Android Gets Fair and Balanced with Fox News App



For all those leaning to the right or feeling a bit red (politically that is), Fox News just unleashed their app into the Android Market for all of your “fair and balanced” news needs. The free app features breaking news updates, Fox News talk radio, and photos and videos from the Fox News archives. You can even get highlight videos from your favorite Fox News shows, meaning you can get all your Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilly on the go. That’s just a pleasant thought now, isn’t it? The very least we can say is Fox News does provide an alternative view on the news that you follow on your Android phone, so if your a big politics or news buff it may be worth checking out.

[via Fox News]

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  1. No thanks

  2. Uh, fair and balanced? This *is* Fox News we’re talking about, isn’t it?

  3. title of this article made me lol

  4. I don’t get the smart-aleck tone. Fox’s ratings blow everyone else’s away, so why should you treat them like some kind of fringe organization.

    Besides which, Dude, this is a tech blog. If MSNBC had an app, how would you write it up? You know you wouldn’t take this tone of disbelief.

  5. Hah, I will pass on this one I think…

  6. I like fox news. I like reading both fox news and cnn and noting the differences.

  7. lol, fox is just a big pile of horse s#&!

  8. Now all I need now is the Drudge app.

  9. Nice app! Clean UI.

  10. Stick to doing what you do, covering Android news. If I wanted to read liberal cheap shots I would read Huffington. But thanks, I’ll be downloading this app.

  11. I’m from Europe (y’know where the history is from ) and even we know that fox news is a world wide laughing stock for hicks and red necks :D

  12. whats the different between fox news and onion news?

  13. I like Fox News. Great app so far. As a forensic physiologist, I appreciate how they just give you the news and not just part of it. Other news organizations either ignore, water down, or put their politically correct or progressive statist drone spin on it, and it insults my intelligence.

  14. Yeah, cool it with your lame tone when posting about political stuff you may not agree with. Not sure if I’ll be so inclined to share links from you guys anymore. Why risk losing traffic over your political leanings?

  15. “The very least we can say is Fox News does provide an alternative view on the news….”

    “Alternative” as in “News ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC or many other refuse to report because it doesn’t follow their agenda?”

  16. Nice app, say goodbye to (P)MSNBC and the Clinton News Network CNN for you libs.

  17. Finally! First time I used the QR code reader to find an App. Thanks. BTW @Hunter, there is a Drudge App.

  18. Sweet! Also noticed the fox business app that I didn’t know existed.

  19. @Jon in HI It’s his blog, let him decide what tone he wants to set.

    And if this tame little post was enough to get you riled up you are a giant p***y.

  20. Oh so you mean FAUX news got an app on android now? they aren’t fair and balanced they are a bunch of conservative repuiblican assholes that love to get obama for anything possible they even promoted that obama isn’t American crap.

  21. mcduvet after looking at Europe’s economic troubles, I wouldn’t be laughing if I were you.

  22. oh poor Obama. I guess he will now blame Android for all his problems.

  23. Uh oh, someone mentioned Fox News in a non-positive manner, time for the crazy parade! /popcorn

  24. Saul Alinskey tactics are not what this thread is for. It’s to comment on the performance of the app. If you don’t like Fox News, why would any thinking person bother to even comment?

    For example, if there was an MSNBC app, I wouldn’t download it, nor would I comment on what a cesspool of diatribes, intolerance and hate it is on the relevant thread.

  25. Excellent!!!! For those of you that watch/listen to the OBAMA TV, you should really do your homework! Pay attention to FOX NEWS!

  26. An app for rednecks? Good luck with that. I thought most Android lovers were a bit more educated and open-minded than that, but then after seeing some of the bonehead comments… maybe not.

  27. Fox huh…. And now the fake news!!!!!!

  28. @olypdd
    YMSNBC = hate, FOX News = Fair and Balanced? Who else for the crazy train?!

  29. Android is about freedom, not liberal fascism.

  30. @Quiberion Bay, Chicago and Jon in HI.. Cry about it. At least he mentioned this studip app. If you need news that is written solely for political intents I think you’ve found your app. Obviously, Kevin doesn’t agree with your political leanings (as does at least half the country). If you don’t like it why don’t you cry.

    @Jared If CNN is supposed to be represent the “Liberal” side in your scenerio you’re not getting a real liberal viewpoint. MSNBC or Huffington Post would be closer to what you’re looking for. CNN is about as moderate as it gets.

    For the record I think it’s hilarious when people say that ABC,CBS,CNN are so liberal. Give me a break. If you’ve been paying attention they’re not giving Obama any free pass.

  31. Fox news is actually pretty neo-conservative, which is more towards the authoritarian side of things than typical american conservatism (although even that tends to be big military). The political commentators on the shows are all big government types, who value government intervention into the economy and wild use of the military. Just listen to O’Reilly or Hannity for 10 minutes and you will get that much. The only exception is Andrew Napolitano on Fox Business, who takes an actual libertarian (liberal for the Europeans).

    Obama, being the large government, military interventionist that he is, has nothing to fear from Fox News.


  33. LOL @ ari-free.. REALLY liberal fascism? You’re clearly brainwashed. Liberalism and Fascism are completly on opposite sides of the spectrum..

  34. When you’re fed news from mush heads in the progressive media, you’re fed a steady diet of intolerance of anyone that has an opposing point of view, and learn to engage in tactics designed to isolate same. For example, using the term Rednecks is designed to evoke a strong response and offend others you disagree with. This is behavior usually engaged in by children with reactive attachment disorder, anti-social personality disorder and a few others. Of course, any discerning person knows that reasonable discussions with such people are not possible, and it’s best to ignore “them”.

    Always instructive to hear hate, intolerance and inflammatory diatribes from that segment of society that espouses tolerance and inclusion.

    Back on track here, I appreciate that the openess of Android means I can enjoy apps such as Fox News.

  35. @olypdd what about words like “liberal” “Elitist” “Enhanced Interrogation” or “Flip-Flopper”

  36. Ah, the joys of reading stupid comments on both sides of the fence about a harmless Android app.

  37. For all of you insecure Fox fans, you really are consuming mostly opinion programming, and you know it. They say what you believe, and it makes you feel good. The alleged news programs sprinkled throughout the day, which should be providing you with information that can help you understand the world, continuously lie to you, and you need to think about why don’t have a problem with that.

  38. #12. z wrote on July 14, 2010

    “whats the different between fox news and onion news?”

    @Z There is no difference. lol

  39. Well, First The Onion. Now Fox!

    The Daily Show and Colbert can’t be too far behind on an app.

    Then we’ve got all the news comedy sewn up on Android!

    For the butthurt Fox fans, at least the Fox app was mentioned and linked for you.
    You can start your own blog if this is a problem for you.

  40. @ enlight- Those work great.

    @ BH- that is some amazing power(entitlement) you’re wielding(assuming).

    I enjoy Fox News. I don’t know if opinion programming is the majority of their broadcasts, nor do I care. I am a critical thinker and discerning of all news content and opinion programming. I don’t need narrow minded statists drones, who clearly cannot think for themselves, dictating how I should think.

  41. Fox news web site actually ran an onion story as if it was real. Something about a global warming scientist freezing to death. Funny and a little sad at the same time. I love the comments on here about leaving personal opinion out of the story. Kevin couldn’t have done a better job when it comes to that.

  42. FACT: Fox’s News ratings are higher than all other “news” stations

    FACT: Median age of Fox News Channel – 75

    I doubt there are too many 70-80 year olds who use Android… most of them use a landline or the iphone.

    But hey, now we got another Onion News Network type app. Hooray

  43. @olypdd That’s insulting. It has always been Fox News’ business model to lean right and also to publish content that brings out emotion in its viewers. This is how it differentiates itself from the competition. This is not a statement of bias but of their business model. It’s a successful one. Don’t be naive.

  44. Ratings are not a measurement of journalistic accuracy or integrity, merely of viewers attracted. “American Idol” attracts huge ratings, too, but nobody thinks it’s because AI delivers hard-hitting news.

    You can’t have it both ways: either Fox News delivers conservative bias to “compensate for all the liberal bias everybody else has” (which is garbage, btw), or else it’s “fair and balanced”. Logically, you can’t be both biased and unbiased. But the tribalists who will excuse anything if it’s done by “one of their own” will never notice or care about that kind of contradiction.

    But yeah, all those other “liberal” news outlets sure are biased… LOL like how Viacom is run by Wavy Gravy, and how Newscorp is run by Michael Moore, and I heard the new CEO of Time Warner is the gay Teletubbie! Liberals everywhere!!

  45. @olypdd

    Seriously? Fox gives you the whole picture and not a watered down version? I hate to stay off topic here but I really don’t have the time to provide examples of just how Fox twists news stories (just search the web — it won’t take you long to find a laundry list of examples), often omitting pertinent details from the article that would make a world of difference. News Corp. is a borderline reporting organization — they are mainly a propaganda machine with very little, if any, journalistic integrity.

    Suffice it to say I won’t be downloading this app.

  46. @ BH
    very well said!
    There are none as narrow minded as the hate filled instigators and just plain liars like Glenn Beck and friends at Fox News.

  47. Since Fox is just reporting AP and other news sources in their news broadcasts, it’s a little hard to make the point that they skew it only one way. Try looking at it objectively. As for commentary or opinion shows, that’s a different story and I’m more than capable of appropriate discernment.

    @Sir Wally- if Fox does twist new stories, and I’d like to see you prove it, then you must also recognize that other news organizations twist the news to their world or societal view.

    Fox does lean right, and that is their business model, because most everyone else leans, or leans hard to the left. Works for me.

    I respect everyone’s news choice and world view. When it comes to Fox bashing in this thread, that I don’t get. I don’t go to other news sites and bash their product. I watch them from time to time, but otherwise ignore them.

  48. What a bunch of crybabies! This post said nothing even slightly offensive. If you get your feathers ruffled over someone who thinks Fox is right leaning then you need to spend more time with your therapist and less on-line.

  49. Hey, how about some real comments like: “Why is there no Widget for this App?”

  50. @ Mac- I was wondering about the widget too, but shortcuts work fine.

  51. @olypdd, Incorrect, most news orgs strive to be mainstream, MSNBC excluded. However, MSNBC only recently began following the Fox example.

  52. @ snupples- you enjoy correcting me don’t you. Here, I’ll return the favor. You couldn’t be more wrong. Don’t be naive. You are incorrect regarding MSNBC and most news organizations. They strive do they? Strive? Or it contrived?

    What is mainstream? is mainstream that which conforms to YOUR world and societal view?

    enjoy the app….or don’t.

  53. I watch Fox News [mostly] and CNN [sometimes]. I just prefer the views that Fox has and the news stories they cover. It’s not a redneck news channel. Just because most of the southern states are conservative doesn’t make it “redneck”. CNN was interviewing OchoCinco regarding his reality TV show a couple of days ago and I thought…really?? This story is news worthy?…only on CNN…LOL…and by the way…Nov 2012 the south is gonna rise again (and elect a conservative president)!

  54. @Clavis – 100% agree

  55. Charlo…… the south will rise again? Thanks for illustrating the type of thinking that FOX viewers have. And yes I live in the south and know exactly what the undertones of that statement are.

    And the cat that said liberal fascism stole the show for me. It’s another example of what comes out of FOX news viewers. FOX is seriously the right wing nuts iPhone. Show them how bad it is and they just say I don’t care.

  56. This TITLE just destroyed Phandroid’s credibility!


    Either DELETE this post or CHANGE the title!

    SHAME ON YOU!!! “Fair and Balanced with Fox News App” MY ASS!

  57. Fox news is number one in cable news, nuff said. I plan on downloading this app.

  58. Phil…seriously? I said that to see if I could get some crazy feedback and you’re the first that bit…I love getting people stirred up!!

  59. @olypdd I don’t enjoy correcting you. But someone needs to counter your BS. You don’t see me arguing with Charlo’s opinon up above, because he’s making valid points. So stop playing the victim card.

    I’m not being naive, I WORK in the industry. I think I know what I’m talking about. Believe me or don’t — it’s a fact that most of the big news orgs do strive to appeal to a mainstream audience, because they feel that this exposes their advertisers to the widest audience. This is the market they play in. That’s counter to the definition of leaning left, since that would imply that they are not aiming for the widest possible market. Fox understands that this market is saturated and leans right in order to pull in the fringe.

  60. It’s so funny to see all the liberals go apeshit over the mere mention of FNC.

  61. Can’t Wait For A Colbert Report WORD App!!!

  62. Kevin,

    Sure, Fox leans right, and it’s ok to say that, but that is no excuse for the author of the article to show his political colors. If you to keep the maximum number of readers then stick to Android news reporting without any political bias! The 2nd half of the article, starting with “That’s just a pleasant thought now, isn’t it?”, should not have been published.

    By the way, it’s ok to be biased against Android competitors such as Apple on this website, since most readers are here to support Google and Android, so you’re not risking losing many of us that way. Just don’t assume that we are all democrats, or republicans, or whatever.

  63. @olypdd:

    Fox News is a terrible news organization, and so are many of the others, but Fox loves to twist the truth so much more. If you truly think that Fox News doesnt insult your intelligence, then you clearly dont have much to be insulted.

    You want proof of flat out lies? How about when they covered the Tea Party rallies, and they decided to use footage of a completely different rally to make it look as if it had attracted a larger audience. Or just, you know, their motto of “fair and balanced”, but thats more of a punchline than a motto nowadays anyway, so I wont continue to beat a dead horse.

    Speaking of which…did Glenn Beck rape and murder a young girl in 1990? Im not saying he did, Im just ASKING QUESTIONS!

  64. Awww you hurt peoples feelings. Lighten up guys

  65. I’ll pass. I don’t want to install crap on my phone.

  66. I bet most foxnews viewers are either afraid of smartphones or too stupid to use one. Foxnews leans so far right it falls over and shouts corporatist/fascist propaganda.

  67. @Charlo get over it hick, you guys lost the war of southern treason.

  68. @olypdd there is not left in the USA, only center right and far right. Do you think a leftist would have bailed out the banks? No he would have told the bastards to go DIAF.

  69. well phandroid… you know your audience: hybrids, CFL’s, and solar panels.

  70. FOX is #1 in cable news for a reason. Bill Oreilly has the #1 rated cable news show for a reason. MSNBC rating’s go down every quarter for a reason.

    Why in the world would anyone want to be a Liberal? I would rather not give my money away to all the people who are to lazy to get off there ass and get a job. I am a firefighter in Baltimore and I can tell you right now. These people down here pop babies out like a fricken PEZ dispenser. They know every baby they have, the more money the government gives them.

  71. I will be downloading the app and then removing from my favorites. I come here to read Android news and not someone else’s political opinion. I’m sure there would have been a war in the comments even if the article didn’t have a bias tone to it, and that would have been fine because its expected these days. I would have just moved on to the next story. Isn’t it ironic that the author put in his political opinion in the article just like he claims FOX to do?

  72. LOL Faux Noise Is for Ignorant Rednecks and Token Negroes, they watch it religiously then meditate on he alter of Glenn Beck, then listen to Rush Limbaugh with the volume low in fear that the government might be listening. It is a fact if a cult demands that type of loyalty from there fans there attendance is always 100% or Obama is gonna get cha! LOL Faux Noise Preys on ignorance if you want Correct “RGHT” leaning news read the Wall Street Journal, at least they cater to the 2 intelligent Republicans left on the planet. Also Faux Noise is not the top rated program on cable Nickelodeon 5million viewers then the Animal Channel, Bravo, Disney Channel I believe Faux Noise is number eleven with 2million viewers nightly. Lets not over glorify something that is not happening or McCain and the she Bitch would be President

  73. P.S. This title did not destroy any credibility with Phandroid if “YOU PEOPLE” want real news look up BBC!

  74. Fox and News do not belong in the same sentence, or anywhere in close proximity.

  75. I thought this was a tech blog. Please, no political commentary. It’s out of place, unnecessary, and will cost you some readers.

  76. I don’t know why people are making such a big deal out of nothing. I have always thought of phandroid of providing Android news in a very opinionated manner. This also isn’t the first time that an article was been written with sarcasm for satirical purpose. I hope this incident doesn’t changed the way phandroid posts up blogs….. When you state an opinion, your always gonna offend someone one or group. So what!? thats just the way it is. Keep doing what you do

  77. snupples- your clarification makes some sense. I still think it’s important to make the distinction between news shows and opinion shows on Fox. My favorite news on Fox is Special Report, and Brett does a great job but I really enjoy Britt Hume. I watch other news shows as well, but always find Fox news to be my favorite.

    Fox Opinion shows are certainly getting the best ratings, and that would suggest that they resonate with more viewers that other news channels. One could take from this that perhaps that the mainstream is watching FOX. You cannot make the case that these are all right wingers. No matter how many smug little androgynous geniuses protest, there is a reason Fox sees higher ratings.

    I think the opinion shows incense some of the left and progressives because they’re intolerant of anyone who has an opposing point of view. They either engage in Alinsky tactics in some cunning attempt to draw in and ultimately make those they disagree with look like morons, or like some here, have no capacity for rational and reasonable thought, thus resorting to hate-speak in order to stroke and soothe their fragile little egos. Egos so fragile, a 3 year old with a water balloon could crush it.

    As for playing the victim card, I wanted to point out that you seem to “assume” the moral high ground in this discussion, and it’s both amusing, and makes no sense. You remind me of how many progressives “assume” the enlightened position, that you get it, that you’re on the right track. That anyone expressing an opposing viewpoint is some redneck dolt you must deal with. You don’t get it. You’re the reactionary playing the victim, so much so you feel some overpowering need to dictate and correct those who you perceive to be unenlightened, still dragging their knuckles along. You said I was insulting. Really?

    There are millions and millions of Americans who don’t drink the kool-aid that the statist drones can’t seem to live without. I guess those hip cool progressives will just have to deal with it….or not.

  78. This was the mildest possible post on Fox News. Completely innocuous, and yet it managed to offend the tender sensibilities of Fox News viewers. Unbelievable.

  79. “so if your a big politics or news buff” – aside from the pitifully incorrect English, I don’t even know where to start with this sentence.

  80. Haha the whole world knows what FOX News is. Sad.

  81. As a conservative, I’m a bit disappointed by everyone here – and by that I mean both sides. This is about an app. Not world-changing information, not about a bill in Congress. A freaking app. For both the “Faux News” and “MSLSD News” crowd, you’re both making asses of yourselves here by turning a software platform news site into a political battleground. We’re all supposed to be united against hating one thing – Apple (j/k).
    Relax and put down the “Bush sucks” and “Obama destroyed the country!” signs. There’s plenty of other places to do that stuff.

  82. People who like FOX News because they are anti-Obama thats funny because even Glenn Beck said he’s on nobodies side he goes after who ever is the president if they do “dumb” stuff and he even did the same thing to Bush when he decided we needed to go to war in Iraq. You have to admit that at least 50% of what they say is bullshit or else no would be able to make fun of them all the time because they say one thing and everyone agrees then 1 or 2 years later they turn right around and put their foot in their mouth. If they would at least stick to what they say and not flip flop like Blood becoming a Crip then nobody would really mess with them. This is what I have to say to everybody from FOX News:

  83. I’m pretty independent and occasionally check in w/FNC to get that point of view, although many of their pundits are obnoxiously biased (but only slightly more so than their counterparts on MSNBC). I like Shep Smith though, that guy has a good heart underneath the swagger.

    Anyway, as I was reading this post I was wondering “ok, how much snark is he gonna sneak into this”. I mean, come on, he had to at least WINK, right? In the end the only line that tipped the scales was the unnecessarily caddy “That’s just a pleasant thought now, isn’t it?” No need to go there and rile up all these posters.

    But the rest of the entry is actually encouraging you to check it out, “if you’re into that”. Long story short: it’s probably good to leave politics off of here, but there’s definitely a lot of over reaction on this thread. My 2 cents.

  84. Great App…just sent a video to my FB.

  85. We will see just how many people like FOX news. I promise you that FOX news will be the number one downloaded news app within 1 month in the Android Market.

  86. @jdog.. Glenn Beck was not on Fox when Bush invaded Iraq.

    Glenn Beck’s self-titled television show on The Fox News Channel premiered on January 19, 2009. – wikipedia

  87. @olypdd

    I’m sure a lot of people watch Fox, not just people on the right. Doesn’t change the facts.

  88. Finally a news app that doesnt spew lies and isnt ran by the obama regime!

  89. Fox news is the best, does anyone actually watch the other stations I think Cnn actually has 2 viewers left LOL.

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