!! However, if I can get the DX I think I can hear my Moto Droid falling from the second floor!!

  28. I work for Asurion and i can guarantee you that we will not be offering those model as replacements for the Droid….come on ppl how stupid do u think we are

  29. Meh… I think I’ll do my best not to break or lose my D1. I like all of the customization options I have with it. God forbid something happens, though, I’d be okay with the Inc or X. I’m not a big fan of the physical keyboard anyway.

  30. P.S. @not_telling… As far as I’m concerned those are the only acceptable replacements for the D1 at this point if no other D1’s are available. It’ll be a cold day in hell when I accept an inferior phone as a replacement; especially if it’s not an Android phone. I mean, come on, I paid for applications for this device. Not being able to use them again is like a kick in the balls.

    I’m paying your company a monthly fee + deductible to make things right if a catastrophy happens. Eris or less != making things right.

  31. I accidentally went in a pool with my Droid in my pocket last week, so I’m back on my old BlackBerry for now. I can’t imagine having an Android phone without a physical keyboard. I’m probably just going to wait to report it until Asurion starts giving out Droid 2s. Is there any chance that will work for me? What would you do? PS. After 8 months, I had my Droid so perfectly customized. This sucks.

  32. my droid broke in a(legit)fall in early june. when i called it in, i was sent a refurb droid that also didn’t work. when i called in about it, that’s when i was told i only had the option of those ‘less than droid’ options everyone is mentioning. i couldn’t believe they had the nerve to offer such garbage after i’d paid for a droid specifically for the physical keyboard option. finally, i was placed on hold and they came back and told me they’d found a brand new original droid to send me. and like trish above, it came with all the peripherals! i am quite pleased now. but something seems awfully fishy that you have to put up a fight for them to all of a sudden have the replacement they told you wasn’t an option.

  33. If I report my broken phone now, and they give me crappy options and won’t budge, I wonder if it’s possible to wait … and see what they have in a couple months. Or do they have some policy that will prevent me from doing that, if I’ve already reported the phone broken from the start. Anyone have any experience with this?

  34. I just checked and you can currently get a droid if you put your claim in online. I dont know how long that will last but if you wanted a droid I would claim now

  35. so i had a moto droid..19th put in my claim it was stolen..THey were trying to give me a crappy phn…hell no payed way to much….got the incredible ordered and should be here tomorrow but it toke up to three weeks…thats hell without a phone trust! but i got something better ha ha effing asurion!

  36. I would rather get a droid 2 then an x or the inc. Hopefully they offer that as a replacement once the d2 launches

  37. my son recently threw my original droid into the shower, it actually worked shortly after for about a day then fried. it was probably my fault for even keeping it on, but i need it for my work and traveling.i called asurion and they said it would be 4-6 weeks for a new one, as the original droid was on backorder. i was very polite but voiced my displeasure with being offered a phone less than the droid (lg ally or droideris). i asked to speak with a supervisor and explained that this was not right, i have paid for insurance for years and want either my droid phone or the next one up. they told me to go into the nearest verizon store the next day and purchase either the droid or droid 2 (most stores are out of droids). once there, have the store rep call them and they will do the payment over the phone. i did have to pay a $50 deductible as usual.

    so now i have the droid2, even better! asurion was great and i think it goes along way if you are polite to people…as i was to them.

  38. I want the original Droid that I was promised when I signed up for the insurance. I do not require an upgrade, but Asurion told me today that I could wait for some to come in or settle for an Eris. If they can’t provide what they promised then they should be honorable enough to provide a compatible phone. I am very displeased with Asurion!

  39. Oy I went through this for 3 months arguing and fighting with asurion I bought a droiid for full price from verizon spilled pop on it a month later filed a claim and was told they no longer make the droids so I can have an lg ally I was irrate to find out this phone is worth 97 cents at walmart and I pais asurion 89 dollars to receive the piece of junk I got that gives me enuff battery life to call one person and talk an hour. If you can waded through the error messages you might be able to send a text or use the internet on the phone.after 3 months of bugging them and showing my frustration level (I was pissed) I was put on a waiting list for a origional droid where they told me I would be contacted. Never was contacted. I bugged them every day called the better business bureau.. iand called and showed up to numerous verizon retail stores. Talked to verizon ceos and asurion ceos bugged them so much they would hang up on me. On my last attempt to recover my promised phone I was bypassed to ceos because I was a “priority customer” and received a droid 2 woohoo either way that place is a crock and I scorned verizon for paying such a worthless fraudulant company to work for them I didn’t forget to scorn verizon for selling me a droid for full price a month before they stopped making them… persistence is everything bug the shit out of them they will be happy to give u a droid to get u off their phone lines

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