T-Mobile Seeks Cliq XT Owners to Test a Not Android 2.1 Update


T-Mobile is searching for 1000 guinea pigs upon which to unleash an in-testing update for the Motorola Cliq XT. The new update is in no way, shape, or form Android 2.1, but it promises to fix a handful of bugs and add some improvements to the Cliq XT experience. Users can expect better overall phone performance and stability, better bluetooth connectivity, and an updated Swype keyboard. You can see the full details below.


To try your hand at getting signed up for the beta head over to the T-Mobile forums and subscribe to this thread. Here is the official word:

Good news for our loyal CLIQ XT™ Community!
We are recruiting 1,000 customers to test and provide feedback on the next software update for the Motorola CLIQ XT™, before it is officially released to all customers. If you are interested, please Subscribe to this thread, as we will be posting updates throughout the day. The first update we make will be how and when you can take part in this exclusive trial!
For information on enhancements included in the update, please visit: http://cot.ag/9SNT73.
Note: This is not the Android 2.1 upgrade

[via TMoNews]

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  1. is anyone else having trouble subscribing to the thread?

  2. Yes I can’t subscribe either I am very very bummed I’ve been waiting for something ….anything lol

  3. the update will be here at 5

  4. It’s 5 O’clock somewhere!
    I’m in Hawaii and would LOVE to upgrade to anything beyond 1.5!
    What time zone is the 5 refering to?

  5. the link in the body of the letter doesn’t work.

    the tab on the right side does.

  6. All you have to do is search for updates within the options on the phone. No need to subscribe to anything.

  7. Does this include the regular CLIQ and who cares about the XT that was a failure ahhahaha

  8. Woo Hoo, I got the update a few minutes ago. It’s not 2.1 but at least it’s something. I have major issues with my phone (bought 6 weeks ago) random dialing people at all hours. It does not show up on my recent calls but the people call me back asking me what I called them for! The phones screen also starts jumping around from screen to screen not allowing me to power off or do anything at all for up to 10 minutes at a time. The above update does not mention these problems but I’m hoping it helps solve these issues anyway.

  9. Just now at 12:18AM EST on 7/14, on my phone I clicked on MENU, SETTINGS, ABOUT PHONE then CHECK FOR UPDATES and I was prompted to download the update to 1.32.16.en.US. My wife and I both have the Cliq XT and I am currently updating both phones…let’s hope it’s 2.1 in disguise!!!

    HAHA!! Wishful thinking…I just ordered a Samsung Vibrant online so either way I will get Android 2.1

  10. Just check for new updates, you don’t need to subscribe to anything, is it just me our is swype no longer crap

  11. It’s me again…Turd Ferguson! Well, I’ve been messing with this new update for a while and I can’t really tell the difference. It maybe a little better with the touch responsiveness and speed going to selected apps, but definitely no 2.1.

    The Samsung Vibant will soon replace this GOD-AWFUL Motorola piece of junk…This decision was made solely on the fact that Motorola didn’t make good on their 2nd quarter 2.1 update. How can you trust or respect a company that not only lies, but waits until the last day of the second quarter to explain themselves. And the sorry excuse that they need more time to make our experience with the 2.1 update more enjoyable!!!! PLEASE- Who’s the Motorola PR guy…he sounds like the same guy that steals yuor wallet and then helps you look for it. IT’S A SHODDY OPERATION THAT YOU’RE RUNNING MOTOROLA…SAMSUNG & HTC rule the Androis world

  12. Shoot the update this way

  13. Wow! Tried to get update and it said unexpected error. Good job Motorola! Cant wait too buy new phones and throw this XT from a building!

  14. I have tried to use the Menu -> Settings -> About Phone -> System Updates. And it says my thing is up to date. I haven’t updated it for….. 3 months or so, pretty much since I got it, definitely not since this update came out. WTF??? help?

  15. do not buy the cliq xt. already bought it? Tmo gives you thirty days to change your mind and get a different phone. Get an htc phone. The cliq xt has outdated hardware. I don’t think they make phones this fail anymore. I’m actually going to e-bay mine and switch carriers.

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