HP’s Android Tablet No More? AllThingsD Says “Yep” For the Time Being


It’s been a while since we heard about the tablet device that HP was supposed to be introducing with Android on-board. That’s probably because the project is now on hold, if AllThingsD is to be believed. Their sources inside HP have told them that the planned 2010 release has been pushed back, but there’s no indication on when (or if) it’ll ever be sparked back up.


Many suggest HP could be doubling back on their plans to work on adapting their newly-acquired webOS (which they got through acquiring Palm) for tablets – with their first slate with the OS rumored to be out this fall. It honestly comes to us as no surprise: webOS is a fantastically crafted operating system and HP has full no-holds-barred (wrestling fans, work with me here) access to it.


The reasoning hasn’t been discussed with ATD, however, but that just makes the most sense to me. For whatever reason, the future is now unclear for the relationship between HP and Android.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. why is HP not releasing powerful palmOS devices. What is it doing with all that IP ? idiots

  2. HP will wake up next year to find out that they are 5 years late and that they have accomplished nothing…

    i think they have some exec who really believes that they can release a palm OS based device and that people will jump on it like the iPad…

    they missed a big fat opportunity to launch a win7 tablet in time to compete with the iPad, they could have easily stolen a nice market share from Apple and given themselves a name in the tablet world, now they are missing the opportunity to release an ANDROID tablet.

    im guessing that by the time they launch their webOS tablet, there would be at least a couple of ANDROID devices, and probably an enhanced iPad2, why would anyone leave an already established iPad? or an ANDROID table with ANDROID OS? and go for some wacko looser webOS tablet?

  3. “Idiots”? You will be the first to be critical if they release a faulty product. Why not be a part of the solution instead of…

  4. They don’t actually own PalmOS. Palm didn’t.

  5. Yeah… I just wish they’d cut the “indefinite” BS and call it permanent. Surely they’re trying something with WebOS instead. It’s too bad someone didn’t get their hands on WebOS that would’ve done something useful with it.

  6. HP 100% owns WebOS, which is not the same as “PalmOS (now Access Linux Platform).

    I find this news hardly surprising. HP has tied it’s future to WebOS. I see no reason that they’ll ship an Android device until the WebOS experiment has run its course.

  7. I think this is a bad move. They should release WebOS, Android AND Windows 7 tablets. Choice is you freind people

  8. It is NOT PALM~

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