Droid X Showing Up at Best Buy


Not a day too soon, shipments of Motorola Droid X handsets are beginning to arrive at Best Buy stores around the nation in preparation for tomorrow’s launch. While many have been concerned that there won’t be enough Droid X unit to go around, sources are saying Best Buy will at least be in possession of enough handsets to cover everyone who called dibs before the first batch of pre-orders was abruptly cut-off.


On the other side of the coin, Droid-Life also has received word that several Best Buy stores won’t have their shipments in time to meet pre-orders tomorrow. If you were able to land in one of the two separate pre-order periods at Best Buy, you may do best to call ahead to spare yourself any disappointment after trekking down to you local store.

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. My local Independent VZ retail location can’t even get them ordered. I’ll try to suffer through the official VZ store and see if I can play with one there.

  2. I’ll be in line at BB at 9:30!

  3. My local Verizon store had been telling me that they will have enough stock for a week’s supply. They scheduled me to come in at 7am on the 15th. I had a conflict with 7am, so I called them back, and said “can I reschedule for 4:30pm on the 15th?” to which they replied, “yes, but it is likely we will be sold out by then.”. Sounds to me like the store got MANY fewer phones than they had expected.

  4. I pre-ordered back in June and just got a call from someone at Best Buy (of Monmouth Junction, NJ) telling me I can come and pick up my phone tomorrow.


    +1 for pre-ordered phone on release date and

    -1 for living in New Jersey.

    It’s the yin and the yang, people. The universe is safe. For now.

  5. My Best Buy called me this morning and scheduled a time for me to come out there tomorrow at 8am (i’m not a morning person) and said that mine is reserved so I am golden!

  6. @Todd – or they sold out due to high demand.

  7. Unless your an employee…That means even if you got your pre order in before they cut off the initials, you get moved to the END of the list…WTF

  8. My VZW guy called me this morning and said I was third on his list.. some reason each rep can only reserve 5 handsets at a time? Doesn’t make sense. But anyhow, i’ll be there at 9am tomorrow to get my X!!

  9. i have a q if i got there at 12 are they doing a midnight release? and i got one with the second batch should i call ?

  10. Can some one please tell me what is so special about this phone! How is it diff. from the HTC Droid??

  11. My store in San Marcos Texas called me and said I have to wait for the second batch. They claim only 13 folks ordered the phone and only 10 came in. When I called back they said 12 came in but I still have to wait.

  12. It’s all hype but ya gotta love it!!!!!!!!!!
    Picking mine up at 10:30 @ BB

  13. Let us all hope that Verizon does not FLOP on this launch as they seem to always do… Name change for the New Ad campaign> from Rule the Air to Airhead Rulers!

  14. Best Buy Roseville CA will have 15. I pre-ordered 6/29 and am 16. Sux for me I guess. Total BS.

  15. Britt,

    You might use the internet to look up one of the FIVE MILLION REVIEWS for the phone to find that info, instead of asking random thread commenters.

    Everyone here in town is out. I really wanted to be go for launch… But this will give me time to really decide if I want to hook myself into a contract.

  16. I thought all hope was lost when they didn’t call me…
    I was #10 on the list.

    Got home from work and 6pm they called and said they had my phone!

  17. I have an 11:30 am appointment to pick up my Droid X tomorrow:)

  18. the Verizon store here in Stockton California has 60 units in for tomorrows launch.

  19. Total of 7 units to fill 12 pre-orders at the best buy in Dothan, AL.

  20. However many my local store got, it is one less than my number.

    I’m first on the waiting list. Grrrrrrrrrr.

  21. Everyone here is out

    You were such a big fucking help thank you so much!! I can ask anyone i want whatever i want!! so thank you for your informational answer!! Damn there should be more people like u in this word.

  22. I called my Best Buy both Thurs. and Fri. and got the canned answer of ‘We didn’t get our shipment yet and it could take a couple weeks. I did pre-order about 2 weeks earlier. Called local verizon and was told they are not allowed to sell them via retail. You have to sign up for a two year contract. I am already a Verizon customer as of April of this year. Frustrating!!

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