More Evidence that the Dell Streak Will be at AT&T in a Matter of Days


Yesterday word came through the grape vine that AT&T would be releasing the 5-inch phone/tablet Dell Streak on July 19th. It seems a bit sudden with almost no lead up and right in the midst of a push for the Samsung Captivate, but we were willing to at least not totally discount the rumor at face value. The corroborating evidence we need to give this one some real legs may have just surfaced in the form of some shots taken inside an AT&T corporate store where a mysterious display is being erected behind a partition fending off curious eyes. We’ll go ahead and eat our words if it just turns out to be Captivate related, but the amount of secrecy surrounding the new smartphone display leads us to agree that it could very well be the Dell Streak, and the Dell Streak could very well be coming very soon.



[via Engadget]

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  1. Ihope they launch with 2.2

  2. The only thing this thing has is a larger screen than the Captivate. For all intents and purposes it is a dead unit on release.

  3. i doubt they will launch with 2.2. dell recently was saying how their “custom” UI of 1.6 rivaled 2.2 in many ways. so its seems they are very proud of it and defending it… i doubt they would say that and then throw a upgrade at launch.

    regarding this pic, if the person could take a pic why couldnt they just run over and take one of whats inside :(

    i really want the dell streak regardless of what people say and i am sadly might be changing entire travel arrangements according to if i can pick this up on monday lol.

  4. and you posted the same pic twice! engadget actually has 2 “unique” pictures!

  5. I hope it is 2.2, too … lol

    There has been no hype, or buzz, about this product in the U.S. … and to release it with 1.6 would basically doom it to failure behind the Droid X, Evo, or iPhone 4. It is reviewed to be “slugish” with the 1.6, and especially now sitting next to an iPhone at an AT&T Store. Selling it without 2.2, will make it old news when it finally gets 2.2.

    Maybe that is the plan, and they already have a newer/better Streak “2” already lined up for the U.S. Market, and this model is just a stepping stone?

    P.S. if it is not getting an upgrade from the UK version … why didn’t they release it last month?

  6. I use to work for AT&T and friends that still work there told me they were threatened with severe bodily harm (not really) that the display must not be made visible or unboxed until sometime in August.

  7. Hey Dark, btw, it has a front facing camera that the samsung doesn’t have…just figured i’d point that out….unless you bought the samsung….so sorry, bud

  8. Who gives a damn bout a over size big ass phone? I just want my FUCKING DESIRE!!

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