OnStar Brining Smartphone Control to Full 2011 GM Lineup



Remember the OnStar app for the Chevy Volt? The one that allowed you to remotely start your car, lock and unlock doors and check vital engine statistic all from your Android handset? If you were kicking yourself that you might only get a chance to experience it by owning a new Volt, that shouldn’t be a problem anymore. OK, you’ll still need to buy a new car, but at least the options have opened up as General Motors plans to bring the same OnStar technology to its complete lineup of vehicles for 2011.

The remote control and monitoring functionality should really open up a new way to experience you car. Figure out some way to use GPS and Google Maps to remotely drive the car to pick you up and you basically have a Bat-Mobile (body kit, paint job, and rocket booster sold separately). You still need to sign up for an OnStar subscription starting at a pricey $18.95 per month, but I like where this technology is going. Hopefully more manufacturer’s will adopt similar systems in the future. Check out the video at this link for a better sense of what you can do with your Android phone and OnStar.

[via Engadget]

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  1. keep the onstar but let me remote start, unlock/lock w/ my DINC and I’m sold

  2. Is OnStar still free for the first year? If so I want a z28 convertible with Android please.

  3. Is this exclusive to Android?

  4. mmmmm pickled android

  5. @Phil, If it’s the same app that the Volt uses (most likely), I read somewhere that it’s available for Android, iPhone and RIM devices.

  6. Why do I see people being able to hack my car in the near future? :-\

  7. lol that could be true OMG Ponies. maybe the mechanical side can help like pulling up your E brakes. Alarm, or even steering wheel lock will still do the job. but it might not stop them from unlocking your doors. Onstar is like a home security system i believe so maybe they should be smarter than that.

    Driving your car to you maybe possible with some super calculations with like the cars own magnetic field detector or something. So it can detect cars, but im not 100% sure how traffic lights work. Although im sure it wouldnt be able to calculate itself from crazy drivers.

  8. Everyone knows that software is better after it has been brined.

  9. @ari-free… Great Simpson Drop… mmmmm!

  10. Oh yeah, Pickled Car..mmmm mmmm :D

  11. I can see it now, all you need to be a good car thieve is an Android phone.

  12. I think you mean thief ;)

  13. But then you pull out your app that locks and tightens the seatbelt, locks the doors, shuts off the enginge and calls the cops….car is then retrieved !

  14. “OnStar Brining Smartphone Control to Full 2011 GM Lineup”

    Brining: a process similar to marination in which meat is soaked in brine before cooking.

    Do we have to brine our phones to make them work with the brined GM cars ?


  15. I’ll take the zesty variety please! :D

  16. Man I should of waited one more year to get my camaro ss. Maybe chevy will send out an ota update for the 2010 models lol

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