Voice-Capable OlivePad 7-inch Android Tablet Headed to India


It’s almost frightening how the size trend has shifted in the mobile world. When cellular phones first blew up the idea was to make them as small as possible, but now as smartphones with touchscreens have become the norm in the market they are stretching back to sizes that would make Zack Morris proud.


Take for instance the OlivePad VT100 headed to India. While we don’t think you will see too many people holding the 7-inch tablet up to their face, it is capable of voice calls and would more rightly be paired with a Bluetooth headset. On top of just voice, the tablet features a front-facing camera for the promise of video calling on its 800×480 capacitive touchscreen. You also get 512MB of internal storage plus 512MB of RAM, 3.5mm headset jack, mini USB port, 3MP camera, and a 3,240mAh battery all for the price of about $425 to $530 dollars (20000 to 25000 Indian Rupee). Don’t expect it in North America any time soon, but it could be coming to Russia and Europe in the future to fulfill the dreams of those with big phone fetishes.


[via Engadget]

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  1. I’d get a kick outta seeing someone holding a phone that size up to their ear and blabbing away.

  2. Honestly I think if this came to the US it would hit a sweet spot like no other device has hit. People would simply use Bluetooth for talking. But imagine how this can cut down on the devices a person may need to carry. I’d personally love something like this. But as usual everybody will wait until Apple adds phone capabilities to the iPad and then they’ll all scramble to do it.

  3. Nice looking tablet, great to see Android tablets starting to get better quality and options.

  4. @Phil
    I completely agree. I’ve been wanting a good 7 to 10 inch tablet which has t-mo 3G bands and allows me to make calls using my bluetooth.

  5. I’ve also been thinking a bluetooth with a small LCD screen will go along nicely with this tablet. Maybe even a dock for the bluetooth on the tablet when not in use.
    I can think of so many uses with such a tablet.

  6. So, what ever happened to the Notion Ink Adam tablet.
    They got me all hot and bothered, then dumped an Igloo of freezing Gatorade on my head.

  7. I want it!

  8. @Joe: Totally agree. The Adam was one of the most promising tablets and I haven’t heard any news about it lately.

  9. here is an Idea a bluetooth pen/headset write with it ….it rings just put to ear …hey hey

  10. you won’t want it because it’s like $500 USD Forget it

  11. let it come…. it gona come down to $250-$300 by oct. as thats the time when india festivals starts…. i know the tech market here..;)

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