Jul 21st, 2010

Verizon’s come out to publicly acknowledge the screen defects that some of their launch day Droid X units are plagued with. Some people were experiencing extreme levels of screen tearing and banding, while others were faced with a screen that would not stop flickering.


Apparently, .1% of users are affected by the problem – so you shouldn’t be too worried about it if you own one of those yourself – but a quick call to Verizon or Motorola’s technical support and customer care lines will get you on the yellow brick road toward getting a new device.

In related news, Droid X users are savages. No, they’re not hungry for blood, violence, and whatever valuables you have for them to ransack. They’re hungry for pure data. Verizon’s pointed out that – out of any other phone they offer – Droid X users are eating up 5x more data. It’s funny because Sprint claimed the same thing about the HTC EVO 4G. Verizon’s also expressing just how satisfied they are with their Android strategy. Citing their now-retired app store – GetItNow – Verizon’s calling their change from a “walled garden” to open “drastic”, but it’s undoubtedly paid dividends for them.

We’re happy they agree with the open Android strategy (let’s try to keep Droid X bootloader talk to a minimum  here) so let’s hope this Droid craze gets even crazier in the coming months as they announce newer, better, and faster phones.

[Engadget, PaidContent via Android Central]

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