Samsung Epic 4G Hits the FCC


Sprint’s version of the Galaxy S – the Samsung Epic 4G – has finally hit the FCC. We’re well on our way to a release date if history is anything to model after. While there wasn’t much to be had from the filing, the description has the device carrying CDMA, EVDO, and WiMAX radios. That combination can only mean one thing: a new 4G phone from Sprint. The model number also gives itself away – the SPH-D700 is no doubt a Samsung device.


With two out of the four major US carriers already having launched their Galaxy S phones, we’re still waiting for the CDMA guys – Verizon and Sprint – to land their spacecraft in our backyard. For Sprint, this FCC approval brings us that much closer.

[FCC via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. only if it did not have the slide out keyboard, still a nice phone.

  2. This is great news. The epic 4G shall be just that, Epic.

  3. Once a phone goes through the FCC how long does it “usually” take to hit the market?

  4. I think it took the Evo about a month. This thing should launch by the end of August.

  5. Freaking Awesome, can’t wait for this to hit. This is going to be my next phone!

  6. awesome….. pls be released in the next few weeks…. it’s the only reason i held back on getting the EVO…. this has a better screen and fully querty keyboard!

  7. Crap. Oh well in 10 more months when i’m due to upgrade the EVO there will be some new thing out that will trump all the other new things so i’ll just get that. I mean besides the keyboard/better screen… What does this have on the EVO?

    I’m not trying to be a dick i’d like a legit solution. :)

  8. Ok beiefly this is what i’ve found different/better.

    1) The display
    2) The keyboard
    3) Wireless N band capability
    4) It’s thin… so is the evo.

  9. im going month to month on tmobile right now patiently waiting for that Epic 4G/Sprint switch :)

  10. I’m in the same exact boat Yao, but I’m considering getting a free Sprint phone for 30 days than upgrading for the Epic right before. I hate T-Mobile so much, I’m looking for any excuse to leave….but only for the Epic of course.

  11. zach it has 16 million colors. Evo has only 65,000. It has a much more advanced CPU/GPU. It has 6 axis control, bluetooth 3.0 and 3D surround sound

  12. @ari-free

    Thanks, that does make it a little nicer. But not worth selling off my evo and paying full price for an epic.

  13. wow i hate how amazing this phone is just because it is making me question my upgrade to the evo. I hope this phone comes out soon so i can make an accurate choice and be happy with my phone. the slide out keyboard is not what i want at all tho. Blehk…slide phones

  14. Does anyone know if its gonna be able to compete with the camera features of the other galaxy S models, specifically the captivate…i was reading about the captivate and it has panoramic and smile detection. let me know please…

  15. evo the best phone out now hands down

  16. can someone please help me find the epic comparison sheet shown on this page…. http://www.examiner.com/x-8134-SF-Gadgets-Examiner~y2010m6d28-Samsung-Epic-4G-gets-compared-to-EVO-4G-iPhone-4-Droid-X-and-Droid-Incredible

    its a sprint handout that i cannot find!!

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