Verizon: Our System Allowed Those Devices to Ship in Err


Verizon’s finally ready to spill the beans regarding what happened with the early Droid X shipments going out. If you didn’t know, a good amount of customers were able to order the Motorola Droid X over the phone with Verizon Customer Care and were then able to get the device early. No, they didn’t find one of the devices thanks to Verizon’s DroidLanding Twitter account, they were actually sold and shipped earlier by way of a system error.


I have also confirmed the reports that you have referenced about customers receiving these devices prior to the 15th. This was unfortunately due to a system error, allowing very few customers to receive this device prior to July 15; however, these devices cannot be activated until the phone is officially released on the 15th. I truly apologize for any concerns this may have caused.

The news comes to us as one of Verizon’s customer service agents – simply named Roy – emailed one of Droid-Life’s tipsters regarding the mix-up. He stated that the devices would not be eligible for activation until the 15th, as well, but we find it hard to believe that. It’ll be a bummer for some of those participating in the scavenger hunt to find a device only to be told they can’t activate it for another few days (that’s assuming they’re not tracking serial and ESN numbers, of course, though I’m sure they are). It’s also worth noting that the original tipsters who sent the images of the devices to Droid-Life were able to activate and use them just fine.

In any case, is anyone really trying to purchase this thing early anymore? The device comes out on the 15th, so you’d be just as well off waiting until then to grab one for yourself in person.

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  1. Maybe, the one that got it early can sell it to devp. So they can get get started earlier.

  2. This phones locked down tighter than miley cyrus’s bedroom. So this shouldnt take long! :)

  3. If I found one during their contest I would Ebay the hell out of it! $$$$$$$

  4. Well I received my DROID X yesterday morning. It activated on the VZW network with no problems.

    Well the only problem I am having is some of my favorite apps are not showing up in the market.

  5. You know damn well Verizon isn’t going to accidentally ship you a Droid and then deny you activation. That was a PR spin so we poor saps who can’t even order one don’t get jealous. Imagine ordering a phone because you actually need one (unlike most of us here who only WANT one) then finding out you can make phone calls. Can you imagine the angry person? What the hell am I babbling about…it’s Friday, I’m hung over from last night (LOL @ Labron) Ignore me.

  6. ^ then wat would that person use
    and unless he sells it for over 550$ its not worth it lol

  7. The same thing happened with the Incredible. A few shipped early and VZW claimed it was a computer glitch.

    This is nothing more then a PR stunt to drum up Pre-Orders form people hoping they will get one of the early units.

  8. http://www.engadget.com/2010/04/21/droid-incredible-arrives-early-for-a-few-lucky-smug-pre-orderer/

    I should add, my co-worker was one of the lucky few that received an early Incredible.

  9. can their system have an error where it ships me a HTC Touch Pro3 with Android in the near future?

  10. Again??? These guys never learn.

  11. The scavenger hunt is for certificates that get you a free droid X, not for the physical device themselves.

  12. I dont believe that system error thing. Verizon is doing this to create a heavy buzz. They “made an error” with the Incredible and people got theirs early. Mine came two days before the official release date. My gf got hers a week before that. Its just Verizon’s way of making you think you are getting something great earlier than everyone else by a freak accident. When in reality, they wanted you to have it so other people get hyped about the product and buy it when it comes out.

  13. No word on a 4g release on the 15 Phandroid? Or anyone?

  14. @nick. If you find the certificate you get the physical device. go to the Twitter account droidlanding and they posted pics of the winners holding their actual droid x’s

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