Let the Games Begin: First Droid X Scavenger Hunt Location Revealed



So it turns out all of the clues leading up to the Droid X scavenger hunt were just fluff, as the @DroidLanding Twitter is now spitting out coordinates so that crazed Droid fans can rush to the exact location of the golden ticket entitling them to one brand-spanking-new Droid X. The first was revealed to be located in New York City just shy of the river. If you are just learning of this news you’re too late at this point as Francis Choung was first on the scene to recover the “escaped” unit, but more locations should be coming soon as there are only 7 days left in the contest and 20 more handsets to give away.


[via Droid-Life]

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  1. What the hell I was just 10 minutes away from that area 5 hours ago u couldn’t post it up then.

  2. I LOVE this idea. I keep thinking of the first Droid commercials where they were landing on earth. Nice viral marketing. I wonder if any fights will break out?

  3. Recovered in 6 minutes after GPS co-ordinates were posted by one Francis Choung.

  4. American roads are all parallel? Here in Italy are all twisted!

  5. @Claudio

    No, some are perpendicular… :)

  6. next one is in plymouth, mass

    go go go !

  7. what app does anyone recommend for inputting a set of coordinates to locate the locations?

  8. @Claudio is that the setup for a joke or evidence that some stereotypes are true?

  9. @Claudio, not to worry. Go to Boston. You’ll find the roads — and many people — twisted.

  10. we need marketing like this in New Zealand.

  11. There is a whole world outside NYC…

  12. And even though I sound pissed, I’m really not… :) This is a cool idea.

  13. I rarely am in NYC, but I was today, and was close to where it was found. I wouldn’t have been able to make it in six minutes though, that’s for sure.

  14. So apparently you need to already be lucky enough to have an Android phone to get another one? Not fair, what about those of us that are going to have the Droid X us our first Android phone?

    There no GPS in my Samsung Alias…

  15. This makes perfect sense now with the GPS location aspect. They want to KNOW when someone will find the certificate so they can have their people their to take pictures/video, verify stuff, have papers signed, resolve a tie, break up a fight, etc. This means the certificates are not even planted until the coordinates are tweeted. Then if no one shows up within 4 hours, they’ll just give it to some random person passing by. Hey, they don’t want to hang out there all day. It’s probably the same crew going from city to city to do the deed. Explains why the clues so far have been so vague.

  16. If you aren’t in a major metropolitan city forget it. Kinda boring. I thought they would be a less populated areas to make it a little more fun.

  17. Woot there’s one coming to Pittsburgh!

  18. Next one was just published in philly

    Attention Philadelphia Droid hunters! Droid X designate #19 is at coordinates N 39 57.488 W 75 10.351 now. You know what to do.


  19. D’oh! Arrived 4 minutes late for the Philly Droid. If only I hadn’t stopped for that frozen yogurt on the way. Mmmmmm….. Frogurt. :P

  20. ANyone have a link to the tweets?

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