Motorola and Sharp Sign into Patent License Agreement


Lenovo’s Motorola brand recently announced that it has signed a global agreement with Sharp regarding wireless communication technology patents. The agreement allows both parties to license select technologies based on a fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) basis.

Speaking on the new agreement between the two companies, Lenovo’s Vice President and global head of Intellectual Property John Mulgrew states:

“Our cross-licensing agreement with Sharp is a textbook example of two companies coming together with mutual respect for each other’s investment and innovation, and who are prepared to negotiate on a FRAND basis. FRAND is something that Lenovo is committed to through all licensing negotiations and agreements – whether we are the licensee or licensor.

As a global technology leader and patent owner we are committed to ensuring that customers continue to have access to affordable innovation through both our own innovation and that resulting from industry cross-licensing agreements.”

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Just recently, Lenovo commented that it was confident that the Motorola brand will be able to take the top three spot in terms of global smartphone market share. The company states that part of its strategy is to pursue the premium smartphone market, as we’ve seen with devices like the Moro Razr foldable series.

Source: Lenovo

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