Cyanogen Produces Blurrycam Footage of EVO 4G Running CM6 With HID Support


Cyanogen and the army he leads has some exciting things in store for the HTC EVO 4G’s CyanogenMod6 adaptation. It’s not just going to be Froyo with the standard set of bells and whistles like we’re used to in Cyanogen’s offerings. He’s really taking an interest in the EVO’s unique features and wants to make it a smash-mouth experience.

For starters, he’s customizing the camera bits to ensure that both the front and back cameras are fully functional and switchable. That’s notable considering most in the XDA community are still trying to figure that one out (even after HTC’s released the official kernel source). The fun doesn’t stop there. Cyanogen wants full Bluetooth HID support up and running for the EVO. This allows you to control the device using a mouse and keyboard (as if you were using a PC, of course).

What use is that on a small screen though? (Yes, 4.3-inches is considered a small screen size for practical keyboard and mouse use.) Cyanogen’s taking his hammer to that nifty (albeit limited) HDMI port sitting at the bottom of the EVO. He’s working to enable FULL video-out support from the plug, meaning you’ll be able to see everything your EVO has to show on a big screen (the stock ROM only enables the HDMI port to play video). However well this will show certain apps remains to be seen, but I’m sure the browsing and gaming experiences on a tethered EVO would be quite pleasant thanks to this.

EVO rooters have a lot to look forward to whenever Cyanogen and the team are able to offer up a stable release.

[via Android Central]

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  1. Want….

  2. Wow …

  3. nice but not for me. great work though

  4. This is one of the reasons I have an EVO!! This will be epic!!

  5. I’m scared of bricking my phone, but if they can get a stable model of this working, i’m sold.

  6. I love this idea. To bad I have the incredible. Any chance of doing the same thing with it as well?

  7. I hope every single person that said “Who cares about a locked bootloader?!?!” in regards to the DroidX reads this article. This is EXACTLY why you want to be able to hack your device.

  8. full HID bluetooth.

    if a hacker can do it why doesn’t google or the foundries?

    my next device will have it or i’ll stay with what i have, no sense in shelling out hard earned cash for baby steps.

  9. Bows to the Master…

  10. With nothing new in the XDA EVO community this is a breath of fresh air. I can’t wait Cyanogen is the master.

  11. This is actually the first thing I’ve gotten jealous over the Evo.

    My CM6.0 N1 might finally be outclassed handily…

  12. oh boy oh boy! think its’s about time I root this baby! Steve and team you rock!

  13. why doesnt google just hire cyanogen

  14. Please add USB hosting (USB to Go, or UTG) with the 30fps fix and I will be as happy as pie!

  15. Please put bluetooth HID in all the CM6 roms.

  16. I will happily give up Sense UI for this functionality… couldn’t be happier to see this happening so soon. Does anyone else notice the accelerated rate of Android development on all angles? Hardware, OS, ROMs, apps, etc.

  17. I came

  18. Lmfao @aabill
    haha I seriously can not wait for this :)

  19. I have been waiting patiently, but this apple wireless keyboard has been eyeballing my evo since like june 7th… seriously, the wiimotes are gettin all shifty…

  20. …and OMG! if USB Host is enabled. Its f’ng ON!
    Launchpad (and other MIDI controllers), USB 7″ touch LCD, joysticks, audio interfaces, printers, *head explodes!*

  21. does that mean that Cyanogen is the person who’s been spreading all of those blurry pix of new phones ?

  22. This is EXACTLY what I’ve been dreaming of.

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