Jul 15th, 2010


Google took the opportunity today to discuss second quarter earnings and growth, showing a 24 percent growth in revenue during that period. In terms of cost-per-click growth, it rose from 2 percent, down from the 4 percent growth seen last year. When analysts expressed concern, Google admitted that though cost-per-click is more rapidly expanding in the mobile market than any other, that area may be dragging down company averages overall. Google CFO Patrick Pichette assured investors that Google is the right choice when it comes to mobile, citing the lack of material cost as big handset launches such as the Droid X are entirely undertaken by the equipment manufacturers.

Pointing to browsing as the most used feature in the mobile marking, search is up and looking good for Google. Senior vice president of product management Jonathan Rosenberg noted new advertising models such as click-to-call and the acquisition of AdMob equal dollar signs from mobile advertising that “gets in your face” thanks to the small size of mobile screens.

Also coming out of the conference call were the aging figures of 70,000 apps in the market (predicted to reach 100,000 by the end of this month alone) and 160,000 new Android phone activations a day. All in all Google didn’t report a bad quarter, though they have been catching some flack for coming in with lower growth than previous years.

[via GigaOM]