SmartDevices Announces SmartQ T7-3G Android Tablet


Yet another tablet has been announced for the Chinese market, this time from SmartDevices, makers of the Linux-based SmartQ tablet. Their latest offering doesn’t veer too far from SmartDevices’ Linux-based work as it will implement Android in a line of  7-inch touchscreen tablets. While the SmartQ T7 will support Wi-Fi, it will also come in three different flavors of 3G including WCDMA, CDMA EVDO, and TD-SCDMA. If that’s too much 3G for you, you can opt to get go the route of no 3G at all.


The tablet will run on Android 2.1 and should support 1080p video playback, but details are scant at the moment. Depending on the 3G chip, the SmartQ T7 will range in price from 1880 Yuan for the CDMA EVDO variant to 1980 Yuan for the WCDMA version. Pricing on the non-3G and TD SCDMA versions has not been released.

[via iTechNews]

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  1. Haha that’s Cyanogen’s wallpaper on the right

  2. Let me guess 1 ghz processor and 512 ram. geez something that big should have a lot more. a lot more wake up people. smartphones have like 1/3 the size. these tablets have more space means bigger chips.

  3. @Maisum…..actually…that wallpaper is @ackprash work.

  4. hi, this is online order:
    it supports android,linux,and wince. but android is the best one in these, rich apps and games.

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