New Motorola Slide-Up Pre-Like Device Headed to Verizon?


I’m going to call this one the Motorola Droid MiniDroid Pre Thingy (at least until we can get more official details and a codename of some sort). HiAPK’s gotten more blurrycam shots of another rumored device. This time, it’s a phone by Motorola which has the Verizon-branded Droid eye shining on the display and looks to adopt the slide-up QWERTY keypad design that Palm’s made famous with the Pre.


We can see four capacitive buttons used to navigate the Android operating system, but that’s all we can pick out at this time. Judging by the form factor and size, it could end up being a mid-ranged device headed for Verizon for those who need more than just a “messaging phone” but doesn’t need all of the bells and whistles of a high-end smartphone.

I quite like the look of this device, actually. Motorola’s been targeting every consumer they possibly can with the devices they’re bringing out lately, and this continues that train right into the latter parts of 2010. After announcing they’d be bringing 20 Android handsets before the new year rings in, we won’t be surprised to see something totally different as soon as tomorrow.

[hiAPK via mobiFlip via Android & Me]

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  1. It’s always the u.s.a first what happened with good old Europe and asia?

  2. Why the hell are all these pictures prototypes so blurry? UFO and alien shots are also blurry..

  3. @jo Do you remember before Android every good phone used to go to only Europe and Asia first. I used to have to buy Nokia phones from Europe(when they were still good). The majority of Android phones are bought in the U.S. so that only makes sense that we would get the best Android phones first, sadly money talks.

  4. It does not look like the top half would cover the bottom if slid together.

  5. Portrait keyboards DONT WORK

  6. I’m interested in what this little guy is packing.. that keyboard is very nice looking too?!

  7. @jo

    It is nice to see the US finally getting great phones 1st. Before the iPhone came out in 2007 the US was always a couple years behind in cell phones. I remember in 2006 I bought a new Sony Ericsson phone that had just been released, then 1 month later I was in China. The upgrade to my phones upgrade was already out. 2 whole phone generations behind. It is nice to finally have some good phone tech in America now!!!

  8. I would rather have a portrait keyboard so it slides up. It is more comfortable for talking.

    I want Moto to make a RAZR style Android device.

  9. portrait keyboars WORK PRETTY WELL.

  10. I loved the portrait keyboard on my old I730. That was a damn good keyboard. Easy to use one handed.

  11. Alot of companies are doing the mini thing lately. We already know that Moto has one the Flipout in the works so I wouldn’t be surprised. I also would’t be surprised if this was a clone AKA KirfDroid it just has that look?

  12. Yeah Motorola announcing that they are releasing 20 by the end of the year, with Verizon getting all of the high-end ones. Excellent strategy, Motorola.

  13. old news

  14. There are tons of peeps that like portrait keyboards. It makes it easer to type one handed (well…one thumb typing I guess you could say). Basically physical keyboard portrait vs landscape depends on each persons personal preference.

  15. As this looks like simply a Verizon version of the T-Mobile Charm, I am uber happy. I just got off contract with T-Mobile, which doesn’t (always) work at the house I moved into a year ago. (Yeah, pretty stupid…the things we put up with because of contracts). I would love something midrange that helps me not sign a full 2 year contract :p

  16. T-Mobile Charm on Verizon? Yessss.

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