Launch Day Batch of Droid X Handsets Shipping With Serious Display Defects?


It appears that the Droid X you’re looking for (hat-tip to @DroidLanding) isn’t entirely perfect. Users across the web are reporting display defects on their devices after having used it for a few short days. They’re not sure if it’s a hardware or software based problems, but the display will sometimes have the tendency to rapidly flicker on and off. Other users report having color banding issues on all or part of the display.

Some of those users have reportedly already exchanged their devices for newer ones, but only more time would tell if the problem persists. It’s said that Verizon formally acknowledged the defect and stated that it was a common problem for phones in their initial launch day batch. Looks like Droid “does not” come with the promise of being perfect. We’ll report more on this story if anything else develops.

[via Engadget]

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  1. stay away; this thing do not allow custom rom and has a bootloader that forbids any try to launch custom firmware
    more it locks itself, you have to go to a moto center if you ever try anything custon on this
    since moto software is far from perfect (I’m an owner of a motorola milestone), and you have to wait for ever even for slight bug fixes, I suggest all people stay away !

  2. I suggest that you pickup this awesome phone. Who the hell cares of the bootloader is locked?!?! I know I don’t and as soon as I can pick 2 up for me and my wife, I’m doing it. Now Verizon hurry the hell up and get more of them in stock!

  3. got the phone on launch day last week and have no data connectivity, couldn’t make phone calls or use any data services. exchanged the phone and received my new phone yesterday and am now having the display problem as well…this is becoming ridiculous. am i alone in having all these problems? this is my work phone and has more or less not been usable since i received the phone.

  4. I would also add my voice to that of @DaWaBZ94. Avoid the locked bootloader! Motorola are already talking about NOT bringing Android 2.2 to the Milestone (a GSM phone also with a locked bootloader), which will leave users with an out of date OS, BUT NO OPTION TO UPGRADE!!!!

  5. Dawabz… are you kidding me? Who needs a costom rom? All parts of” ninjablur” or whatever it is can be removed so again why have a custom rom? All of the themes and whatnot (even OC’ing for those who care) can still be done with root access which might be publically released by as early as next week…

    Best phone i’ve ever used. Battery, speed, stock customization, voice quality, whatever.

    Former blackberry bold, iphone 3g, 3gs, motodroid, droid eris, and now DX.

  6. Had mine since Saturday. No problems at all. Works great. Updated from original Droid. Have Incredible since launch day also no problems. I would definitely recommend both of these devices. Didn’t like some of the Blur or whatever it is called but got rid of what I didn’t like and added some new stuff. I can’t decide which on I like best.

  7. Droid X owner. Since 10am Launch day. No major issues like this. Only, phone reset once, and when i manually kill running applications it takes 1 sec for my home screen icons to pop back up. No deal breakers for me yet.

  8. do you think froyo will get on this phone before the galaxy s? have the nexus one and froyo was such a dramatic change…

  9. Droid X owner since 1am on launch day. No issues at all. PS: A bootloader being locked is nowhere near as important to me as gaining root. Let’s gain root then worry about the bootloader.

  10. I was having the same data problem to but that’s because to many activations of the Droid x btw I use a droid1 and storm 1

  11. I got the HTC Incredible a week after launch day and I loved the Sense UI and just about everything about the phone except… It had very poor signal reception and I think that is what caused it to reboot constantly. I could not even make a phone call in my house without getting dropped. BUT thanks to a very wonderful customer service rep at Verizon I got the Droid X the day after launch day and so far it is great. I do not like the UI as well as I did the Sense UI on the Incredible, but I have managed to make it my own by finding some great apps and widgets that work for me! As far as signal, I get the best signal at my house that I ever have. It does flip back and fourth sometimes between 3G and 1x data connection but I can make crystal clear phone calls and haven’t had a single one drop yet. I haven’t had any display issues, and I sure hope I don’t because I would hate to have to change phones again. I have already had three different ones in the last 30 days.

  12. I’m pretty sure all the apple fanboys are going to have a field day with this when I’m pretty sure It’s probably just a handful of people with this issue and it’s just the luck of the draw. Had mine since day 1 and no probs. (LaunchPro Plus is awwwwesome fyi)

  13. Whoa, the X in the second video needs a Vertical Hold Dial! :D It reminds me of a tv with serious vertical hold problems, or a scrambled channel on cable/satellite.

  14. Damn Engadget kick ’em while they’re down. I personally have had no major issues with my X minus a few little software glitches here and there that I’m sure will be fixed with this little ota tweek they’re sending out. Although I have run across a few people here and there buying accessories at Verizon stores who have received defective devices. But what do you expect. Its like buying a new model car. You take a change getting something that may have a few little bugs. At least we’re not in the iphone 4 boat s.o.l. and up $hit$ creek without a paddle. For me this new Droid has been absolutely phenomenal! The camera blows the Droid 1 away. Video is amazing. Motoblur stack is pretty cool. The news widget has many options to customize. The battery life is like a day and a few hours wide open if you keep tasks closed. And the hardware keys have grown on me. There’s a satisfying click when pressed. The car dock is great for listening to Pandora though my truck stereo. I also like the desk top dock. It has many new features and sits flush and looks very elegant on the night stand. All in all the Droid X is state of the art equipment. For now….

  15. I hope the Samsung Fascinate doesn’t have any issues when it’s released!!! Whenever that will be :-/

  16. I am glad I did not get the phone on launch day. For reasons like this! It’s now almost a promise that phones on launch day will have issues, no matter the maker or carrier.

    Therefore I will be smart and wait till mid august to get the droid x when there are no more issues!

  17. Got my Droid X 7/16; 1st reset on 7/19 (phone was sleep, couldn’t bring screen back on). d/l ‘shake them all’ app, the screen started acting funny where only half of it would load, eventually had to reset wallpaper a few times (like 3). Other than that I don’t have major issues with the phone. Maybe when it gets the ota update issues will be solved…

  18. @nick people who want 2.2 or 3.0 ages before motorola ships it?

  19. I think I’ll hold on to my original Droid for a while. Never a problem.

  20. that’s why i would never ever ever trust motorola… sorry but i never had any good experience with Motorola phones… especially this Cliq XT that i’m using… i thought behold 2 was the worst android phone but not really if u compare to cliq xt… now i started to like my behold 2 again! i want my vibrant…..

  21. Got my DX about 9:00 AM launch day. No problems. The battery seems to get much better after a few days. I use to have to keep my Evo plugged into the car charger when driving, but not with the DX. I am a happy camper.

  22. Yeah I think my Eris just got a whole lot better, cause it doesn’t do that. lol sorry new Droid X owners.

  23. I received it yesterday via FedEx… the only complaint I have so far is FedEx. 2 day shipping turnied into 5 day shipping. As for the phone, I am still playing with it. No issues so far, other than one app having an issue… but that was just the app. Everything else seems fine (knock on wood).

  24. When is android 2.2 going to be coming out for the droidx?

  25. i had my phone since 7am on 7/15 just think its diffuclt to press down camera button and the screen went black a few time after pressing a few apps

  26. Not a single problem with my Droid X, picked it up on Saturday, it is one SWEET phone.

  27. just got the update i was reading about it—what does Improved battery charging status indicator meaN?????

  28. I got my X on release day. I have had NO problems what so ever from it. No reboots have been needed, no screen flickers, nothing.
    I have ripped three Blu Ray movies and put them on it and even while playing an entire movie I see no problems.
    The problems that are being reported are nothing more than the same issues that any other highly produces electronic device of advance technology would suffer.
    Hell, I have to call Logitech as it is to have a $200 keyboard replaced for the second time, and I had to call them yesterday to have a $80 mouse replaced. Last week I had a three month old Seagate Free Agent external hard drive replaced due to failure. It happens.
    Yes, we will get a bunch of crap from Job’s sheeple, just remember this, the Droid’s issue is not a design flaw that effects all of them and Verizon/Motorola is so far owning up to the problem.

  29. Locked bootloader, messed up camera issues, and now bugged screen? I’ll pass.

  30. Well I guess it’s time to start the class action lawsuit, label this screengate and demand a full recall!
    Maybe they will issue plastic covers so you don’t have to look at the screen!

  31. Oh please.

    I have a Droid X, from launch day and ZERO problems.

    You get a bad product, you get it replaced..simple as that.

    At least a new one will fix your problem, unlike the iPhone.

  32. Seems like a batch of these phones turned out like the Evo did. My DX is still working flawlessly. Battery life is awesome. I installed launcher Pro+ for $3.00 and the DX is perfect! I don’t like the moto blur custom its weak. But the phone is actually faster than the Evo and runs for days without needing reboot no task manager being used. As long as moto gets us updated as the updates roll out and in one of these updates they can disable the motoblur pieces they have floating around in the phone i think it will be perfect!

  33. @DaWaBZ94
    I got this phone on launch day and have had no problems also motorola pushes out updates all the time maybe not for your phone but they did for the droid and already are for the X

  34. It seems to be that its only a few X are havin that problem.

    I dont think this could be around 100 people over there with that problem.

  35. Launch day X here. No problems! The screen problem sucks but at least it is happening early on and it’s pretty obvious when it occurs. In any case I’d take a completely dead droid X over an iFail 4.

  36. Have had DX since launch, no problems here… already got the OTA update, and everything is still super. I love the phone. It makes my Nexus One look like crap

  37. Super AMOLED FTW

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