Unlock a Secret Droid X Page At DroidDoes.com



Verizon released a full version of the commercial they teased us with yesterday, and if you had a keen eye you may have caught a a series of letters and numbers hidden within the TV spot. If you used that same keen eye while perusing the new DroidDoes page from Verizon you may have also spotted an input field for entering your “Droid code” while watching this new commercial. If you are equally as intelligent as you are observant you may have put two and two together and found a secret Droid X page. If you’d like to experience this for yourself, just head over to the video area of the webpage and enter the following code: JXYDA QWQYD.


Here’s the new commercial if you missed it:

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. I wondered how to use the code but I couldn’t find any place to enter..

  2. And btw Phandroid thanks for spoiling/ruining it.

  3. so where was the code?

  4. @Wello

    You had to click the link to read anything even resembling a “spoiler”.

    Keep it to yourself, pal.

  5. At the end of the video, when it flickered from Droid X to Verizon

  6. I wish the Canadian carriers put so much work into marketing Android phones. Very cool.

  7. is it me or dose the commercial look like a
    preview for a Fallout Movie?

  8. Best marketing ever! The Droid commercials are the coolest in years, and should go down as being among the greatest ever made.

  9. So does unlocking this webpage cause the site to self-destruct?

    Just sayin’…

  10. Lulz

    Dmans gots jokes

  11. oh noez the site has an efuse!

  12. I wish verizon could come up with something as awesome as droid does for this phone…

  13. thinking of switching over to Verizon. Which is better…Droid Incredible or X?

  14. The Code Means THINK AGAIN

  15. This does not look like the marketing efforts of a company that’s a few months away from getting the iPhone.

  16. @13 because they aren’t going with the iphone anymore. The iphone just shot themselves in the foot as to honesty, reliability and that should take them down a few notches.

    And the code deciphered is : think again

  17. OK. There is no way in the world 99.9% of the people would see that, even if they were looking. I watched the commercial about 10x and thought I only found the initial X. I spent about 10 minutes before that point looking for the J. I got lucky and paused at the right second to see it.

    For those that did find, kudos to you. For poor schleps like me, thanks Phandroid.

  18. Will it brick my computer if I don’t enter the right code?


  20. meanwhile in a Starbucks in Seattle…
    Steve Ballmer: They made the super cool Xbox phone! Why didn’t I come up with the XBox phone instead of this stupid Kin!!!

  21. Yeah, if it were a movie, I’d pay money to see it. :)

  22. Fuck those million dollar commercials, spend that money on getting Froyo on all the damn Droids already…

  23. let them give us a secret code for unlocking the bootloader

  24. Hey guys, I found that the code from the end of the commercial also spells out “THINK AGAIN”. The key is reversible. See my blog for details …


  25. Ummm, good luck for unlocking that…!

  26. @Wello: You know it’s not a REAL secret club, right? :)

  27. Certainly is Creative Marketing and it should bring in more demand for another product that is not in stock! However, I agree with ssummer, let’s get going with the Froyo updates Motorola!

  28. anyway its cool but verizon blocked the code!

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