Droid X Sold Out At Verizon, Shipping By July 23rd


If you were itching to get the Droid X directly from Verizon but haven’t yet pulled the trigger, you’re in for a teeny wait; the website is now indicating that new orders will be shipped by July 23rd.


That’s about a week away and good news for Verizon. Sure, they’d probably prefer to have even more stock to sell this very second, but being sold out indicates that demand is there and the devices are flying off the shelves.

A lot of people still plan to go with the HTC Incredible, many of them hounded me for recommending the Droid X, noting rumored issues with the bootloader and beyond. Those people will be waiting even longer because Verizon’s website points to an August 3rd delivery date for the Droid Inredible.


Verizon continues to push Android pretty hard but it seems like customers are pulling even harder. How many people are now on the VZW Droid Wait List? Oh… just a reminder… you may want to check our Special Offer on the Droid X (also subject to availability).

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  1. Just look how many went on the Droid X hunt!

  2. HTC Incredible over the Droid X… no-way… not with the battery issues on the HTC Incredible.

  3. The battery life on my Droid X is amazing! I’m impressed.

  4. Both fine devices. i wouldn’t call it battery issues. The Incredible is just like any other smartphone, batteries drain fast when you use it heavily.

  5. @droidum, remember the old adage: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Some ppl will be just content with the Incredible and battery issues can be alleviated with bump charging, extra charger, extended battery, or extra batteries.

  6. got mine today after it was sold out in my nearest store. i drove 45 miles for a phone and LOVE it!!!!!!!

  7. I’m so glad I placed my order this morning online and got shipping confirmation. I heard that at around 3pm VZW has sold over 100K Droid X. So how many was sold in all?

  8. I placed my order at 1:00am Eastern right after it went up on the website, chose the overnight shipping, have yet to receive any shipping confirmation… :(

  9. I got mine shipping before they sold out.

  10. Actually only around 13000 they were severely under stocked on purpose. I bought the vibrant today and will take it and my 12.7 benchmark all day long

  11. Ordered mine at 2:30 am EST and I have not gotten my delivery confirmation yet! I Am pissed! Last update said it was processed and will ship based on availability and delivery method! They went on sale online just at that time, I was stalking the site. WTF?

  12. @zac – There couldn’t have been only 13k. I saw two screen shots of two Verizon warehouses that had over 50k on Droid Life and I’m sure Verizon has more than two warehouses.

  13. i bought it yesterday via internet, i love it so much

  14. Sold out eh.. now would be a good time to LAUNCH THE DAMNED FASCINATE ASLFJHASFY*(@&*(@#. seriously why hold the launch back to make sure the droid x sells… if you dont even have droid x stock.

    stupid phone companies

  15. @zac It would not surprise me to see VZW create an artificial sell out. Put out a low # to guarantee a sell out and create more hype. But 13K sounds low considering they advertised on ABC last night all night long, I think Fox too.

  16. I got up at 6 am this morning only to have a little issue with the representative that answered my call. She didn’t seem like she was awake really but….I had to wait another hour and call the online sales team to have my specific issue resolved. Well now I am staring at the computer screen with my FedEx tracking number and I’ll have it first thing in the morning. I have to say I haven’t been this excited in a while about anything, including my iPhone…HA! That’s right I said it. I AM STOKED! BRING IT ON is what I say.

  17. no thanks! locked boot loader on this puppy is a definite NO! see http://phandroid.com/2010/07/11/droid-x-bootloader-is-locked/

  18. @Zac… There are over 2,200 VZW retail stores in the USA so if they only had 13k X’s each store would have only gotten an average of 6 devices and that doesn’t include the online store! If anybody believe’s that number even for half a second they are CLUELESS! VZW wouldn’t spend a single penny to advertise a device if they only had 13k let alone do a huge ad campaign spending millions of dollars like they did with the Droid X!

  19. You also have to consider that each VZW store keeps anywhere from 1-4 devices for the display models so if all 2,200 stores kept an average of 2 devices for display(and the number is probably higher) then that would leave only 8600 devices available for purchase or an average of 4 devices per store!

  20. I got my moto droid x this morning had to return because thezz camera broke.that was the only problem so far.great phone!

  21. I had friends in VZW and that’s what I heard from them that at around 3pm the system has 100K Droid X inventory sold. 13K is very untrue and I’m just wondering how many was sold after the first day.

  22. There were almost a quarter million droid x sold…. sall i can really tell you

  23. Verizon did a great job on getting me my upgrade because my current phone doesn’t work. Got my shipment confirmation and been tracking my package. I can’t wait for it to come tomorrow thanks verizon.

  24. I dont mind if there is no way to root the phone provided motorola updates it ontime.

  25. On average each store had 40 phones. The larger stores in the metropolitan areas had between 70-140. The largest store in Southern California had 140 phones which were gone within an hour.

    Do the math…

  26. Go to Costco! We had 15 this morning and only sold 5, so we’ve still got 10 to go. Plus no rebate to send in, a free car charger and a case. And anyone looking for the Vibrant, its $99.99, damn good deal!

  27. Just ordered mine after refusing the DInc package last week(only way to not get killed by $35 restock fee…rediculous..good thing I was home to refuse quickly…)

    But yes, the DX is where I will cast my lot into the Android arena, I like the better size, battery life(supposedly), HD video, faster etc etc.

    Either this, or keep waiting every 2-3 months when new phones keep popping up left adn right annoyingly so.

    I don’t really mind the no root part, sounds like there is plenty to work with already no need to brick your phone over tweaking a few things, and in 1-2 yrs I will upgrade to the next deal.

  28. I paid full price for mine at a local walmart and the one I ordered from vzw I am going to sell for $480.

  29. I guess the, “Nobody will buy it if you can’t root it,” crowd just got a taste of how in touch with reality they really are. Then again, I’m sure they’ll rationalize why this means nothing and that they’re still (were ever) relevant.

  30. Ha and a Rep told me that there’s no way they will sell out and i said I don’t know…and now they have sold out…wow knew the buy was clueless

  31. fedx will be delivering mine before 10:30 this morning!! can’t wait

  32. Verizon gave me a Droid X for free. I get it sometime today.

    They called me and asked me if I wanted it.

    No cost. Sweet.

  33. Just simple as this… DRIOD X = One Hell Of Ah Smart Phone. The Driod X is the best smart phone. Verizon connection can’t be beat by any other Phone network. Sorry Iphone 4, your already old news with the signal issues.

  34. I tried to pre-order one in the store on Tuesday and they ended up calling me on Wednesday to say they couldn’t hold it but they would waive overnight shipping so it would come in on Friday before three. I had to call to get the tracking number but according to fedex they only shipped it two-day and now it won’t get here until monday. I MAY survive until then, but I won’t know for sure until then haha.

    Can’t wait for this thing though. Hopefully they can keep them in stock and actually sell a few of them unlike the Incredible.

  35. Sorry Bob…….That might be true for you but not for all. My EVO gets way better 3G speeds on sprint than verizon. And 4G is 5 times faster than I get on 3G. Sprint is the one for me.

  36. I got a special price and since they took forever to approve it, I am stuck in the backorder. SUCKS

  37. Looked at this phone yesterday at a local verizon…the features are amazing but how the heck do you carry this thing around…it’s HUGE. Strap is to your belt and it looks like you’re carrying around a netbook on your waist. Put it in your pocket and you can forget about carrying anything else in your pocket. Would fit nicely in a purse but too bad I’m a guy.

  38. My wife is BS right now LOL .. poor girl.. ok so we bought Iphones a few years ago.. contract was up in June .. I said I’m gonna keep my iphone till the droid X comes out in July .. and go to verizon.. she said NO way. she was staying with AT&T and getting the NEW Iphone4 .. look i’m a techi junky.. I ran the specs by her etc.. she still wanted her darn iphone4.. I said fine. we parted went out seperate ways. she stayed with AT&T I went to VZN .. got my phone 1st think in the AM.. now she’s been pissin and moaning about that darn iphone4 since she got it. signal sux blah blah.. well she knew this already our iphones4’s didn’t get the best reception where we were at.. But Now that I got my droid yesterday She won’t give it back. she’s been using it and wants ME to trade with her.. I think not. I told her. 2 choices babe .. pay the fee to cancel your contract .. or live with it for 2years.. THIS PHONE REALLY IS AMAZING.. and anyone who says otherwise just is well clueless. the OPTIONS are really ENDLESS .. NO need to ‘brick the phone rooting it’ geez you can modify everything on this baby !!! .. course i’m sure it does a LOT MORE if I can get it away from my damn wife soon.. I’ll be able to play with it some more. read the entire manual online PDF form. lol

  39. For those complaining of the size – it just LOOKS bigger than it really is. I put my ORIGINAL DROID on top of it, and it’s the SAME WIDTH, and only .25″ longer. They just put a larger screen in it. It looks bigger than it actually is.


  40. Frank wrote on July 16, 2010

    Welcome to the family; for iphone owners who refuse to even try, it’s a Droid thang. You wouldn’t understand.

  41. You can not replace the ROMs (currently), but no one has indicated that it can not be Rooted!

  42. @Brad I’ve been saying that to anyone who will listen. But most folks are freaked out by the screen size and they assume that the whole phone is huge. It really is not.

  43. just placed my order. Finally getting rid of my LG Dare (yuck). Signed a 1 year contract so i can upgrade to LTE next summer!

  44. Placed my order 2:40am EST July 15th. Still no Tracking number. Called Verizon, they said many orders weren’t processed till later and that it was being ordered on site at 12:01AM. I was all over the site and stayed up and it wasn’t on til like 2am. Now they say I won’t get til next week at earliest. Have my current Droid on Ebay ending auction today, Verizon really F’D me bigtime. Not sure what to do as I will need to send my phone out to the high bidder, not happy. For all you who ordered early and still no tracking #…you are F’d too. Poor communication and processing by Verizon, F’ERS

  45. Anybody know if the HDMI output on the Droid X is always actively putting out 720p or only when a video file is playing?
    Same question as to whether or not the camera outputs 720p to a flat screen if used as a real-time monitor?

  46. Now the Verizon website says the phone will ship by 7/27 NOT 7/23…

  47. so i had the iphone a couple years ago, actually switched from vzw to crappy at&t, that lasted a week. that phone sucked so bad. went back to vzw now i just had the droid, it was col but…. so i upgraded to the incredilbe. the day i get it the droid x comes out. thank goodness for the 30 day return policy the droid x is sweet. HDMI OUT ON A PHONE! how awesome is that. i cant even remember about all the other cool features, i know i cant wait for android 2.2 though….

  48. I purchased my Droid X yesterday and bought the docking station and a case. My last phone was a curve and there is just no comparison. Verizon set up my email accounts and gave me a bunch of app suggestions which was nice since this is my first android smartphone. One thing…I bought the docking station and put the Droid on it last night. I guess if you have your phone battery too low (I had received a low battery warning), then the docking station won’t charge it, and the phone charger wouldn’t charge it either after the battery completely drained. I ended up phoning Verizon tech support and all it took to get the phone charging was to take the battery out for ten seconds then put it back. Once I put the phone on the charger, it started to charge. Now it’s as good as new. I was told that if my battery got that low again, to charge it for a few minutes first before putting it on the docking station.

  49. I ordered my husband a droid x at 1:00am, and I order mine at 11: am on release date. I just got my phones today and they are wonderful. I have been playing with my phone since 12pm, and still got a piece of battery. Now with my eris, my phone would have been dead. I am glad to say I made a great choice. It was definately worth waiting for. I had ordered the incredible bc a lot of folks I work with have it, and it’s great. But I love the big screen. My husband says it’s a man’s phone.

  50. I am wholly unimpressed with the battery life on the Droid X it’s pathetic… I’ve had mine plugged in half the day and it’s still down to 50% battery life… someone introduce a mega battery for this thing (i.e palm treo size) it’s going to need it…

  51. WTF? Like others above, I ordered it early, before the delay warning and no tracking number. VZW told me not only can they not tell me when it’s coming, but I can’t cancel it. And I’m moving out of state this week, so I’m extra screwed! I f’ing hate this company.

  52. just canceled my order. Bastards.

  53. Woww… The phone is just $199 ?
    nice phone :)

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