Dell Streak Landing at AT&T on July 19th?



Though the buzz around AT&T and Android is currently focused on the Samsung Captivate, the Dell Streak is another device that will be hitting the carrier in all of it’s tablet/phone glory. According to BGR, the device might just be getting to AT&T not too long after the Captivate. July 19th seems to be the date pegged by their source. So AT&T fans, which will it be?

[via BGR]

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  1. If I was on AT&T I would buy the Dell Streak through Dell.com

  2. Captivate. When I want a Tablet, I’ll consider the Streak, if it get’s past Android 1.6

  3. Androind 1.6 is a deal breaker. If it wasn’t for that I would probably get it…
    I hate the Galaxy S series…and to go even further I hate Samsung.. I have a Samsung phone right now…

  4. they should cancel it and release the mini-5 instead lol

  5. Oooh aaahhh a Dell Streak! Running Android 1.6! NOT! Captivate + Root = LOVE

  6. Captivate. For reasons already stated.

  7. @Sanoek
    Whey do you hate samsung? Just curious because I was considering returning my Aria for a Captivate.

  8. I’ll take the competitor in the blue corner, please.

    The Dell Streak has an identity crisis; it is too small to be a tablet, too big for a phone. Android 1.6? Bah! That’s laughable. Oh, and it’s a Dell. Enough said.

  9. @ Dook, do it! Don’t listen to that Sanoek, he probably hates samsung cause he has a behold. Samsung didn’t do an upgrade for the behold when they promised they would so some people have lost faith. Although it was wrong of them to break a promise to consumers, samsung has taken great strides in ensuring that this won’t be the case for the Galaxy S series. They have already released the source code for the Galaxy S as well as left the bootloader unlocked. So even if Samsung ends up not owning up to their word for updates (which is unlikely seeing how its one of the largest mobile launches in history) for the Galaxy S series, the community on XDA surely will =).

  10. I hope they release the tmobile 3g version at the same time >.<

  11. So i have an iphone 3gs and at&t. I’ve been hating my iphone for awhile now but thought i’d give apple one more chance with OS4… OS4 didnt really add anything new and didnt improve speeds at all so im going to switch to android…. the only problem is im stuck with att due to a family plan. I was waiting for dell thunder and flash but it looks like they finally come out they are going to be a mid level phone…

    So from the little chooses i have should i just go with the captivate? I like the streak but i’m just worried it is a little too big plus if they are still on 1.6 who knows when an update will come out…. are they going to get 2.2 when everyone is getting 3.0.

  12. AT&T only releases phones on Sundays thus dell streak can not be released on the 19th as captivate is released this Sunday the 18th

  13. @fahad
    Yeah, I figured it’d be something like that. I thought XDA was exclusive to HTC handsets though?

  14. @Sanoek
    How can you hate the Galaxy S series when it hasn’t been released yet? Seems like they are pretty solid looking phones to me.

  15. very weak source…. bgr gives almost no info on it.

  16. Too damn big. Plus I hate Dell. I have a Dell XpS and it sucks like shit. I will not get their OVERSIZE Dell Streak. That’s not a phone it’s a fucking tablet. It’s too damn big to be a tablet.

  17. they should promise 2.2 within a week and AT&T should have two schemes for it, one as a phone, one as a tablet/MID

  18. The author’s English skills lack the ability to distinguish between “its” and “it’s”. This is just irritating.

  19. Are these going to be world capable?

  20. Well. Looks like the 19th isn’t the date. Bring on the next rumor.

  21. Almost got the captivate yesterday. Seems like the streak is taking forever to come out. How long can you wait is the real question.

  22. I am/was iPhone person, since 2G(2007-last iphone 3Gs with iOS4). Myself, employees & close freinds have 23+. Purchased Captivate Thurs. 15th. Took 24hrs to decide not to return. Anyway, screen, speed excellent. Not real impressed with batt life, 6-7 hrs on Wi-Fi. Does not have Assisted GPS. Have to use network or sats. Sats u have to have unit on dash (clear view of sky). Network 2-4 miles inaccurate, whereas A-GPS like on Dell Streak & iphones, combine network & sats, so as long as u have signal, inside vechile or in a tunnel Sat Nav works great. A-GPS bounces signal from phone to towers to sats & return, much better. Screen pretty good in sunlight, but not great (better than most). U know internal mem is split 2GB apps etc., 14 GB storage. So no diff than Streak with 2GB internal with 16GB external microSD card, included (expandable to 32).

  23. AppleT&T only releases phones on Sundays.
    Sept 19 is a Sunday.
    Streak to be released on the 19th (of what month?)

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