HTC Desire Dummy Units Arrive at TELUS


The long wait for the HTC Desire’s debut on Telus may finally be drawing to an end, as dummy display units of the phone are showing up at the carrier’s retail stores to showcase the phone in all of it’s non-functional glory. There is still no firm date on the phone’s release, just as Telus didn’t provide one when they officially announced the handset, but with the display models arriving it could only be a matter of days, at most a couple of weeks. Rumored pricing puts the phone at $299.95 on a 3-year contract all the way up to $499.95 on a 1-year deal.


With all of the inventory concerns that have plagued major handset launches, manufacturer’s are getting smart by using dummy phones to preserve as much stock as possible for sale to customers. Or maybe it’s just all around cheaper. While that may be all well and good, it still doesn’t compare to getting some hands-on time with the actual software of the device, though with something like the Desire we are sure it won’t hurt sales.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. Ack! Finally a piece of news about the Desire! Unfortunately I was going it’d be FroYo news. Come on HTC

  2. it looks UGLY in this photo.

  3. Hey! Don’t judge! Desire’s been touring Europe for the past while in a whirlwind non-stop party. You’d look pretty rough in a poorly lit photo too! :P

  4. OMG Ponies,

    Pay no attention to the Opionistas!

    They could care less that Chinese 20somethings are comitting suicide over their pointless $1 an hour lives making these at breakneck speeds.

  5. FINALLY! Hopefully the real thing will be out by the first of August!!


  7. Tell me about it..i became obsessed about the phone…finally i can see it up-close. any idea how much would it cost with no contract with telus?

  8. Dummy phones aren’t fucking smart. They’re cheap and stupid.

    You walk into a phone store, and you are guaranteed to find handfuls of iPhone demonstration phones for you to play around with.

    Not so with Android. This state of affairs suck.

  9. Spool $300 on a 3 year plan? See how us Canadians get fucked?

  10. Is it just me, or is there something funny about the phrase “dummy smart phone”

    I think if your Desire comes to AT&T it will be called something else.. The “Ace” is supposed to be coming to T_Mobile, and recent stories are that it will now be called the “Desire HD”.. due in October.. but who knows maybe AT&T will be happy to have the Desire with TMobile selling the Desire HD and one-upping them..but I think they’ll go the other route of renaming it, and hoping it’s not common knowledge.. and if your really so tired of waiting.. I am sure you can find a way to get this Canadian model shipped to you and running on the AT&T network.

  12. thats a pretty nice phone but my evo still rocks

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