Jul 15th, 2010

If you were itching to get the Droid X directly from Verizon but haven’t yet pulled the trigger, you’re in for a teeny wait; the website is now indicating that new orders will be shipped by July 23rd.


That’s about a week away and good news for Verizon. Sure, they’d probably prefer to have even more stock to sell this very second, but being sold out indicates that demand is there and the devices are flying off the shelves.

A lot of people still plan to go with the HTC Incredible, many of them hounded me for recommending the Droid X, noting rumored issues with the bootloader and beyond. Those people will be waiting even longer because Verizon’s website points to an August 3rd delivery date for the Droid Inredible.


Verizon continues to push Android pretty hard but it seems like customers are pulling even harder. How many people are now on the VZW Droid Wait List? Oh… just a reminder… you may want to check our Special Offer on the Droid X (also subject to availability).

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