Groupon and Gilt Apps Bring Two New Ways to Save to Your Android Handset


Two new apps have recently become available in the Android Market, and while they are both independent of each other, they share the common task of finding you great deals and saving you money. Groupon and Gilt offer two different ways to experience savings through online purchases as well as at local shops and chain stores.


We’ll start with Groupon, which offers discounts based on the idea of group buying and can save you up to 90% on purchases. Users purchase coupons at discounted rates for savings, something as basic as spending $20 on a coupon getting you $60 worth of fitness classes to free or discounted admission to entertainment. The 1.0 release of the app gives users access to the deal of the day, access to purchased Groupons for quick redemption in-store, and the ability to search nearby businesses. There are still more features to be added in later version such as access to the Groupon forums and a widget.


Gilt is a slightly different beast focused on getting you the best price for normally expensive designer goods through online sales that typically last for a limited time period. Gilt is invitation only, but if you have a friend who is a member they can quickly get you in on the savings by flashing a QR code from the app. Once in you can browse upcoming sales, get all the details on ongoing sale items, get alerted to the start and end of sales, and even install a Sales Clock widget for quick monitoring.

I don’t have much experience with Gilt, but quite a few of my friends live and die by Groupon and have come up with some great through the service. If you’re ready to get your save follow the QR codes below.

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  1. Don’t care for gilt, but that’s just because it’s clothes. Trying out Groupon, but I’m confused with the way it works. It says that 7 people have purchased it and 33 more need to to get the deal. What does this mean? Are they trying to say that 33 more people can get the deal?

    Besides that, Phandroid, I am loving the articles about apps. As so many of us already have Android phones, applications are what make our phones incredible. I’m constantly searching for new and better apps, but the market really isn’t that great for finding them. Please do more of these application articles!

  2. the way it works for groupon is that you only get the deal if all the deals are taken. So if 7 are already purchased than 33 more need to purchase in order for everyone to get that deal.

  3. @Marley, So, how do you buy it and then get the deal later? Do you pay the full amount and then get refunded the deal or does it get cancelled if all of the deals aren’t filled in the timespan?

  4. @Derek – it’s the later, the minimum number of users must buy the deal for it to “tip” (over, I presume). Once enough people have committed, everyone (including those who buy subsequently) gets their purchase fulfilled. I don’t think your CC is billed until the deal is tipped.

  5. @Derek – Dave is right.

  6. I use groupon all the time and it rocks. If you are in a major city you won’t have to worry about it not “tipping”. Trying out gilt now.

  7. @dave, Oh wow, thanks for the explanation. That sounds pretty cool.

  8. Glad that Gilt released an Android app! Was just hoping for one the other day!

  9. I really want to try Gilt but I don’t have any friends to shoot me an invite. :-( That is a weird way to do it. @Brandon want to share?

  10. Groupon is great if you happen to live in a major city, otherwise it isn’t much good.

  11. if you need a gilt invite use this link.

  12. Can anyone invite me to Gilt? My mail is : [email protected]
    Thanks a lot!:)

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