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The buzz around Google Buzz may have came and went, but that doesn’t mean the service doesn’t still have some legs to it. Any users of the Google’s take on short and sweet social updates looking for a way to manage their Buzz account along with Twitter now need look no further than Seesmic. In its 1.4 release now available in the Android Market, Buzz is integrated into the client along with the addition of inline picture and link previews plus a collection of other improvements and fixes.

Buzz support in Seesmic allows for users to post new messages, follow friends’ feeds, and the ability to like and share items. With inline picture previews Seesmic will automatically display images linked to in Twitter and Buzz streams. The feature can be turned on and off from the app’s newly tweaked Settings menu. The addition of OAuth will provide a much more secure environment for logging into account.

Along with these various additions you can expect UI enhancements and bug fixes typical of any major application update. You can find it in the market now by following any of the various methods presented below.

[Press Release]:

Seesmic for Android – Google Buzz, Picture preview, OAuth connection and so much more

With multiple Twitter accounts and a feature-rich interface, Seesmic for Android now lets you add your Google Buzz account. We’re happy to be one of the first mobile social apps to implement Google Buzz to further enhance your online social experience.

Search for Seesmic on the Android Market to download the 1.4 release, and take advantage of the following:

Google Buzz support
Inline preview of pictures and links for Google Buzz and Photos for Twitter
Updated Settings Interface
OAuth Implementation
Your updates displayed as “via Seesmic for Android”
UI improvements and bug fixes in the display and design

Google Buzz

Fan of Twitter? But have you tried out Google Buzz yet? If you haven’t, be sure to give it a try and create your Google Buzz profile. You can add your Gmail e-mail address, grant access and connect with all your contacts.

With Google Buzz support, you can post messages, see what your friends are “buzzing” about, “Like” the posts which appeal to you most and be sure to share the ones that catch your eye.

Picture Preview in Timeline

Want to know what is behind the picture upload link sent by your friends? Yes, we did too. We’ve now integrated the preview picture directly from the timeline. This can be adjusted from the app’s Settings and you can view exactly what your friends are sending out and know just what to expect.

OAuth Implementation
This update will not impact your direct use of the app. We’ll now use a more secure connection with Twitter, without using your password.

We’re hoping that Seesmic for Android is the app you’ll soon turn for smart mobile social networking! As always, we’re opened to your suggestions on our Feedback Page. If you feel that there is so much more we can do together, tweet us on @askseesmic and we’re sure to listen.

Special thanks to our Team Seesmic members that have taken the time and have focused on the app’s features. We definitely appreciate their openness and support of our efforts to make Seesmic apps appreciated. If you have any questions on the main features of Seesmic for Android 1.4, please check out the app’s Support Page.

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  1. you guys are quick

  2. Buzz would have gotten a lot more use if they didn’t require you to use your real name. I probably would use it if I could have a nickname, but I don’t touch it at all as it is.

  3. @hah Buzz doesn’t require you to use your real name. It uses your Google profile name which you can set to anything you want. I’ve been using it since day 1 and I use the name Spoken Word on it also. Buzz actually has a rather large and thriving community. It’s not Facebook large and that’s part of the attraction.

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