Jul 15th, 2010

[Update]: It appears Samsung actually targets this for pedestrians and not drivers. My apologies for reporting otherwise. With that, then I can say that this is a great idea! Still, guys, be careful while walking and using this app as crossing any streets should require your full attention.

If your state has already banned texting while you’re behind the wheel, then you shouldn’t even be reading this post. It’s quite dangerous, and I think that you shouldn’t do it even if there are no legal ramifications. If you are one to disregard that warning, then Samsung’s got something you should be looking for: Road SMS.


It’s quite simple: feed video from the device’s camera lens and throw an easily-accessible software keyboard on top of it. You’re essentially getting a simulated window to see through and text simultaneously, which should help bump up awareness while you’re typing out that message that you just can’t wait to send. With the Super AMOLED screen that the Samsung Galaxy S is packing, it’s probably a very cool experience, but you’d do the world a favor if you could just wait until you’ve parked your car.

If I haven’t successfully persuaded some of you to keep the phone out of your hand while the wheel should be (I’m just a regular old Oprah), then you can find the app in the Android market now (Galaxy S smartphone users only).

[via Android Community]

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