LG Ally Getting An OTA Upgrade Before the Weekend


The LG Ally might be one of Verizon’s lesser-known phones at the moment, but it’s still a capable piece of hardware and there are people out there who love it. That being said, they’re set to receive some OTA love this weekend as Verizon’s rolling out an update to address several issues and provide some enhancements.


  • Increased QWERTY keyboard operability.
  • Streamlined alert functions.
  • Improved usability with alert sounds for authentication or confirmation of Bluetooth® functions.
  • Increased speed and response time for Messaging and Camera applications.
  • Manage your schedule with preloaded Corporate Calendar application.
  • Improved Amazon MP3 application.
  • Preloaded Backup Assistant application is now available.
  • Enjoy an enhanced preloaded Visual Voicemail application.
  • Sync Facebook contacts with a new preloaded application.

The update should be out within the next few days, but we’ll give it until the end of the weekend just to be safe.

[via BGR]

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  1. got this on Monday. haven’t really noticed much other than the two new apps that i have absolutely no use for.

  2. I hope they mean “Increased speed and DECREASED response time”, otherwise, that’s a feature nobody wants :)

  3. I think it’s a play on words, you wouldn’t want to decrease the response, would you? ;-)

  4. even though your joking Im sure, not increased as in an actual increase in time taken for a response, increased as in a faster response time.

  5. Too bad this update will break root, and is not worth the trouble IMO. I had no idea this phone was this crappy, I talked my wife into getting it for herself, and im never gonna hear the end of it!

  6. I got my update a couple days ago. Other than Facebook syncing up with my contacts, I haven’t noticed much of a difference.

  7. My sister got this update on Friday night. It really speeds up the phone and the whole OS seems lighter. Alot of bugs are fixed such as the Keyboard shortcuts being activated while typing a message. Scrolling is alot better. Newly Added Contacts actually show up rather than going to outer space and showing up a week later. Overall, its a much smoother and MUCH more responsive device. And even more smooth if you throw LauncherPRO on there.

  8. Received the update over the weekend. No problems. Fixed the one issue I had-no corp calendar to sync with an exchange server. Now it does. No need to buy a 3rd party app just to see my calendar. Thank you for that! However, who dreamed up the color scheme? White text on yellow background is not readable. I have to tap on each entry to see what it is. I cannot find a setting to adjust the color scheme.

    Other than this very minor annoyance, very happy with the LG Ally!

  9. What upgrade was pushed? Is this 2.2 does it fix the bluetooth? I am confused. Please advice..

  10. 2.1-update1

    I have not had any bluetooth issues. I have my Ally linked to both my car and a headset.

  11. I just got this phone and am amazed at some of the problems people are commenting on! I really feel that if they take some time to use the tutorial on line at Verizon, most of their problems will be solved. This is a very user friendly and has an exceptional keyboard, screen quality, very responsive and easy to set-up and use. It is the best phone I have ever used. I have tried other androids and this one beats them all.

  12. like the phone and everything it offers, it just has poor reception, i had the blackberry curve never lost a call now im dropping calls loosing data in places i never had problems before is there any way to get better reception on the ally or should i get another phone like droid x or incredible?

  13. I myself have noticed a difference in clarity compared to my last phone. I attribute this to the different network – I am getting suckier reception in areas I used to get good reception, but I am also getting better reception in areas I used to get sucky reception. Either way, I’m still glad I got this phone – it’s great to have a keyboard, and it’s a great contender compared to the X and Incredible. I don’t live my life on my phone so this was perfect… and it was free. Looking forward to getting the upgrade though – the phone could be faster. Anyone else had a problem with the SD card removing itself randomly??

  14. I have this phone and love it! the only problem I have been having is that the ringer turns it’s self off sometimes. I don’t know why, the guy down at the store said “oh yeah it does that sometimes if you move too many things around.” what does that mean?! he took the battery out and reset the phone. but really? I don’t want to have to be doing that all the time. this morning i just powered off the phone and turned it back on. that works too. but still does anyone else have this problem?

  15. I’m having some problems with my contacts. I’ve notices some of them have a “+” sign in front of them, and when I try to call them from the contacts list the phone dials +011 before each number and tries to make an international call. I haven’t been able to find a way to fix this issue yet.

  16. I’ve got the same problem as James M. Phone numbers coming from facebook for US residents all have a 1+xxx-xxx-xxxx format. The Ally tries to dial this by adding +011 in front of the number which causes Verizon to fail the phone call. For some reason, the Ally uses the facebook number as the primary number of the contact instead of any manually entered #’s. This is a major pain.

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