Verizon Will Offer 32GB microSD Card Along with Launch of Droid X



Verizon just sweetened the pot for those who plan to head out and pick up the Motorola Droid X tomorrow. Not only will VZW be offering exclusively the SanDisk 32GB microSDHC card, but for new Droid X owners they will but slashing $50 off of the $150 regular price tag. It will still cost you a pretty heavy hundred bucks, but the 32GB card brings the Droid X’s storage up to a sizable 40GB. If you’re looking for that kind of space for media and software (and with the Droid’s HD video recording capabilities and the soon to be released Android 2.2 update allowing app storage on the SD card you just may well need it), it might just be too good of a deal to pass up.

[Press Release, via Droid-Life]

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  1. {jaw drops} O_O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    maybe i should switch to verizon……….

  2. Nice try, guys, but we already know the bootloader is signed.

  3. What class sdcard? if it’s a class 2 it won’t even be able to record hd onto it fast enough… I’ll stick with my class 6

  4. LOL $100?? They are crazy if they think thats a deal? First you pull the bait and switch……Encrypted bootloader, and try to Root and brick your phone…….Then they offer this card for $100??? HAHAHAHAAHA. If you are buying this phone you will be more than fine with a 16GB class 6 or 10, which I got for my EVO for $30. Nice try verizon.

  5. WTF are they talking about “Verizon Wireless is the only retailer that offers customers the 32GB SanDisk microSDHC card”? You can get them on Amazon through multiple retailers.

    And yes, they are Class 2

  6. where did you manage to get a 16GB class 10 MicroSDHC card for $30? I want one stat at that price…

  7. @swazedahustla

    How did you get your Evo for 30 bucks? or do you mean you got the SD card for 30?

  8. me too!

  9. hell i’ll buy ten and profit off my sales

  10. guys just wait till they hit eBay and snag one for $60. I’ve been buying SD cards from eBay and haven’t had a problem with them

  11. @Swazedahustla

    Then by the card from Sandisk for $200 dollars…. because thats how much they are selling it for. so in this case 100 bucks isn’t that bad of a deal.

  12. here in Italy 64 GB with the Droid Z, a new Motorola model studied for Italy market. A device with 2.5 Ghz dual core processor, an nvidia quadro fx like gpu ad 4 Giga of ram. We are the best!

  13. @Zack

    No thanks, Ill just wait till the price comes down. I have no need for 32GB on a cell phone. I have a 16GB and barely used 4 with over 1000 songs and a few movies. Its a gimmick, and the funny part is its probably class 2, which is worthless.

  14. Wow…I could of sworn they were giving the card away for free and slashing 50$ off of the price for the phone wow how epic would that of been lmao????????

  15. Class 6

  16. If T-Mobile had the Same deal with the Vibrant it would be a total 48GB instead of this 40gb

  17. so the 30 dollar SD cards at and are a different class card and arent as capable as more expensive sd cards? I always buy the cheap cards for my cameras and they work fine.

  18. I thought that phone only had 8 gig of internal memory.

  19. @rpg Yes, 8GB of INTERNAL memory. The microSD card is EXTERNAL memory. With the 8+32 combo, you get 40GB of storage total on the Droid X. Also of interest is that the internal memory on the Droid X is a true 8GB. The OS is on separate memory chips. The Droid Incredible advertises 8GB internal storage as well, but part of it is reserved for the OS. That’s a minor issue though, as you can still add an external microSD card for more storage.

  20. Does anyone know if they’ll let you keep the 16GB card too if you get this? And… will they be selling it at Best Buy? Or will I have to show up at a VZW store with Droid X in hand to purchase one?

  21. I am not if I want the Droid X or wait for them to come out with different better. I got my droid in March after switching from Sprint after 10 years. I like the X but not that much to pay something like $500 for the device.

  22. Sure that is

  23. @ Claudio. You gotta be joking!!!!!

  24. Went to my local Verizon Wireless store. They’re allowing people to put $50 on a rebate card and that will guarantee you a phone tomorrow. Hope that’s going on everywhere. My local store is only getting 35 units. I was also informed that they will be opening 1 hour early tomorrow.

  25. How are they doing this? 32gb microsd cards are not in stock. Most vendors are waiting for a second shipment form Sandisk. Verizon does not have them either.

    Mail in offer or store pre-order?

  26. My Verizon said this was not true..wonder how I can confirm this and get in on this deal

  27. never mind…just read the press release

  28. With a locked bootloader it could be free and I wouldn’t want it.

  29. I don’t see how people don’t think this is a deal. Cheapest price on the internet for the 32gb is $138 from Provantage, and they have 25 in stock. I would consider a 28% discount to be a pretty good deal, but Class 2 is not terribly impressive.

    I was honestly planning to pick one up tomorrow, until I found out you also had to buy the Droid X. Not interested.

  30. to ease the pain of lockdown…

  31. Stop talking out of your ass guys.
    The class of SD card only has something to do with Write-Speed not Read-Speed. Unless you are copying the file back and for like a hundred million times a day, it’s irrelevant.

  32. Can someone please explain to me what “locked bootloader” means? I am hoping to get ths phone as an upgrade from my ENV Touch. I have no idea what that means though, but if it has to do with me not being able to use certain apps then I might reconsider..

    Thanks in advance,

  33. “Cheapest price on the internet for the 32gb is $138 from Provantage, and they have 25 in stock.”

    LOL I think Verizon needs a lot more than that

  34. I’m not sure if there’s much of a need for custom ROMs anymore.. (most reasons for them that I can think of have been resolved), and things like overclocking (why??), wifi tethering, theming, etc. seem to still be possible.

    Again, not sure what the big deal is lol.

  35. @nick

    Principles are at stake. We came to Android with the promise of openness. I want to be able to do whatever I please when paying over $3,000 for my phone and service.

  36. What class is it? I’d just stick to my Class VI 16GB card in current device. I hear the one coming in the Droid X is Class 4. If the 32GB is Class II, I’ll pass. I’ve only heard Sandisk had been selling 32GB cards, but only Class II.

    To the whiners about the lack of “openness” of the Droid X and the inability to load custom ROMs on it; I agree with Motorola. They worked hard getting the phone’s software right for novices to load crap that they think looks good on their devices. Yeah, it’s “your phone,” but it’s their proprietary hardware running a modified open-source software that is totally changeable with safe to add and stable software enhacing widgets, homescreens, and the like. Quityerbitchin’.

  37. Nerds

  38. @claudio
    I’ll believe that when I see it. Everything you just said sounds like you’ve dreamed it up but forgot you woke up to the real world.

  39. it is true that Italy ♥ Android

  40. @Dain – Olay, I’ll take a stab at it!

    Basically it means that until someone can figure out a way to SAFELY replace the phone’s boot Kernel (roughly analogous to the BIOS ROM on a PC) that the modders out there, can not run whatever custom (non-MFG created) System ROMS, that are made available in the modder community. (The modders will keep me honest here!)

    This should only affect the ability to run the software that was created to leverage those custom ROMs and any additional functionality that might be provided by said custom ROMs. Thus the power users amongst us, are understandably upset that such a powerful device will not be as “Open,” to them, for customization, as they would have liked. (At least not for now)

    Ultimately, this is Motorola’s way of protecting themselves financially (The no charge “Warranty,” replacement of user accidentally “bricked” phones) and to make sure that they maintain their uniqueness in the marketplace, which is rapidly becoming filled with competitive options.

    This in no way affects the operation of Android OS itself, other than to limit from where/whom and when you can get the future OS updates, which Motorola has customized to differentiate themselves in the growing smart phone marketplace.

    The basic fear, within the community, appears to be that if this proves to be successful for Motorola an Verizon, then it will set an industry precedence and the modding community will be forced to look elsewhere (other than Android) for flexing their modding muscle. This is the community that largely, “Grass Rooted,” (tech. pun intended) the Android platform, primarily based upon it’s advertised openness! Although the Android OS is still relatively open, it is the marriage of extensible hardware platforms and OS that make it all work.

    The bottom line is that Motorola has made the business decision to be a general Consumer’s smart phone maker and not a hackers/modders dream platform. Rightly so, it’s all about dollars and cents to them!

    Motorola to the World we are doing well now:Modders need not Apply! “And thanks for all the fish!”

    Unfortunately, as it is the general way of things, the more popular a tech. platform becomes, the more closed down and proprietary it becomes. This is for a number of reasons, generally most are financially based and a few are demographically based, as the initial majority of power users rapidly become the minority to the general users. We may be seeing the beginning of that Android Nexus(tech. pun intended!).

  41. @EpicFail

    Froyo has apps2sd.

  42. @Claudio
    Send me a link for the Droid Z, if your not joking I would like to research it myself.

  43. After all of this and STILL not one person has reported getting a 32gb card at VZW. Stores do not even know about this deal yet. Makes sense, since there is no stock.

    VZW is crack.

  44. i was joking!!!!ahahahahahahahahaah!ihihihihihihhiih!

  45. Just bought a 32gb micro sd card from Verizon Telesales line…not a verizon customer either

    Card by itself on sale for $99.99

    But they had a bundle package with the 32 gb card and a car charger for $97.00….

    Total out the door or should I say out the warehouse with overnight shipping was $109.76….

  46. I got my 32 GB microSD card from Verizon online Friday when it was $49 free overnight shipping. Oh I am with Sprint and I have the EVO someone from the EVO fan page told everyone about the SLICKDEAL.

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