Yet Another Droid X Commercial


If you haven’t got your fill of Droid X advertising, here is ANOTHER new commercial from Verizon. This one is called Eagle Eye, so see if your eagle eyes can find some sort of Droid code hidden among the frames (I’m coming up with nothing so far).

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. How about holding off on advertising until you can actually pick one up in a store verizon!!!

  2. @Tad haha true. i demo-ed this droid x at the store and i so loved it. its size was pretty nice. i wished it came out for t-mobile though.

  3. I think that’s where the kickstand on the EVO really comes in handy.

  4. Was in walmart last friday and they had some in stock. You can probably find them off the beaten path. Loving mine :D

  5. It would have been sweeter if it came with Netflix. Blockbuster is dying.

  6. The elevator says “12356789” skipping the number 4, don’t know if that is it but that is one thing I noticed.

  7. anyone else notice the screen saver that says ABCD?

  8. Okay well if the first code was JXYDA QWQYD and that means think again then maybe somehow ABCD can be substituted into that decipher code. Like a old school decoder ring.

  9. Anyone notice the stock android ROM on the DROID X?

  10. Huh? What elevator…what screen saver? I saw neither.

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