Jul 20th, 2010

It appears that the Droid X you’re looking for (hat-tip to @DroidLanding) isn’t entirely perfect. Users across the web are reporting display defects on their devices after having used it for a few short days. They’re not sure if it’s a hardware or software based problems, but the display will sometimes have the tendency to rapidly flicker on and off. Other users report having color banding issues on all or part of the display.

Some of those users have reportedly already exchanged their devices for newer ones, but only more time would tell if the problem persists. It’s said that Verizon formally acknowledged the defect and stated that it was a common problem for phones in their initial launch day batch. Looks like Droid “does not” come with the promise of being perfect. We’ll report more on this story if anything else develops.

[via Engadget]

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