Droid Does Help Verizon Add 1.4 Million New Subscribers in Q2



Verizon posted up a hefty increase in new subscriber’s for the second quarter, adding 1.4 million to the nation’s largest 3G network. Of those 1.4 million, 665,000 signed up for long-term contracts. Of those, only 0.94 percent ended service with the carrier. Compare this to AT&T’s 496,000 new contract customers and we once again have fuel to add to the raging Droid vs. iPhone debate, which almost immediately comes as an extension of any Verizon vs. AT&T comparison.

While Verizon’s current hot handset, the Motorola Droid X, missed the second quarter by a few weeks, higher than expected sales of the HTC Droid Incredible that have led to continually pushed back ship dates for new units no doubt had a huge impact on new subscriber numbers. Apple’s iPhone 4 saw a release just within the last week of the quarter, and though AT&T has sold over 3.2 million handsets to date, a large portion of those purchasing the new smartphone were current subscriber’s upgrading from older versions of Steve Jobs’ wonder-phone.

Verizon now sits at 92.1 million customers, and revenues up 3.4 percent from the same period last year. Revenue from data usage bolstered by a large selection of Android phones is up 23.8 percent.

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  1. “Correction”, Sprint has the largest 3G footprint, Verizon has the largest “customer base.”

  2. looks like verizon may be bringing back all those smartphone customers it lost to AT&T

  3. @informed, too bad your facts dont work well with your name. VZW has the largest 3g footprint. Sprint is close but not larger. IMO that they have better signal strength but dont cover as much.

  4. @ informed… wow you are way off. Did you just pull that out of your @ss or what? Sprint is number 2 3g coverage.
    – evo all the way!

  5. @ randall, I am not off, @ 7yrs in, YOU need to get your “facts” straight. Sprint’s CDMA network IS larger than Verizon, Sprint has the largest mobile broadband network as well. Sprint has more spectrum than Verizon and At&t combined. While Verizon and At&t were/are busy rolling out commercials, Sprint are building NEW infrastructure, rolling out and expanding their network(s). There is a reason Verizon is not building new infrastructure for their LTE network, it is expensive and Verizon does not have the spectrum. Instead Verizon are converting to existing GSM networks which is the LTE 700Mhz spectrum. At&t will use the same spectrum as Verizon.

  6. anyhow, congrats to Motorola to bring what we want to the market.

  7. @Informed…. Really Where did you get that info? From you New-Hire Trainer at Sprint… ROFL

  8. @Informed: I assume you mean world wide? Because Sprint covers VERY little of the US. There isn’t a Sprint store within 300 miles of my house (I live in Montana).

  9. @uninformed, chill out buddy. It’s not like anyone’s saying that T-Mobile’s HSPA+ is faster than Sprint’s Wimax (which it is…)

  10. Good for Verizon. Kinda sucks for me that I’m stuck on AT&T thanks to the shitty iPhone. AT&T can’t DELIVER ANY GOOD PHONES OR ANDROID PHONES thanks for them to kissing up to Steve Jobs ass. IF AT&T wants to make more money and be number one they SHOULD BRING BETTER HARD WARE AND NOT CHEAP PLASTIC PHONE toys that can break down easily. I just hate myself being on AT&T even though I don’t have a crappy iPhone but thanks to them I can’t even get a good ANDROID phone just have to wait till my contract is up and move to Verizon.

  11. Jjfnights80:

  12. @”Mis”informed – I’m pretty much going to assume you’re just out baiting the traps, but I just can’t help myself… Anyway, just on July 9th (I believe) the FCC released report on the wireless spectrum. In that report, the largest owners of spectrum bandwidth were named: Verizon, AT&T, and Clearwire – in that order. I suppose you could make that argument that Sprint and Clearwire have a partnership but that’s still 3rd place.
    When analog tv signals when out the window for the mandated digital tv, there was an auction. Verizon won the largest bandwidth of spectrum, known as the “white” band I believe (possibly “blue”).
    I have no idea what the hell you are talking about saying Verizon is not building new infrastrucure. Your infrastructure/LTE statements are laffable (and also laughable). I really don’t even know where to begin. Just some basics and I’ll keep things simple for you: CDMA and GSM are different radio technologies. Verizon currently uses CDMA. Verizon’s 4G will be LTE. LTE is GSM based, not CDMA. Still with me? Okay, good. Let me know if I need to go back. In order for Verizon to roll out 4G LTE coverage they HAVE to build NEW infrastructure. The two are imcompatible.
    I wonder, are you basing the size of the spectrum itself on the number of Mhz? That because 1900/2100 Mhz is a larger number than 700 Mhz? I think that’s it.
    I also wonder if you might be Dan Hesse’s nephew playing around on his uncle’s computer…

  13. Hey Rob I think “Informed” works at best buy mobile. Most of them don’t know their a$$ from a hole in the ground. They are trained to “fake it till ya make it.”

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