Sharp LYNX SH-10B Android MID Headed to Japan’s NTT DoCoMo


Sharp is bringing another Android MID to Japan, this time en route to NTT DoCoMo. The LYNX SH-10B has a lot in common with the earlier ISO1, including a 5.3MP rear camera and 4.3MP front-facing camera, 5-inch screen, and full QWERTY keyboards in a clamshell design. On the connectivity side the SH-10B features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and HSDPA/HSUPA. The device also carries 3.4MB of internal storage along with access to the Android Market and NTT DoCoMo’s download store.


The LYNX SH-10B will be available Jul 23rd in either red or white. Pricing isn’t available at this time, and no word on if we can get our hands on this outside of Japan.

[via SlashGear]

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  1. Shouldn’t every one of those little translator devices ESL students carry around eventually run Android?

  2. 3.4MB of internal storage?

  3. think you mean “4GB of internal memory” ?

  4. 3.4 MB? So not even 3 3″ floppies worth?

  5. Zaurus lives!

  6. should be corrected to 3.4GB (from slashgear source link)

  7. No, it’s 3,4mb. They are totally expecting you to use your device for playing one song ONLY!

  8. Make sure it’s a good song

  9. It has a 1-Seg digital TV tuner. So here is an example of android being used with japanese specific features. People are used to all kinds of features such as even paying for food in vending machines with their feature phones and they shouldn’t give that up just to move on to a smartphone.

  10. I guess Google should just give the design blueprint for nexus one to Sharp and Sharp should improve upon the screen resolution and some other improvements(FFC for eg) and sell it as the SHARP PHONE. Now that is what will sell like hot cakes. SHARP PHONE has a nice feel about it.

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