Samsung Galaxy S Headed to Rogers Canada this September


The first Canadian carrier announced to get the Samsung Galaxy S was Bell Wireless, though along with that announcement came the promise that other Galaxy S phones would make their way to the country. The phone announced for Bell was named as the Vibrant, though it was not clear whether it would be the same Vibrant that was released for T-Mobile or a different version of the Galaxy S sporting the same name. Now we are getting word of a second Canadian carrier to receive the Galaxy S. The latest is that Rogers will be getting the phone sometime in September.


No specific version was announced, but there is a good chance the AT&T-branded Captivate may be repurposed for Rogers’ release since their 3G GSM network is similar. There will be no shortage of locales and carriers on which to get ahold of the Galaxy S, a good thing if you often find yourself cursing your carrier for lack of decent options compared to other networks. Maybe Samsung will hold true to their Galaxy name and even announce version for the moon, Mars, and beyond.

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  1. Since Rodgers Cable merged with AT&T mobile Canada and then AT&T pulled their name from Rodgers AT&T, the network should definitely be very similar to that of it’s cousin in the States.

  2. Rogers is same system as AT&T which is GSM and UMTS/HSPA

    Bell Canada uses UMTS/HSPA not GSM. So newer phones work (on UMTS) but GSM phones or GSM mode will not work on Bell.

  3. so could I import a Bell Canada Galaxy S and use it on AT&T and get 3G service?

    Same w/ the Rogers version?

  4. Yes, but it would need to be unlocked first. You would need to buy the phone at full price, probably around $500 or $600.

  5. what does it mean that one is more compatible than the other?

  6. Will the keyboard version (“Pro”0 be coming?

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