Samsung Captivate Gets Sold Early


One lucky AT&T user was able to walk into a store and buy a Samsung Captivate today. The device isn’t set to launch until this Sunday, if you didn’t know, and while it’s only a few days away, it’s still pretty crazy they were able to grab one up. We’ve seen shots of the device’s retail packaging before – indicating that shipment had already gone underway – but we didn’t know AT&T would just get careless and start handing these things out.


You probably won’t be able to just waltz into your local AT&T store to grab this one up until Sunday, but it’s always worth a shot if you can’t wait to get your hands on one of the 4 Galaxy S smartphones coming to the major US carriers this summer (with the Samsung Vibrant already proudly sitting in stores).

[via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. So, jealous right now…

  2. Waiting on the Fascinate on Verizon. The Droid X can go burn for all I give a damned.

  3. @darkseider

    100% with you on that one. Ive had a crush on galaxy s since ctia. I held a vibrant yesterday and it didnt feel as “plasticky” or cheap as everyone says

  4. come on epic!

  5. I’m waiting on the Epic also.

  6. Just think what kind of benchmarks this phone will have when Froyo is updated (hopefully by all carriers). I would love to root this phone and have native Froyo with no touchwiz just to test the performance results. Also does anyone know if the battery life for this phone has been tested. Curious to see if there is any gain in battery life with the claimed energy efficiency with a Super Amoled display?

  7. If the Epic comes out before the EVO gets back in stock I may end up with Samsung instead of HTC

  8. Yea it will have crazy benchmarks because it is already faster then the nexus one that has froyo on it. So when it gets froyo itself then it will burn them all in performance.

    @darkseider why would you say the droid x can go burn?! that is a awesome device. even if you like one over the other i wouldn’t say it should burn lol. all that thing is missing to me is the front facing came.

  9. TMO released & IS selling the Captivate TODAY. Does not feel cheap at all.

  10. My apologies, I was referring to the Vibrant.

  11. Question: I’ll be new to Android starting next week. I am an avid Apple supporter but iOS just doesn’t seem to offer what Android can. No sense in my buying a phone that can’t do what I want my phone to do regardless of who makes it.

    So, here is my question for you Droidheads…I am an AT&T customer already (LG VU) and upgrading next week. I’ve been in love with the reviews and the little time I’ve spent with the HTC Aria. HTC Sense UI seems to be a killer interface with Android 2.1 but this new Captivate looks pretty sweet as well.

    Give me your opinions please! I think I still like the look and feel of HTC Sense over Samsungs UI but I’m open minded here!

  12. @gforce tbh.. Just buy the android phone you would like and root it.. And then install your fav ui! I don’t have an android phone yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if you can do such thing! There’s probably better custom UIs too

  13. @Gforce083. Aria is entry level and is not near as good of an investment as the Captivate. AT&T is really screwing us with there corporate lockdown on the apps bull and that’s another reason to get the Captivate. If you found out for some reason or another that you need to root and go power user on us; then you will have a lot more options and support from the users and dev’s that high end phones attract. So it’s not just a simple specs war decision it’s a matter of rational shopping, although the Captivate crushes the Aria’s specs. Of course I am not one of those consumers that walks in and says “oh that one is cute what colors can I get it in, tee hee!” research a lot and wait as long as you can possibly stand it. Good luck!

  14. Who cares. I want my Desire! I could care less bout a no hardware like the original Galaxy S NO FLASH NO FRONT FACING CAMERA. I’ll pass, I never have a Samsung phone. I’m still waiting for HTC DESIRE.

  15. I got mine today!!!!! the guy at ATT said they are allowed to sell them to anyone that asks. I got pics of mine on my blog, gmachine.net!!

  16. I actually was lucky enough to purchase the Samsung Captivate on June 15th and it is awesome!!! This is my first android phone and I don’t think I will ever want to own anything else. It’s fast, it does not feel cheap, and it’s got so many features. I just can’t put it down!

  17. I called around all of my local AT&T stores within driving distance and none are selling them yet. Too bad. I’ll be knocking on the door tomorrow morning when they open up though.

  18. Walked right into my AT&T store in little Lufkin,TX and purchased the Captivate on Saturday July 17,2010 no problem and its a great phone love it.

  19. I have had a Samsung blackjack 2 for 3 years now and it was a very nice phone, I really liked it alot, but it’s time to move on and since Samsung did so good by me before, I am going with then again! I have no need for a front cam, I know what I look like, my friends know what I look like, I am over that. I think the flash was a big miss for Samsung… but come on these phones can’t have everything! So I guess if you think you have a nice face and want people to see it when your talking… maybe not the phone for you! With that said I am off to order mine right now!

  20. Walmart.com has these for free with a free car charger too.

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