More Samsung Galaxy S Madness Headed to Canada



We’re here in New York City awaiting the start of tonight’s Samsung Galaxy S event that will showcase the phone and its variants headed to all major carriers in the US. Not wanting to leave any corner of the world without their flagship Android handset, Samsung has also announced the phone for our neighbors up north. We’ll be seeing the Galaxy S Vibrant first on Bell later this summer, but Samsung is promising that additional Galaxy S phones will make their way to Canada throughout 2010. Which of the variants and what networks will host them are left unnamed, but chances are all including the Epic 4G (Galaxy S Pro) may make their way to Canadian carriers.

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  1. why haven’t you guys reported about the samsung galaxy S (aka Samsung Epic 4G) going to sprint? android central had a story on it, engadget had a story on it. what happened guys?

  2. The Galaxy S Vibrant is the Tmo version. Canada’s Bell runs on the same 3G band as ATT. What’s going on there? Do you mean to say that Bell is getting the Captivate?

  3. @ pete

    I can’t access xda from work, could you fill me in on the pic question i asked u about?? plz, thanks

  4. nvmd… i take that back. their Vibrant is the same as the international version. lucky!

  5. @ Pete..they did have a story…I believe it was yesterday morning…do your research before you start bad mouthing

  6. @Pete perhaps you didn’t see it?
    In fact, we had it up before those other sites you mentioned. Literally minutes after Samsung announced it.

  7. PLEASE give me a date for the release of the Samsung Epic 4G on Sprint! ! !….I hope we can pre-order that beast starting tonight or tomorrow after the big Samsung event. Don’t let me down Samsung…Please Phandroid, drop the 411 on the Epic as soon as you get it!…..Thanks guys and keep up the awesome Android reporting!

  8. A 4G phone will NOT be coming to Canada. Why? Because Canada does not have a 4G network and will not for a long time. LTE some day. Definitely not mobile WiMAX….unfortunately.

  9. ok let’s keep this thread to Samsung and Canada

  10. i need this phone….now.

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