Telus’s HTC Desire to be $299.95 for a Three-Year Contract?


Looks like Telus got a bit careless when cooking up their order page for the HTC Desire. The source code for the coming soon page shows that the device will be offered for $299.95 on a 3-year contract to start. If you only want to commit to two years, you can get it for $399.95, while one year will get you the device for $499.95.


We’re not sure how accurate these numbers are, but it’s in the source code so it has to be true, right? (Flawed logic always wins.) It’s possible they won’t change, but they could be using dummy values as placeholders for testing. All we’re saying is don’t be surprised if these prices turn out to be final (which would make this a very expensive device compared to some of Telus’s other offerings) and don’t be surprised if the prices aren’t true.

[via MobileSyrup]

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  1. ouch
    little steep don’t you think?

  2. I’ll say, considering I got a Desire from O2 UK for £285 on a nine-month contract (£15 per month)

  3. As I said before, if you think that you get ripped off in the US, we get really robbed here in Canada. I wish that things were as competitive as the UK. If you want to see cheap phone rates, look at the Dutch or the Swedes or the Finns – they get awesome rates.

  4. At that price, they wont get me! I’d prefer pay the double for a unlocked on ebay and be free from any contract!! So expensive and no Amoled screen? Thats a no go :(

  5. thats pretty oscene.
    In Austria you can get it for € 79,– + 24 months contract (€ 25,– a month for 1000 minutes, 1000 sms and 1GByte data)

  6. This is rediculous, I was planning on buying an unlocked version (for rogers) but if its going to be upwards of $500 without a contract I’ll pass and wait it out till android 3.0

  7. It indeed ridiculous, but we ain’t sure it the final pricing, i hope so. You can get the Legend for 80$ on Bell for three year contract… If the price is decent i will try the desire.

  8. Crack Kills!! Droid X here I come…

  9. $500 for the device itself is still a great price (for somebody who would want to purchase it, unlock it, and put in an AT&T sim).

  10. offers in Italy are much cheaper. you can get a Desire with the operator 3 at no cost with a 2 year contract that includes everything. phone calls and internet connection to 40 euros per month.

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