Samsung Fascinate Gets a Promo Video, Too


Just like the Samsung Captivate for AT&T got its very own promo video, the Fascinate headed to Verizon is quick to show itself off in moving images as well. Admittedly it is the easiest of the Galaxy S phones to overlook with several other high-profile launches headed to Verizon, but we wouldn’t want the Fascinate feeling left out, would we? Sure the advertising copy is mostly the same as any other Galaxy S promo you could throw together, but the song is kind of catchy.

[via Android Community]

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  1. All those videos were available on Samsung’s Galaxy S website the day they had the conference in New York, there’s also one for the Epic and T-mobile’s version as well.

  2. Nice video, but it doesn’t say much about the device.

  3. Like Zach said, all of these videos were available to be seen at the SGS US site the minute the NY event went live. Not sure why these are being pushed out as new promo videos being released…but they keep coming right before or after the release dates are announced, so hopefully something pops up for the Fascinate soon.

  4. That song is a total rip-off of the Strokes’ “Last Night.”

  5. ok, and release date is…?

  6. I’m so sorry to repeat this, but honestly. The day of the launch event all four carriers had this exact same video launch on Samsung’s US Galaxy S website. They’re all the exact smae, just with different background color to match the carrier. And the fact that Sprint’s mentions the front facing camera, keyboard, and 4G. :)

  7. @ onlyever AT&T Captivate is not the same like the other Galaxy S the edges are different and theirs no FLASh or front facing camera. I’m still not getting the Galaxy S. Cause AT&T cripple this phone to pieces.

  8. Im choosing this over the x. Its got more power under the hood

  9. I prefer the Captivate’s lines to the vanilla Galaxy S’s going to other carriers. I’m sure VZW’s delighted that they won’t have screen supply issues on this one (since Samsung owns the factories).

  10. Then why you SAMSUNG added flash and the front facing camera for Verizon version Fascinate instead of the Captivate? This is why I hate AT&T. I won’t be getting the Captivate until AT&T Get their head out of APPLE ASSES.

  11. @JJFNIGHTS80

    No front facing camera on the fascinate. Epic will be the only north american galaxy S with a front facing cam.

  12. does the galaxy s have android with samsung’s custom skin over it?

  13. I’m about to drop it on the Droid X. But it seems that other Samsung Galaxy S’s are coming out about the same time on ATT and TMO. If Samsung would give us a VZ release date it might be helpful. I need a phone by Aug. 1.

    But no front facing cam and the pretty horrible social media skin, could sure do without that. What the h is up with Samsung putting a FFC on some of these cameras and not others? Arbitrary, capricious, stupid. Oh yeah, and we have a Sammy on VZ and another on TMO right now, and they both get atrocious signal reception compared to other similar phones on the same network. Too many negs with Samsung at this point.

  14. Sept 9th, official release date!!

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