Control Your Xbox Media Center with Official XBMC Remote for Android


If you use Xbox Media Center as your go to source for all of your video, audio, streaming, and, well…media needs, you will be pleased to know that the XBMC Remote has gone into public beta in the Android Market. The remote app has been in development for almost a year, and though it was freely available through Google Code, it is now easily accessible to all comers.


The XMBC Remote will allow you to control and browse all of your media right from your Android handset. Bonus coolness: set it so that incoming phone calls automatically pause the movie you are watching.

You will need at least Android 1.5 and XBMC 9.11 to get everything up and running.

[via, thanks to Marcel for sending this in]

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  1. XBMC doesn’t stand for Xbox Media Centre as far as I’m aware – XBMC is a standalone media centre client for your PC.

    This app now allows you to control the media centre from your phone.

  2. I’ve used this for the last 6 months as an active member of the XBMC forums…It’s fantastic. Interface is modeled to mimic a “Sense UI” feel. Access almost all your information and launch shows right from your phone. Highly reccomended.

  3. @Sam

    Yes it does stand for XBMC because it started as a homebrew app on the original Xbox but overtime they ported it to Linux, Mac, and Windows because the Xbox is no longer powerful enough to be a media center.

  4. LOL so this doesn’t work for the 360??

  5. AFAIK… nope. xbox support got dropped a while ago. Now it’s just a name they haven’t felt like changing

  6. How do these work anyway?
    Do all android phones have built in infrared transmitters?

  7. Does this work on Boxee, which I believe is based on the xbmc codebase?

  8. Originally built for the xbox it was called Xbox Media Center… which was often shortened to XBMC.

    After being ported to linux, the project advanced too far for the old xbox hardware and support for the xbox was dropped.

    An xbox version still continues under the name XBMC4Xbox.
    But, the XBMC project mentioned above is not an acronym and you will often see it mentioned as XBMC Media Center.

  9. Yes, this runs on the original XBOX (not 360 and no official support anymore) as well as on Linux, Mac and Windows. The Android remote is amazing!

    Check Youtube for clips and take a look at the forums: (yes, I’m the one who sent in the news and no, I’m not affiliated with the xbmc project in any way…just a happy user) ;-)

  10. XBMC used to stand for Xbox Media Center but it does not any more, more on that posted on news page as well as in their forums.

    Also check out the English Wikipedia article on XBMC which explains this as well and has links to where this is started as a fact:

    “XBMC Media Center (which was formerly named Xbox Media Center)”

  11. OMG a Dext user stunned I can still get something I really need for 1.5!!!!!

  12. Thanks for the news and the good feeback. We’re working hard on making it better. Cheers!

  13. OMG! “XBMC” stands for “XBox Media Center” and nothing else! Stupid argument! If you came here to argue what XMBC stands for, better start your argument with what the “X” in the name came from.

    As for the remote app…BRILLIANT! Love using it with XBMC and Boxee running on my AppleTV.

  14. And BTW – it DOES run on the ORIGINAL Xbox and is still supported and updated (but not by the main group anymore) – I have it running on 3 Xbox’s in addition to my AppleTV…and it works VERY well.

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