Telus-Bound Desire Shipping With Sony LCD in Place of AMOLED?


After Telus officially announced the HTC Desire yesterday, we thought all was well. We didn’t think to look too deep into the presser for any details that would make the device stand out from its European counterpart. After putting the details under the microscope, one thing is missing: they didn’t make any mention of an AMOLED display.


A company would normally rave about their device having the latest and greatest in display technology, but not here. We can’t confirm their source, but AndroidAuthority says that it’s not – in fact – shipping with an AMOLED display but will instead use Sony’s Super LCD. I wouldn’t question this theory too much: HTC’s had to change things up on the Droid Incredible, as well, in order to attempt to keep up with demand.

I’m betting Sony’s just thrilled with these AMOLED shortage problems: HTC – arguably the biggest hardware manufacturer for any third-party operating system – is almost being forced to stock their new phones with parts from Sony as Samsung’s still having trouble keeping the AMOLED goods flowing (for whatever reason).

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Samsung appears to be hoarding all of the samoled screens for all the different variations of their Galaxy S. I wonder if they found a loop hole in their supply contract with HTC that allows them to severely reduce the amount samoled screens without actually breaching the contract.

  2. @ash
    That is exactly what I was thinking

  3. @ Ash

    Samsung already announced that they would be the only manufacturer using the Super AMOLED screens for 18 months.. So if you’re wanting one anytime soon you HAVE to get a Samsung Galaxy S. I know i’m planning on getting mine. Hopefully today..

  4. Galaxy S uses Super Amoled screen so I’m not sure why that would effect regular AMOLED screen.

  5. Okay, but what’s the PPI of the LCD vs the AMOLED? Honestly, if it’s comparable, I’d take this screen over the AMOLED to avoid the whole Pentile thing.

  6. Exactly. If I could replace the screen on my Galaxy with such a Sony LCD I would do so in a heart beat.
    I got the Galaxy DESPITE the screen.

  7. Agree with m and Bernhard, I actually prefer the LCD screen to AMOLED for now, so this is good news for me. The sunlight issue makes AMOLED a drawback, though I’d love to see the Galaxy S’s Super AMOLED.

  8. I agree with the above; I found the screens on the Desire and the Legend a little too rich and tacky for my liking. I would far prefer something ‘cooler’ and more adult AND that’s viewable in sunlight…

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