Verizon Teases Tomorrow’s Droid X Launch [Video]


A brand new teaser just hit to get all of you Droid-fans hyped about the launch of the Motorola Droid X tomorrow. Will there be enough to go around? Will Verizon stores be mobbed with disappointed customers? Will this signal the beginning of the robot uprising and the end of human supremacy on planet earth? This video probably doesn’t answer any of those questions, but check it out:

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. thats pretty cool! now i want one!

  2. Totally. Fricking. Awesome.

  3. Ya got love the hype!!Nice commercial!

  4. Wow, that looks awesome.

    It’s funny to compare Verizon’s “Droid” marketing against say… that cheesy ass video for the Galaxy X on T-Mobile and AT&T. Even though the devices are on par with each other.

  5. err… Galaxy S, not X :-)

  6. Wow, that was actually pretty badass! Great use of cinematography.

    All these ads about the *possibilities* of the X make me sad.

  7. when did verizon get so good at its commercials?? seriously they should be paying their advertising generously!

  8. That is bad ass.

  9. That was aweeeeesome. They really know how to capture your attention with these ads.

  10. Very cool. It’s like a cross between Alien and Lost.

  11. That is a bad a$$ commercial…. Sprint’s commercials suck lol

  12. They look scared… I wonder if it’s because they heard Motorola signed the boot loader and tossed in an eFuse! *drum/cymbal hit*
    Pretty neat commercial!

  13. well my brother saw the Evo ad during the All Star game and exclaimed “8 megapixel camera, HDMI…that must be a very powerful phone.”

  14. Only thing missing was the “drrrooooiiidd”

    Granted, this only seens like part 1…

  15. I just sat next to w chick on the subway that had a Droid X. I had to do a double take lol. This is a nice looking phone and should sell well. android should almost certainly outnumber iPhone by the end of the year.

  16. That is a kick ass ad.
    All other carriers need to take note!!!

  17. That just makes me even more excited to go stand outside of the Verizon store “TOMORROW” morning and get mine.

  18. It makes me want more!!!!!! Verizons marketing team is brilliant. I wonder if Google has something to do with this. Their commercials were never this good until the Droid.

  19. reminds me of halo

  20. Wow! I’m picking up mine at 9am tomorrow with the 32gb microsdhc card deal! Can’t wait – I’ll be playin’ all day!

  21. That kind of reminds me of the videos Bungie has been recently making for there new games. Soundtrack and cinematography is similiar

  22. I ordered Sandwich from my favorite Cheese Steak spot today and when today’s gofer got back with the order to my surprise the switched the rolls that they usually use. im PIsssed!!! Awesome Ad!!!!

  23. Microsoft should have made the “x-box” phone instead of losing brands such as Zune and Kin. Moto’s taking advantage of the vacuum.

  24. With such a cool looking phone I am proud it is coming out on my Bday but kinda sad how I will have to wait out any problems with the phone before I get it.

  25. Freaking awesome ad, can’t wait til tomorrow!!
    Android is taking over, just think……… Android is really only just getting started.
    Sorry I phone fanboys :(

  26. All of a sudden I don’t like my iPhone :(

  27. It’s ads like these that make almost any casual consumer wanting an android phone go with Verizon. They’re memorable. From the first Droid commercial I saw with the stealth fighters dropping the pods to this one, when someone says android, the consumer thinks “Droid”. TMo, Sprint, At&t should take notice.

  28. I thought it was an early commercial for the new halo game. Ha ha.
    I’m getting the new Droid X, which we should just start calling it the X.

  29. Verizon just brought v-cast and NFL to droid so we should expect them to make a big deal about that. It’s not just a smartphone; it’s a portable TV.

  30. Excelent commercial for an excelent phone.

  31. Just ordered my Droid X. Screw waiting in line. Its up to order online now.

  32. that was a never-ending scoop of awesome sauce!

  33. i just cant believe that majority of u people love this ad. the viewers at engadget had said that this sucks to the core……….any way i also like this ad. but i am too puzzled that why people at engadget do not like this ad

  34. wow!!!! just like like TMo’s advertising of the Vibrant –
    NOT!!!!! But at least i have my Vibrant – cos there were NO lines – cos Tmo is shat at advertising!!!
    But that was wayy cool – makes me wanna see the movie – probably better than the new Predator!

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