Pantech’s High-End Android – the Vega IM-A650S – Leads Pack of 16 Phones


We haven’t heard from Pantech in a while, and that’s probably because they’ve been cooking up their latest Android handset. The Vega IM-A650S is sporting a 3.7-inch AMOLED display, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 512MB of ROM (no word on RAM), 8GB of “external” storage (microSD card?) and more.


It’ll be running Android 2.1 with Pantech’s custom interface running on top of it (it looks similar to TouchWiz 3.0, from where I’m standing). It’ll also be featured in four colors: white, black, pink, and gold-brown (we’re thinking bronze, here). Sky will be offering the phone over in South Korea, but judging from the press shots, SK Telecom might also be carrying this device (though we can’t confirm any date or pricing just yet). This is one of many revelations we’ll be seeing as Pantech’s gearing up to launch 16 new phones (most of them running Android, in some form) over the next year.


On a side note, why can’t US device marketing firms see that we’d love to see beautiful Korean women holding our favorite gadgetry? There’s just something about that smile that whispers “buy”.

[Akihabara via Oled-Display]

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  1. Sounds exactly like a Nexus 1 with a skin.

  2. Wait… wth did they get the AMOLED screen from? From the Incredible’s supply?

  3. Seriously guys… way to put hot and creepy right next to eachother while trying to get me to buy a phone… I’m thinking if I don’t get the one from the girl on the right I’m going to end up with something in my soup.

  4. Vanilla Android please! None of this BS graphical overlay crap. Hopefully 3.0 will solve this problem with manufacturers screwing with the UI.

  5. @dman977

    You can say that again… enough with the skins already!

  6. yuck @ korean women they all look so boring

  7. Why even release this phone? The hardware specs are already behind the curve and it will be outdated the moment it is released. The biggest news here is the 4 available colors! Big deal….

  8. pantech will one day have more handset models than sales of handsets. Why dont they try to release smartphones outside South Korea ?

  9. SKY is not a mobile carrier; it’s just a brand of Pantech. SK Telecom is an only carrier that provides Vega, and their logo is “T” at the top.

  10. 512MB of internal memory is a space that is available to users. Total internal memory 1024MB..

  11. in reply to digitalicecream, Pantech probably got AMOLED display from LG display. I don’t think they got it from Samsung Electronics which supplied AMOLED display panels for incredible. Remember that Qualcomm has 10% stake in Pantech. LG is heavily betting on Qualcomm to go against Samsung.So it is logical to conclude that LG supplied to Pantech.This is strategic for LG as well since it is rumoured that LG optimus Z(to be released near end of this year) would be packed with amoled screen from LG display that would rival Samsung’s super popular SUPER AMOLED.This amoled might be a test run for LG.htc is going to use S-LCD super TFT-LCD screens. This might be Samsung’s answer to LG’s retina display. Sony does not have advanced LCD technology and S-LCD is joint venture between Samsung and Sony.It is safe to assume that this super TFT-LCD technology came from Samsung too,while sony would bear the production costs. To sum up,display war between Samsung and LG is heating up and I am interested to see how S-LCD super TFT-LCD would go against LG retina display.

  12. And they eat dogs! Anyway their Pantech phone will probably turn out to be a load of overly-complex, under-powered PANTS like almost EVERY OTHER phone out there!

  13. @Graham
    Yum.. screw PETA and any other group so narrow minded and bent on imposing their views as the only correct way to live.. as to the phones, good for them.. Don’t see any of this stuff coming to the US though.

  14. @nyilae LGD cannot mass-produce AMOLED display yet. Vega uses Samsung Mobile Display’s AMOLED, like Sirius, its predecessor.

  15. Anyone knows about rom flashing for this phone?

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