Droid Eris OTA Update Should Be Out for Everyone Now


It seems we have to begin reporting these stories with a degree of caution so as to not get everyone’s hopes up when they can’t find an OTA update to be found. Thankfully, we’ve already received several reports from our readers (thanks, guys!) that the latest OTA update for the HTC Droid Eris has started rolling out in full force today.


Originally, Verizon held a soft launch for the OTA (as has become popular with the carrier) on July 16th to test the process and make sure everything goes according to plan. Now, it looks like Verizon feels it’s ready for mass consumption. The update is being called MR4 and should fix the “silent call” bug that’s been plaguing a number of Eris users for some time now.

Other improvements include improved audio clarity across the board, contact sync with Facebook, Backup Assistant, and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Jabra bluetooth support, improved stability, and more. Let us know if you’ve been able to pull the file down for installation (if not, reader Eugene O’Rourke has you covered here with a manual download link and associated instructions to do it yourself).

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  1. I want to know where my Incredible update is!

  2. Got it this morning. I don’t notice anything different, but my phone wasn’t having any issues since the 2.1 update. I guess it’s a little snappier.

  3. It was pushed to me over the weekend. I wasn’t having any issues either so not noticing anything.

  4. No update for me yet, but I can be patient… at least until the end of today.

  5. I received my update yesterday morning. I did have issues with my phone. Let see if this fixes the issue.

  6. Just updated my Eris this morning. I’ve had a TERRIBLE time with the “silent call” bug since the 2.1 upgrade. Usually happens when I’m using the navigator or music player… restart usually fixed it for the short term, but still a pain. Going on a road trip this afternoon, so I guess I’ll find out if the problem is solved.

  7. Received my update over the weekend. I can’t say that I have noticed any difference in performance in any aspect of the phone from placing/receiving calls, audio quality, web surfing, stability, or anything else. My biggest problem has always been placing calls and the time it takes to place a call from ending a previous call or a previous running app. I see no change in this.

    Could somebody elaborate on the “silent call” and what that is exactly? I have many call issues but not sure if this “silent call” is one of them or not.

    The one thing I have found to help the performance of my Eris the most is I downloaded “LauncherPro” from the market and am now using it as my primary Home App and seems to run much smoother. Makes me wonder if HTC Sence isn’t slowing down the Eris and making it so buggy. I like HTC Sence but I have been able to customize LauncherPro from Market Apps to pretty much mimic anything HTC Sence can do and do it better with more options.

    Give it a try, see what you think.

  8. I have been having a terrible time with my phone since the 2.1 update. The entire experience that is owning and operating this kind of phone has sucked since the 2.1 OTA. Touch screen does what it wants, hangs up on me, moves icons on the screen to another screen, touch screen wont respond for two or three pushes, then goes somewhere different than I intended, texting laggs when typing terribly, when I use my browser, it takes me to the page and then to my home screen. I have to search again before i’ll get where I want. I received the newest update this morning. it will have to fix many problems to satisfy me. I loved the phone with 1.5. Now it is just junk. This is the third phone too.

  9. Im getting my update now…the silent call bug has bitten me several times hope this update kills it for good

  10. Just finished downloading and installing the OTA for my wife’s ERIS. Seems to be working fine. It appears to be a lot faster! The clarity of the screens has improved too! So far….so good!!!

  11. Does that update include a software fix for that HORRID antenna/reception issue?!?

    where’s the Incredible update?

  12. Just got mine. I only had one instance of the silent call, but don’t wish to have it happen again. I hope this fixes it. Just glad to have an update honestly. It makes me feel loved :)!

  13. Fixed the weather app. I can now open it and my phone doesn’t restart

  14. I’m not allowing this update. The last one deleted ALL of my contacts. This was the second phone I received as the first one was glitchy from the factory. It also will not allow my bluetooth headset to sync. If you are looking for a new phone DO NOT buy a Droid Eris. This phone was a horrible decision from the start. Now I’m stuck with this POS phone for the next year and a half.

  15. I’m stilllllll waiting……

  16. Eris has been a solid phone for me. No problems with the 2.1 update or the MR4 update I received on Saturday morning. Always wish it was faster but I’ll have to upgrade to the Incredible or X for that.

  17. Is this going to reset the entire phone like the 2.1 update?

  18. @Lou – The issues you are describing are “supposed” to be resolved in this OTA Update. I’d give it a shot but it’s your call. Your contacts you should be able to backup very easily. Best way is to backup to your google account.

  19. Does this go to rooted devices

  20. yeah the 2.1 OTA for the eris really sucked. Did a quadrant benchmark on my wifes phone before the update and it registered like 182-185 or so. After the new OTA patch she received yesterday, it posted a 197 on quadrant. so not only did they fix the audio issues but its noticeably snappier to me. hope this new patch works out for everyone

  21. Has anyone lost contacts and apps like in the previous 2.1 update?

  22. This does not affect contacts like the previous update. Everything is still there and home screen is exactly the same. I really don’t notice any difference…

  23. Thanks Adam.

  24. Ive got my OTA update and the phone seems to be faster and without the glitches it used to have beforehand. Havent made a voice call yet but judging from what i see so far I think this update is a good one

  25. i love my droid eris, it is damn fast, doesnt have any issues. it runs at 748mhz, and 2.2.

  26. The update is very painless for those that haven’t yet received it. You do not lose any information. It essentially dowloads the updates, power cycles your phone and you are done. You will not lose contacts, apps, or anything else you are worried about.

  27. Noticed that I have a lot more available memory after the updating.

  28. Have not recieved the update yet. Tried the above update and the phone does not recognize it and will not open it. Guess I will keep waiting. Why post something that doesn’t work. DILLHOLES!!!

  29. Got new eris update.My camera is different,it has added effects for pictures but I chose one and can’t go back to the regular view.All my pictures now have to be blue or yellow or negative.Has anyone else had this problem and how do I fix it?

  30. Received update today (7/19/10). Weather app fixed, screen no longer pauses or loses itself. Phone may be a little faster. No contacts or apps lost.

  31. i have also not received the ota update yet. just wondering how will i be notified? will i have to search under settings > about phone > system updates?

    or will there actually be a notification in the notification tab?

    i have to admit, i am bummed not to be getting foyo 2.2 – but i am glad to receive the ota update to the 2.37 software build, nonetheless.

    definitely enjoying my eris and all things droid at this point in time.

    anyways, back to sitting and waiting…

  32. Got it this morning. I was ready to get a new phone, but now works better than when it was new with 1.5. Thanks HTC/Verizon for fixing the issues!

  33. @Justin–did you rename the file “Update” and leave “.zip” ? It worked perfectly for me but you have to change the name of the file first.

  34. I haven’t gotten it yet but has anybody else been having trouble with really slow texting with the Eris? Even when it was running 1.5 and continued onto 2.1

  35. this update killed my phone, before I only had the silent call problem now it keeps freezing up, i constantly get force close messages for system apps like the messenger and one called sense (never had either before), it wont let me get to my home screen, just constantly goes to the farthest left screen it can, and if i try to send a message or use the web the curser moves erratically (when it moves at all) most of the time i cant even click on anything anymore. anyone know if the update can be reversed?

  36. I lost some contacts and lost my GPS button that came installed. I have been angry all morning. I’m willing to give it a little while…we will see if the download was a mistake.

  37. this phone is horrible,,,,i received the update but then it just wouldnt do it, it just sat on the prompt screen and wouldnt update!!! i would get the silent call problem 4 to 5 times a day. ive just had it with this phone and went back to an old old lg flip phone at least it works, has signal and the battery lasts longer than one day!!!!! maybe the moto x would be better but i donno if i can put down that money on another phone in hopes that it works the way its intended to!!!!

  38. The update didnt do anything! This phone is so slow still and deleted some of my contacts, still freezes when someone calls, forces close on my texts and the bluetooth wont sync still. Whats the point in having bluetooth if it wont even work? This phone is the worst phone ever!

  39. Works Great With The New Update………… I GUESS..
    (Nothing To Write Home About

  40. Ramsey how are you running 2.2?

  41. I just got a new update this morning, after I got the 2.1 update I didn’t have silent calls, I had silent/no vibrate text messages, let’s see if the new update fixes that

  42. It fixed a bug for me that didn’t allow me to add Speed Dials (YAY, finally!)
    I have just started using my music player again to see how that works; both it and Pandora were unstable after 2.1. So far I have not been plagued with freezing up and skipping between songs I had previously with the music player.

  43. I received the OTA this morning. Prior to the update, my biggest problem wtih 2.1 was with the Internet Browser. Many times I would open the browser and it would close immediately…forcing me to reopen. So far, I have not been able to reproduce with the new OTA. I have not made any calls yet, but as others have mentioned I’ve noticed the performance is much better (less quirky).

  44. Hmm, I haven’t received my update yet. Could it be because I installed the last one manually, instead of waiting for the OTA release? I haven’t ever rooted the device.

  45. @joey. I did rename it. And have still not got the update from Verizon.

  46. I just got the update! I am very happy to hear that this should fix the silent call problem, as this was my major gripe with this phone!

  47. I have had “the silent call “problems since 2.1 update,
    it was really very annoying. and only pulling out the battery and restarting it fixed it for few days. This morning got the new update, so far did not have any problems with it. Hope it stays this way.
    I noticed that Verizon is not selling Eris anymore, maybe there were too many problems, and HTC decided to introduce the new phones, that’s OK, but people usually get the phones hoping to use them for at least 2 years, but if the hardware is made cheaply this won’t happen. I’ve had Samsungs before,
    and they are definitely made better than HTC. I’m planning to stick with Android, but next time I may go for Samsung Android device. I hope HTC hears me.

  48. I just downloaded my update about 15 minutes ago..I really see no eye-popping changes at all..I still have a lag and texting isn’t any better..the Bluetooth enhancement is BS..but the speed dial is legit however I never use speed dial..Verizon needs to help out with its droid eris customers

  49. Wow the voice quality is so good that i thought I had it on speaker phone! I really like my phone. Works great and I didn’t pay much for it.

  50. I notice 3 changes: 1) weather no longer force closes, 2) I have more reception bars, 3) when typing in landscape mode, the button that minimizes the keyboard (lower left button) now works every time. After 2.1 I had to repeatedly hit it to get a response.

    Still have the 2.1 problems with some apps where they fc when i open them in landscape. Still, this is a painless and helpful improvement.

  51. People complaining about lost contacts on the last OTA: there was a *warning* that you needed to back up your info or you might lose it. If you didn’t backup your contacts before doing the update, that’s your fault. I didn’t lose my contacts because after I read that message I canceled the update and made sure they were all backed up via Google.

    This update has nothing to do with that. This is a patch. I had *major* issues with the silent call bug- one week I had to restart my phone twice each day because I’d lose call sound.

    With this new patch, overall clarity and speed does seem to be improved. The dialer app was painfully slow and after the OTA it’s working well so far. Less keyboard lag when messaging, so far… but I didn’t have the lag issue 100% of the time before so who knows. I’ve always loved my Eris, despite some of its flaws (mostly due to its bloated HTC software), but I would be so happy if this fixes things.

  52. How is Verizon determining when certain people are getting the update? I’m ready for mine, believe me. If I don’t have to restart my phone twice a day to make/receive a call, then I will be a happy camper.

  53. Just got my update.. took about 10 min start to finish, the only thing it cleared was the way I had my apps/widgets set up. Everything else is working perfectly.. and I just reorganized the way the phone was set up. No contacts deleted (or added) and everything seems good so far. Maybe they got the bugs out?

  54. I am having issues with the new update. My voicemail claims to have “1 new voicemail” but nothing is there. I turned off the phone several times and it won’t go away. Any help on that?

  55. Just got it at work. Overall much snappier. I can now use wifi and 3G at the same time. Web pages are much faster to load (tested by browsing mobile.nytimes.com). My Contacts are all there. So far so good.

  56. Why is it that even the crapy blackberry phones have the cannot live wallpapers and my Eris has to wait ages to get these damn updates and still cant get it..Verizon is about to lose a lot of customers if they keep lying to sell their phones !!!!!

  57. Just updated my phone…DID NOT delete my contacts like the 2.1 update… *fist pump* wish i could sync all my contacts to their fb accounts does anyone know how to?

  58. Got the OTA update for my Eris this morning at about 7:15 AM CDT. Thanks for not forgetting us, Verizon!

  59. I read that the update will offer “support for Jabra blue tooth? Does that mean you can initiate a call from the earpiece?

  60. Just got off the phone with my Verizon Tech. 1st… Backup Assistant does NOT work with the latest OTA update, and the Jabra issue was pairing & stability. You still can not initiate a call from the earpiece.
    Hope this helps someone.

  61. I AM SO FURIOUS!! Has anyone had an issue with their web pages being tiny? Of course any Google owned site is fine, but any other site is very very small. It certainly wasn’t like this before the upgrade?

  62. I bought the droid eris expecting it to be a moto droid with the full keyboard, but boy I was wrong. After the 2.1 update my phone went down hill. My weather app never worked and my brower opens to the homepage everytime I close it and re-open it.(any way to fix this ?) When i first got the phone the input oN the keyboard was fine however now I find myself getting frustrated with the keyboard.I got the newest update and seemed to run a litlle smoother. But my biggest issue: WHAT KIND OF SMART PHONE DOES NOT HAVE AN AUTO-DELETE TEXT SETTING OR TAKES FOREVER TO DELETE MESSAGES<< Deleteing messages is complete hell.

  63. got the pushed update notice yesterday for Eris, but already have 2.1 (leaked) and had such a time with that. I’m afraid to do this one but the message to update/install keeps popping up.

    I though this was the pushed 2.1 version so I wanted to know how to stop the messages, but is this now 2.2??

  64. Not 2.2, but a patched 2.1 upgrade. I mainly had the silent call/ringtone issue, some infrequent lag in dialing/placing a call, etc., so hopefully we’ll hear how this update is addressing everyone’s Eris issues in the next several days. Some of the issues still remaining (Mark, Mike above) sound like settings tweaks that could remedy those problems?

  65. Can someone please answer this: An update popped up for me this morning, and turns out it was 2.1!!! And it is terrible compared to 1.5, so can someone tell me how to get this new update please?

  66. My Eris sucks so bad after 2.1 update takes like a year to make a call the keyboard sucks it shows what i type but then when im done only half of it appears the typing also lags really bad when i open an app it always closes and I have to restart went to Verizon several times all they do is reset the phone to factory and I have to reset everything to the way i had it wish I never got the phone

  67. Mike W: I’m thinking that if you upgrade to 2.1, you should also get the update for patched 2.1 soon after…I’ve heard of some lucky people holding out on 2.1 until these issues are resolved, which is this latest update/patch, so maybe now is the time.

  68. I had to download the patch and install it manually. The good news, it has fixed my bluetooth issues. The only problem left is my frustration with Verizon. I wish they were honest about the firmware a problems. I contacted them at lest half a dozen times. They kept saying there was nothing wrong with the phone. I don’t know if any of the other carriers are better about this stuff. It will be a factor when my contract runs out.

  69. I’m having the same issues as Ashley after downloading the patch yesterday – keeps freezing, i constantly get force close messages for system apps like the messenger and one called sense (never had either before), it wont let me get to my home screen, just constantly goes to the farthest left screen it can, and if i try to send a message or use the web the curser moves erratically (when it moves at all) most of the time i cant even click on anything anymore. anyone know if the update can be reversed?

  70. I have noticed that, halfway through the day, the battery’s near the halfway mark, but I ran the update this morning at 8am, and the battery’s only at the 80% mark. Much better than before today’s update.

    Meghan: if you were to hard reset your phone, it would keep the update, but maybe there’s a chance at lots of the other issues being fixed? Worth a try if most of your data’s in the cloud anyway.

  71. Still have no update

  72. I still have 1.5 and after reading everyone’s posts, I am concerned about updating. My phone is relatively new so I have very few issue… should I NOT upgrade? Any suggestions would be helpful since I am a new droid user… finally gave up my iPhone.

  73. have a Droid Eris…since the 2.1 update this phone is near unusable…it has the single most idiotic memory system access I have ever seen for a piece of digital equipment…whoever engineered this thing is a total moron and should have his college degree taken away

  74. Well, I had fixed the problems from 2.1 myself finally last week and my phone finally allowed me to answer and make calls where the caller could hear me, I’d installed a task killer so I’d lengthened my battery life and finally got it to be a little quicker by cleaning it up. Then they release this newest patch and broke all of that again. I can no longer make or receive calls without a bluetooth headset. However is doing this should be shot.

  75. Can anyone tell me the newest update’s version number? I know it’s a 2.1 variant, but does anyone have something more specific? Thanks

  76. I received the update this morning. It seems to be doing ok. After the 2.1 update I had such a problem with the silent calls that Verizon replaced the phone for me, so that was taken care of before this patch. The phone is reasonably fast, no lagging, and everything works the way it should. I have always been annoyed with the “pop up” keyboard when I need it for numbers such as passwords because it pops up when it wants to…or not. I’m hoping that maybe this patch might help. No information was lost during the update, and it only took about 10 minutes or less from start to finish. So far I’m happy with the patch, but the battery life is still short.

  77. I love Verizon and will be a customer for life, but I HATE my HTC, wish Verizon would allow people to upgrade early because of this fiasco, has anyone started a petition yet, or better yet a class action suit for all the stress this has caused all of us?????? I would be glad to sign up just please tell me where to go!!!!!!!

  78. @Ashley,
    Just got a “like new” phone from Verizon because of freeze ups, force closes, wouldn’t stay on the home page, and even made my texting backwards. They said it was a software problem and the phone had to be switched–even a hard reset did not work. I didn’t want to give up the phone I purchased, but had no choice.
    Just doing the newest update now…

  79. got mine this morning in sw florida. no difference so far.

  80. Just got my update this morning. Took about 10 minutes. The original 2.1 upgrade for me was a major improvement. The phone worked “quicker” after that update. One issue that I’ve still had is keeping the Favorites contacts – I put someone in there, and the next day they are gone. BTW, get Handcent for your SMS – it has a great Voice Recognition capability (since our Eris’s were not updated with the feature via 2.1).

  81. Got the update 2 nights ago and it failed. I took out the battery and restarted the phone. When I got to the home page the market app seemed to have uninstalled itself along with some of the settings and other applications. Went to Verizon next morning and I had to get a new phone. I checked for an update and I had one so I downloaded it successfully to find out it was 2.1 which o have been having continues problems with my other phone

  82. Jot my update this morning and I have not noticed much difference. I was having some issues with is but reboot (taking battery out) seemed to help just a lil frustrating. Let’s see if this update fixed my issues!!

  83. @Matt: the new numbers are:
    Firmware: 2.1
    Baseband V:
    Build #: 2.37.605.4
    Software #: 2.37.605.4

    @Tasha: if you’re on 1.5 now and most everything works as it should, I would be tempted to just stay put. There are a handful of differences that make the 2.1 update worth it, but with more issues too. This new MR4 update gets everything more stable like 1.5 was for me, so I figure either way for you would work itself out. There’s no rhyme or reason for the myriad of different issues on everyone’s Eris though, so it’s hard to tell what issues you would have, if any, after the upgrade.

  84. Updated yesterday. It seemed to help for a little while. Now the poking is back to it’s uber slow response time. It took me 3 minutes to get a call to go through tonight. The Eris is a total pos. I hope the phone is discontinued. I’ll be sure mine “accidentally” gets ran over. Ugh.

  85. Poking? Totally typed the word PHONE!

  86. I got my update a couple of days ago and it didn’t even ask me. It did it on it’s own and it erased everything off of my memory card!! My advice is to remove your memory card before doing the update. When the phone rebooted it said damaged memory card and I had to reformat it. There was nothing wrong with my memory card until the update. I love the applications on my Droid Eris but I must say as a phone it absolutely sucks!! It takes forever to place a friggin phone call….I can’t wait to upgrade.

  87. got it this morning and it didn’t mess up anything with my phone but the phone is still way too slow -_-

  88. Got the update notification. How do I disable it? The phone right now is totally fine – I have no intentions of installing this update.

    Last time I did an “update” (again, the device was not experiencing any issues whatsoever) the update rendered the phone totally useless and ultimately, I had to get a replacement!!! WTF!

    Please – anyone know how to turn off the update notification?

  89. I did the 2.1 update a while ago and had tons of issues. Just did the newest patch yesterday but still can’t delete old text threads(unless I delete messages one at a time). Attempting to delete a thread bogs down the messaging app and I have to restart to be able to text again. Anyone else experience this? So far no silent calls but goodness having a smart phone is supposed to be a convenience not an inconvenience…

  90. I did the update upon notification on this past Saturday. No issues at all, but the upside is the battery seems to last considerably longer. I use it as an mp3 player hooked to my mini-jack on my car stereo and normal procedure was battery exhausts in a day with an hour of mp3 playback. I’m currently at 50% since the last charge two days ago. So far so good.

  91. Got my mr4 update 5 days ago and everything works a little crisper. (The 2.1 update was awesome as well) The biggest difference in the mr4 update is; the section of dialing and receiving calls, it does not lag as much. Also my battery life is working a lot better and the internal memory expanded somewhat. I read a lot of people,s problems and I assume its where you are in the country or the inconsistence of the phones going out cause mine dosen,t have these problems.(Guess I got the lucky one) I always clear my task killer twice a day and keep my background data turned off; only turning it on to go into the market and check emails. I do the weather checks manually. Im not gonna lie when I first got the phone it was real glitchy but after figuring out what I just said in the last sentence, it worked so much better. I now only charge my phone once every other day.

  92. I downloaded the update, but now my calendar won’t sync…? Suggestions?

  93. Wow. I loved this phone, but since the update, I HATE it! The browser crashes constantly, texting takes forever.

    I would give anything to go back to 1.5 – but I guess I’m screwed.

  94. Worked okay for a bit with the latest update, but now it’s back to it’s usual slow routine. The input sections take forever to read what I type, screens come and go as they please… it just takes a significant amount of time to process. What a waste! Wonder if Verizon would miss my business. But hey, I have a cool red case for it. Guess that’s something…

  95. Since the soft update, when I try to send a text picture message I receive message not sent generic network unavailable. Anybody have this problem ? Verizon wireless

  96. I got the OTA update, and it broke picture messaging. Now picture messages are being sent and received as slideshows with a 5 second duration. One of my friends can’t receive slideshows, so I can no longer send any picture messages to him. HTC claims this is how the Droid Eris always worked, and that it should be doing that…despite the fact that I was able to take a picture of the phone and show a picture message that was received as a .jpg before the update. WTF?

    Definitely not a worthwhile update. I wish I could remove it.

  97. I’m running on 1.5. It’s my second eris. The first was 2.1. It was fine for a couple of days, then the speaker stopped working. I’m a little nervous about upgrading. My only complaint now is the short battery life. Does 2.3 make the battery last that much longer? I’d like to upgrade, but I’m afraid of messing up my phone. This is my first smart phone and I really like it. Any advice?

  98. My Eris has worked great from day one at 1.5. After the 2.1 update, and some sketchy performance, I did a system reset…this solved all problems but the weather issue. There was a fix for that that involved deleting some settings under “manage applications”. (They reset themselves)After this “July 19th”, I have noticed a slight performance improvement and a couple camera extras, that’s about it. Gotta say, mine works pretty good right now. For anyone still having problems, I recommend the system reset…yeah, you’re gonna lose your apps and contacts but those can easily be reinstalled.

  99. My Eris has worked great from day one at 1.5. After the 2.1 update, and some sketchy performance, I did a system reset…this solved all problems but the weather issue. There was a fix for that that involved deleting some settings under “manage applications”. (They reset themselves)After this “July 16th update”, I have noticed a slight performance improvement and a couple camera extras, that’s about it. Gotta say, mine works pretty good right now, battery life and all. For anyone still having problems, I recommend the system reset…yeah, you’re gonna lose your apps and contacts but those can easily be reinstalled.

  100. Mark – I too have a problem with the small text on the websites. Google seems to be fine, but now I have to resize every screen I open in my browser and its a PITA.

  101. 2.1 update no problems, after the most recent update I have major problems running game programs and Pandora.

  102. this is late and im wondering if doing the update manually as instructed would format my sd card and internal memory, or simply install the update. any help would be appreciated. thx.

  103. Worked fine at first but then messed up my whole htc droid eris text is slow puling up browsers is slow and reciving messages takes for ever…..please fix it

  104. Still haven’t got the Mr4 update and phone sucks bad it only works wen it wants to so hopefully get it soon!!!!!

  105. Meghan wrote on July 21, 2010

    I’m having the same issues as Ashley after downloading the patch yesterday – keeps freezing, i constantly get force close messages for system apps like the messenger and one called sense (never had either before), it wont let me get to my home screen, just constantly goes to the farthest left screen it can, and if i try to send a message or use the web the curser moves erratically (when it moves at all) most of the time i cant even click on anything anymore. anyone know if the update can be reversed?

    Now a month later, and two factory resets later, the problem has gotten worse, AND now I can only make/receive calls through bluetooth. When I call on the handset, I can hear the other end, but they can’t hear me. I have heard that there is another update to come this month. Has anyone else heard this?

  106. This update effed up this phone. With the annoyances of 1.5, the update to 2.1 has made this little guy pretty much useless for anyone making any normal number of calls/day. I have to physically remove the battery on a daily basis since it hangs/locks so much. It takes me a good 15-20 seconds to hang up one call and make the next. It’s really sad. I am a big fan of the Android platform (and HTC, for that matter) but this phone is pretty much useless to me.

  107. This update sucks! Sending and receiving texts is waaaay slower after this update. Also, after doing nothing with my phone other than texting, I’ll check and I’ll have 4-5 apps running that I have not started. This bogs and slows everything down. For me, this update has been a real pain.

  108. I do NOT like the Droid!! I am on my yet 3rd one with in the last 5 months. My phone freezes, the texts are jumbled as the cursor jumps all over the place, I can’t make phone call most of the time, the phone rolls off the main screen constantly and if I put it back to home page it just rolls back again. My phone constantly “Force closes” a lot. I am so frustrated with this phone and I really like Verizon. I have had them for many years but I want to forcefully stomp this phone into a billion pieces!

  109. Megan, your phone and my phone are basically doing the same thing. What upsets me is each time I take it in they give me a refurbished phone and say through customer service that this phone has no reported problems. Ha! The least Verizon could do is own up to the phone not being the best phone they have made. Frankly, it suxs!

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